Alliant Energy Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Alliant Energy Corporation / account information

Jul 06, 2019

I have spoken to a representative regarding putting my wife's name onto my account. I have written a letter, in April 2019, requesting that my wife's name be added to my account. As of today this happened. What has to be done so that my wife's name is added to my account. Account number i...

Alliant Energy Corporation / electric

Jun 22, 2019

Our power was shut off because of an overdue balance. The problem certainly doesn't start here, but rather after we paid the balance off. Our power has been out for a week now, and we continue to call them, inquiring as to why they have not turned out power back on. We have been told every...

Alliant Energy Corporation / customer service

Mar 16, 2019

On 3/15/19 I called to report a power outage. Horrible customer service!! I was on the phone for 4 minutes trying to bypass all the junk offered by the automated service representative. Customers with service issues should be a top priority with Alliant Energy! I will also add the customer...

Alliant Energy Corporation / electric service for tenants

Dec 05, 2018

My husband and I own an apartment building with 2 tenants. The tenants are supposed to put the electric into their name when they move in. I have assumed they have done that because I never got any communication from Alliant suggesting otherwise. just recently, one of the tenants happened...

Alliant Energy Corporation / an alliant energy driver

Dec 02, 2018

I was on the highway during a snow storm and was going about 45 in a 55. The ground was sheer ice and snow was blowing over from the ditch to a point where you could hardly see the road. One of your drivers was passing cars nonstop and driving erratically, weaving between cars and driving over the speed limit. This represents your company negatively.

Alliant Energy Corporation / want to pay my bill but keep being denied and run in circles

Oct 12, 2018

I tried a year ago to pay my bill, over and over with a prepaid debit card because I don't trust companies any more as they like to over charge when they do auto pays and empty you account... So I spent a month talking with some lady and she could not get my payments to go through, so I went...

Alliant Energy Corporation / my electric bill

Sep 26, 2018

I have Alliant Energy for electric and gas service. My bill has been crazy the last few months. I have done nothing different and have no other energy sources being pulled from my house than any other day. Our bills starting in July: $997.09, August: $796.73, September $760.68 (in 3 month...

Alliant Energy Corporation / electric and gas

Sep 19, 2018

I sent up a payment plan with alliant for my past due bill. I sent a check to alliant on august 26 thru the mail. Get my mail on sat sept 8th with a disconnect notice for none payment. Call alliant and talk to a women about and she said on monday to call and pay 681 and i can start a new...

Alliant Energy / electric

Sep 12, 2018

They cut my electric, i have no electricity tonight and i have an 18 months old. We have no family around. Due to some financial hardship i am running behind with my bills. They did not even let me know they will cut my electric or call or something. Any way i paid the bill and the reinstatement fee...

Alliant Energy Corporation / electrical service readings

Sep 12, 2018

According to you, my electricity usage went up by 240kwh from my previous statement to this month's. I do not see how that is possible as there were many more days this last period that our AC was turned off and windows were opened. We also had cooler temps and I reprogrammed my Thermostat...

Alliant Energy Corporation / electric

Sep 12, 2018

In the past, our highest bills were in the summer and would be $275-$290. The last 2 bills be got were $470 and $365. This is absolutely ridiculous. My previous house was twice the size, 3800 square ft, and never had a bill over $190. My service was with a local rural electric cooperative...

Alliant Energy Corporation / electric

Sep 11, 2018

Our bills have never been this high . Our highest being $159 Now its $210 its ridiculous i dont use the air unless necessary and have all energy efficient appliance. I keeps light off. They are just goughing people and now people cant pay there bills. And then they charge outrageou...

Alliant Energy Corporation / disconnected

Aug 29, 2018

Payment arrangements where made with Alliant Energy of Sat 08/25/2018 my wife used her debit card and paid 326.95 as part of the payment aggreement. Was laying in bed and all of sudden aircondition and ceiling fans went out. I heard noise outside my house and went to go check 08/28/2018...

