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I purchased a crynosure lazer from Troy Johnson in May 2018 . Sculpsure finally arrived with out a key to even turn it on ! When I call it is a complete run around . He is always in "meeting" or it's someone else fault . We have no way to even know if this machine works . He has passed the blame so many times to now find out that he owns this joke of a company ! It's a shame some people make their money off of scamming people . We have had to speak with attorneys on this matter at this point just because he does not keep his word .


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      May 05, 2019

    This guy is a criminal.
    I am not sure of his motives or how he actually seeks to define himself. However, to me & many colleagues & the police/authorities I filed a report with he is a repeat CRIMINAL committing felonious interstate larceny, federal fraud, malicious mischief, federal racketeering, fraud & others. The best & most hopeful action is to band together, take the time & consort to prosecute him as he is a repeat, non-learning & abusive offender who lies, deceives & threatens innocent medical providers.
    He is a criminal & commits crimes but has somehow escaped the grasp of law as each person he scams just gives up.
    Our story is Troy promised us a laser.
    $15, 000
    He delivered a non working, not prior examined laser with multiple broken & wrong handpieces. Thruout a 5 month period after we innocently wired him money (DON'T EVER DO THAT! That is his modus operandi as he will tell you he has another buyer and push to get the wired $). Then the lies & deception & chasing start. He used lies like it was snowing in CO, his child had IDDM, the bank's messed up, lie after lie, after lie. I Had to contact the Justice Dept, the local CO & CA police depts, file a federal racketeering report & spend hours and hours on the phone & internet researching how to prosecute him. He has a history of interstate fraud dating back for years. As far as i can tell it seems to involve his wife Melissa, Allure Aesthetics Inc, his other company names, CO & CA and physicians and providers all over the country.
    In our case, after threatening Emails, texts, he did pay us back thru the most convoluted scam operation that involved another innocent laser repair person in NJ Mike Knight [protected].
    He ripped us off. He ripped him off.
    Troy Johnson is a criminal. He needs to be incarcerated for this continued crimes.
    If you need further information or insight toward the process toward this or our particular fraud case, please don't hesitate to contact me
    Chris DiOrio

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