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late fee

In November, we did not receive a bill from Alliant Energy. We did not notice until after the bill was due. My husband called alliant, and they sent a reprint bill, which we paid. The next month on our bill was a late fee of combined total $1.26. My husband called Alliant and requested that they remove the late fee, as we have always been on time with our payments for almost 30 years. The woman told him that she would make the request. We paid the December bill minus the late fee, hoping that it would be taken off. We did nothing about it in January, and now February's bill still has the late fee, which is accumulating. I called tonight to ask that it be removed and was told that he could not. I get emails from the USPS for what I am getting in the mail each day. I never got an email showing any mail from Alliant energy in November when the first bill would have come. However it got lost in the mail, I don't know, but we did not get it. Most companies will give a courtesy waiver of fees one time. We are politely asking that you please remove the late fee. Again, we have always been on time with our payments. We feel that it is the kind thing to do as a company for a good customer.
Account #[protected]


We had a payment arrangement in March for an amount with budget billing from our previous home. In April, we had an issue signing up for Automatic payments. I logged in and signed up but they waited to start until the following month, thus making us behind in payments by a month. We caught up and continued to pay our bills. In the summer, my husband received a call saying that our electricity was going to be shut off. We had received NO bill, letter and payments were on time. Once we pointed out we had a payment plan with them, they apologized and set it back up.

In September, I called because our payments were due at random times. So again, missed our payment date. I had cancelled our autopay back in the summer because they clearly had no idea what they were doing if they were going to shut off our electricity and I didn't trust them to pull out the correct amount and instead the full balance from previous address.

At that time I asked the woman to put us back on our plan and to have a set date on the 27th of each month AND to mail us our bill. That never happened. No payments were scheuded on the 27th and we never received a bill. We didn't get a bill at all in November ( I logged on to look on the 27th) and paid December 2nd bill. I figured okay, it's messed up from October payment and it's set on the 2nd... whatever.

So I logged on January 6th to pay our January 2nd bill only to find out we had ANOTHER bill in December on the 30th.. I called in to figure out why nothing I had talked about in September was going through...I got off the phone and they said our "3 chances" at a payment arrangement were done and we have to pay $500 balance now. I was told that it is my responsiblility to call and tell them that we were still not receiving our bill... because calling two other times and asking for this is my fault.

I have 2 kids, a full time job and I don't have time to call every week to remind them to do their job and do what I ask. It's absolutely ridiculous. I have NO issue paying my bill but it's hard to know when it's due when they change it and don't tell you when to pay it. We pay all of our bills on time and eery bill is due on the same time every single month. Why is it so hard for them to mail a bill and have it due at the end of the month?


Alliant shut power off today before noon unknown to me it was taking place they claimed to have sent out a letter which I never received I however paid the amount due and then some only to be told power will not be restored till 24 48 hours this is RIDICULOUS they already nickel and dime people and on top of their idiotic policy SHAME ON STICKING IT TO THEIR CUSTOMERS WHO KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS maybe Alliant needs a course in ethics!🤢

meter reading

When they walked into our backyard, they never shut the gates. We have dogs and they got out. We spent all day and they are still missing. I need a response from someone soon. This is heartbreaking for my family. I cNt believe that you guys would do this to our family. Not only have you jacked up the prices, but you cost us something priceless. Hope you guys are happy, because we are devastated. I doubt anyone reads this.

energy disconnect

In July I paid my payment on time on my payment agreement they pulled it out of my account days late after another bill pulled and then sent me a disconnect notice for one week for $900+ I tried to reason with them to let me a smaller amount they would not reason, this was also the Friday before the Fourth of July so Monday Tuesday and Wednesday everything was closed so I technically only had 3 days to get the 900$, I then decided to switch it into a different name until I was able to pay, they wouldn't allow me too without the landlords word so then the landlord called and they still would not allow it to be changed, I then had my daughters therapist call and say if it is shut off there will be issues with my daughters mental health, they still did not accept that. So on the last day I was able to get any help I went to 4 different agencies to help. Fast forward to now, September. I called and paid my payment ON TIME they said it would take 1-3days to pull, they didn't pull it until the fourth day, 10 minutes after Hulu pulled their money so my acct was short 10$ So it was sent back so I rushed to the bank and deposited 30$ and called and told alliant them to "pull it again" they refused to then sent a disconnect notice for 1000$ which was the remainder of our bill. So TWICE THEY broke our payment agreement, not me. And each time they refuse to assist us in anyway.

