AMC Theatresconcession stand

M Dec 03, 2019

I understand a handful of AMC branches are trying a new format for buying items at the popcorn section. You 1st have to go up to machine like a atm machine to put a order in. Before I could get a large popcorn, pay up and be done under 2 minutes tops! Now with the new format there are long lines on the 4 machines. Then there are very long lines waiting for there order ( with kids and family all scattered in a big mess). If AMC is taking notes about this new idea?? !!! It's not working . Never mind when Summer kicks in when school is out! It is so not working, and it's annoying! Other customers I spoke with are angry about this new style... to the point it's not worth getting popcorn with our weekly visit. If you think this will work and save time to make it easier for the patron(s), you are wrong.

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