Alliant Energy Corporation / billing

Aug 22, 2018

We had filed the complaint because of our electric bill being extremely hired the normal by almost $200 we got a response back from alliant and they just said that we owe that that there meters are correct even though they never actually checked the meters they just ran an estimate of what...

Alliant Energy Corporation / electrical service and customer service

Aug 16, 2018

My husband called and made a payment arrangement on the 4th of August for our past due amount owed. We agreed to pay $200 that day, $300 on August 10th, and the remainder would be paid on August 17th. We made both the $200 payment and the $300 payment as we were supposed to. We come home...

Alliant Energy Corporation / energy bill

Aug 08, 2018

I recieved a disconnect notice in the mail today and called customer service. I had recently checked my alliant bill and had seen that my previous payment arrangement was due on Aug 18th and that I had not missed the payment. I was confused why I was being disconnected. I had worked with...

Alliant Energy Corporation / installation of underground electrical utility lines on private property without an easement or proper protocol.

Aug 05, 2018

Alliant Energy has flagged for construction/relocation of electric utility across my front yard and along the front yards of multiple private properties on the east side of South Duff Avenue in Ames Iowa between 3412 South Duff Avenue and 110 Ken Maril Road - 16 properties. Currently overhead...

Alliant Energy Corporation / customer service call

Jul 27, 2018

7/27/18 563-581-7987 Our household has had some financial difficulty. My husband was self employed and was hurt pretty back at the beginning of the year. We fell behind on bills We have had two payment plans - the most recent was due on 7/17. I misread the letter and paid the amount on...

[Resolved] Alliant Energy Corporation / electrical supply

Jul 17, 2018

Outages are starting to become common again not as bad as 2010 but its getting there . With the amount of growth of Solon, Iowa you would think alliant would build 1 or 2 more substations so that the single substation for the town and surrounding area is not worked to capacity so much and...

Alliant Energy Corporation / new service

Jul 02, 2018

I have a household at this time on Leroy St in Muscatine IA that I am purchasing from my father. It has been my child hood home and I have also stayed here periodically through out the years during rough times so I've kept it as a mailing address. The past two years I have been actually...

Alliant Energy Corporation / residential electricity

Jun 29, 2018

I just have to say that I have done customer service for years and I've had dealings with many customer service representatives. Alliant's customer service department has the rudest representatives I've ever had the misery of dealing with. There needs to be some serious retraining of your...

Alliant Energy Corporation / customer service

Jun 16, 2018

I understand not all people have to deal with customers on a daily basis but when people do the should with some kindness. As I sit here in a power outage the tech outside has been rude to me and others. Shouting at cars about go around and making them seem unintelligent and when I said...

Alliant Energy Corporation / residential service

May 31, 2018

Re: Account number 5935200000 I received a rude phone call from a credit reporting agency today. They informed me that I had a "bill oustanding" I later learned that the bill was the result of a tenant in a building I own, who left the unit without paying their bill. The bill was tranferred...

Alliant Energy Corporation / customer service

May 15, 2018

I received a call from a Technician about service being disconnected at one of our sites in Sheboygan WI. I called the number given and waited about 15 minutes for help. When I spoke to the rep, she explained that our bill was overdue. I checked our records and the banks and found out the...

Alliant Energy Corporation / disconnect

May 02, 2018

May 1, 2018 we were disconnected at 10am. Someone else had used my fiancé's name/account and racked up a $900 bill. We do have proof. Now we have a $900 bill added onto our Alliant account. We are in the process of legal actions for the $900 and we are not paying it. So Alliant came and shut...

Alliant Energy Corporation / streetlight in the alley on I street southwest cedar rapids iowa shut off, why?

Mar 16, 2018

Two days ago we received a phone call from Cindy, with Alliant Energy, demanding that someone pay for a street light in the alley between I Street and 2nd Street Southwest Cedar Rapids, I bought my house in 2001, on I Street, that light has been on that pole the entire time, everybody in...

Alliant Energy Corporation / alliant energy/outages-services

Mar 10, 2018

March 9th 9:37pm seen a bright flash of light, which was followed by a huge, seriously loud explosion, then complete power failure in my house. Knew from my previous experiences this was a transformer that blew. Approximately an hour and half later, when they should if been getting close...