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terrible service!!!

Worst customer service I have ever experienced! My electricity was turned off today because of their error! They had my house (which we own) listed as a rental, and the other 'apartment' didn't pay their bill. So they shut off the electric, and refuse to come back until 24-36 hours later to turn it back on! after endless phone calls with anyone who we could get through to-they refused to help!!! Why should i have to pay for all new groceries? How do i explain to my 4 year old why we don't have electricity? This is absolutely ridiculous, and i will be reaching out through Facebook, Twitter, and any other source that will listen!

calling alliant, to be a new customer, new electric put in my bf name..

He has not had alliant in his name at any time, . I believe it got shut off, jus days ago, On past acct...

gas/ electric... payment plan

Terrible company, terrible business, terrible customer service! im on a payment plan, but get billed 2 times in a 30 day period! 318 due july 2, and 301 due july 29!!! apparently i solely work for alliant energy! like i dont have rent to pay or kids to feed!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬!!! we need another gas and electric company!!! boycott alliant energy!!!

account information

I have spoken to a representative regarding putting my wife's name onto my account.
I have written a letter, in April 2019, requesting that my wife's name be added to my account.
As of today this happened.
What has to be done so that my wife's name is added to my account.
Account number is [protected]

Please let me know what needs to be done.
John Flint


Our power was shut off because of an overdue balance. The problem certainly doesn't start here, but rather after we paid the balance off. Our power has been out for a week now, and we continue to call them, inquiring as to why they have not turned out power back on. We have been told every time that someone will be there "today" to reconnect our power, and yet nobody shows up. We have thrown away $2, 000 worth of food, and I have lost many clients of my own due to my inability to do my work which is mostly computer based. I am losing money and clients because Alliant is refusing to send anyone to reconnect our electricity. And since it is now the weekend, we are going to be waiting at least another two days. I am very much considering suing for damages, and for potential fraud. We have paid them, and they are not supplying what we are paying for.

customer service

On 3/15/19 I called to report a power outage. Horrible customer service!! I was on the phone for 4 minutes trying to bypass all the junk offered by the automated service representative.
Customers with service issues should be a top priority with Alliant Energy! I will also add the customer who's address they are calling about should NOT have to give the last four (4) digits of their social security number.
The customer service department was at one time very good, not any more!

electric service for tenants

My husband and I own an apartment building with 2 tenants. The tenants are supposed to put the electric into their name when they move in. I have assumed they have done that because I never got any communication from Alliant suggesting otherwise.

just recently, one of the tenants happened to give me the mail that was addressed to me but going to their address. It showed a past due balance.

When I called customer service, they informed me that neither apartment had put the bill in their name and it is now almost 12 months overdue.

When I asked if there was a way that we could be notified when bills were past due, she said no that notification would be disconnect notices. however, apparently someone can go 12 months without paying their bill and still not get disconnected.

When I asked for help working out a payment plan for what was obviously a miscommunication on all parts, she said no. My choices were to have it sent to me to give to the tenants or have them put it in their name. now, obviously, the bill is overdue so it is unlikely that Alliant will even allow the tenants to put it in their name.

We also work with Stoughton utilities who does send us a notification only if bills are late so that we can get on top of it. It seems like their should be something like that with Alliant but according to who I talked to, no.

I have been a customer for 13 years and never had a problem. Just think the unwillingness to even try to help was unacceptable. If I had her name, I would say she should be fired.

an alliant energy driver

I was on the highway during a snow storm and was going about 45 in a 55. The ground was sheer ice and snow was blowing over from the ditch to a point where you could hardly see the road. One of your drivers was passing cars nonstop and driving erratically, weaving between cars and driving over the speed limit. This represents your company negatively.

want to pay my bill but keep being denied and run in circles

I tried a year ago to pay my bill, over and over with a prepaid debit card because I don't trust companie...

Stoughton Business & Finance

my electric bill

I have Alliant Energy for electric and gas service. My bill has been crazy the last few months. I have done...

electric and gas

I sent up a payment plan with alliant for my past due bill. I sent a check to alliant on august 26 thru the...


They cut my electric, i have no electricity tonight and i have an 18 months old. We have no family around...

electrical service readings

According to you, my electricity usage went up by 240kwh from my previous statement to this month's. I do not...


In the past, our highest bills were in the summer and would be $275-$290. The last 2 bills be got were $470...


Our bills have never been this high . Our highest being $159 Now its $210 its ridiculous i dont use the air...