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United States

Dear Customer Service Representative,
GE. I'm contacting you bc I bought over $100 worth of your products at Walgreens this year and they are literally making me sick. From eyeliners to foundations, I want to send them back to you for testing. I'm also requesting that I am reembursed for the products that are making me have allergic reactions and crying, tearing up, have breakouts and making my nose run. It has taken me a few months to figure out what it is that is causing me to take my makeup off or have to reinstall makeup after crying it off during the day, but I am extremely disappointed considering your products are supposed to be hypoallergenic and they are causing jmy skin to break out in rashes, especially around my eyes. Please give me a call and leave amessage if it doesn't answer your call right away. Thanks for your kind help during this difficult time. My number is+[protected] and my address is:
105 Eastmoor drive, Marshall, TX 75672.

May 30, 2019

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