Alliant Energy / paid/but still shut off

Oct 17, 2017

I received a subject to disconnect notice, to be due on Oct 11th. The amount paid on the 11th was $180.90 to avoid from being shut off. Now that it is the morning of the 17th our electric is shut off. I called alliant energy to find out what the issue was. I was told 2 different thing by...

Alliant Energy / house electrical gas and billing, and communication practices

Sep 12, 2017

Your company tried to take an electrical payment from an account that was not funded, leading to a insufficient funds report. Not only did you not send me the information, I found this out when I called to pay for the next month and found that I had this outrageous bill. Two of your...

Alliant Energy / billing

Sep 06, 2017

I am a single, working, mother of 3. Over the past few years trying to continue my education and trying to support a family on my own. It is not easy. I have gotten behind on my bills but I get back on track and recover no matter what I need to do. We sacrifice and find a way. I am very...

Alliant Energy / reinstatement of power

Aug 31, 2017

Hello, I cannot find a place to email anyone on alliance website for customer support or complaints. I experienced very poor customer service today. I have owned my house for over 7 years and have never been without power and never missed a payment. I have a baby, a toddler, and I'm...

Alliant Energy / reconnection

Aug 16, 2017

My power was turned off without me receiving a disconnection notice. I quickly got on the phone and paid my bill while the guy was at my house disconnecting me. I asked him to wait just a couple minutes so i could finish my call. He ignored me and drove away as i finished my call (this wa...

Alliant Energy / power line leak behind my house.

Aug 12, 2017

I am Fred Tietbohl, 390 Eaton Street, Green lake WI 54941. About two days ago a power leak started on the line behind my house. It is in the immediate area within several blocks vicinity as I have walked the line with a portable radio. All is clear outside this area. All AM and shortwave...

Alliant Energy / wrong meter readings, subsequent back charges

Aug 07, 2017

My June bill showed I had used 2.5x as many kWh compared to the same period last year. That made no sense to me because I haven't changed my usage pattern and the average temps were comparable. So I did some investigation on the meters for our complex of 12 apartments and found that some...

Alliant Energy / power not being turned on again after 2 days with a confirmation code

Aug 02, 2017

Hello, We have rental property that has to go through Aliant for energy. The electricity to one section of the building was shut down two nights ago. The bill was paid immediately and we were promised with a confirmation code that it would get turned on with-in the night to early morning... Two...

Alliant Energy / customer service, or lack thereof

Aug 01, 2017

Alliant was totally unprofessional. I called today & was informed I'd have to wait 20 minutes to talk to a representative. I called back a few minutes ago & got a call back. After giving them Leroy's phone # & account #, I asked if the realtors' had taken care of the changeover. She refused to...

Alliant Energy / possible electric and gas turn off on august 1st 2017

Jul 27, 2017

[account # 4720901000] -James O. George Sr.and Mary A. George and James O.George Jr. Alliant wants to cut off our household on Aug.1st, 2017 because of a payment agreement breach. I paid our bill a few days late, and they want us to pay the balloon payment of $2, 051.00 and some change.Either we...

Alliant Energy / budget billing and energy saver program

Jul 20, 2017

We are on the budget billing plan and our AC system is adapted with the device that allows Alliant to turn off or modify the usage for a period of time. We appreciate the program and have no issues with it. However, we have noticed when the system is turned off by Alliant, it seems to...

Alliant Energy / customer service

Jul 11, 2017

We have had multiple problems with Alliant and every time we call to try and resolve it, the people are extremely rude and short with us. As well as they do not get back to us in a timely manner. It's super frustrating because we're trying to solve the problem and they are rude and curt...

Alliant Energy / employees unlocking and leaving gates open

Jun 06, 2017

The power went out in my neighborhood this morning and I have the Box in my backyard that they need to get to To ever came to fix it unlocked my gate and came in the backyard which is fine my problem is this is the 2nd time they have unlocked it and left it standing wide-open I have 2 dog...