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8:23 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I don't remember how exactly I fell into this site. Then I started getting mails from Bruce Castro. This site had a lot of things to sell and I thought I joined it because I felt I can really convince my site visitor to buy these products without much problem.

I even managed to get in one downline affiliate to the site. Then I checked in to check my bills. The page did not show up. Rather some irrelevant page showed up. I thought it was something by mistake and the mistake would soon get over.

But then, I realized that each time I tried to check my account balance, the same thing showed up. I mailed to Bruce directly. He said it was all very clear to him, and it was I who was having a problem.

Then I mailed to my Downline member. Even she was not convinced with the working of the Network. I am not a big time Home Business Entrepreneur. But then, I can just guess one thing about what they are all about. Get in all affiliates and use their resources to make their own sales.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Terry Milligan
, US
Jul 10, 2019 2:42 pm EDT

Is Bruce Castro even still around? I have tried to contact him twice over the past few days with no response whatsoever.

Graham Howe
, ES
Apr 01, 2019 10:42 am EDT
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ezscott ezscott
, US
Sep 08, 2017 9:18 am EDT

I have a question...
I am not doing the surveys/offers to get points.

I am advertising the mortgage loan offer - and
have not been paid anything yet.

My question is this: Will i still get paid when a
loan i refer closes if advertising the loan offer is all i do?

ASN Services
Granite Bay, California, US
Jun 02, 2021 1:28 pm EDT
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Yes. But you are not paid simply because someone applies. You are paid upon the actual closing of the loan.

Alta Kruger
, US
Jun 29, 2017 5:13 am EDT

I am not a US resident. I live in South Africa. We are not part of the program so I cannot earn points from getting quotes. I have promoted the Home Loans, credit record etc option. Can I earn from doing that?

Jan Parke
, CA
Aug 13, 2016 5:48 am EDT
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Hi Harold

I have been trying for days now to get into my account as I have misplaced my password and can not find any way to retrieve it as it come up as Microsoft password box . This is the only way that I no I can contact you to email me my password.

Thanks Jan Parke ( )

, US
Jun 06, 2016 11:04 pm EDT
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I am in the same situation as most here. My complaint done NO GOOD AT ALL! I had brain surgery Aug. of 2015 and started this in sept. I have bought from my site at least 1000. dollars at wal-mart. I have listened to Rory's videos and done everything i was told because i wasn't able to leave the house. I have a comment/complaint above but for what i have no idea. "NEVER A PENNY" have i received ! Charlie Byrd, Jonesborough, Tn.

Viky Valsy
, US
Jun 06, 2016 11:57 am EDT

Already a lot of unhappy people working in the project ASN.No payment fees for the actions of people by referral.

, US
Sep 21, 2015 7:16 pm EDT
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I am also a newbee on a computer and disabled. I get a small check from SSD and that is it. my wife is also ddisabled but has NO INCOME. Bruce knows who I am without saying because I have aggravated him with my e-mails so much but he has always answered me. I too would like to know how much I have earned since I joined in sept.2015 right after having brain surgery but I will give it a month or two before I complain. I WOULD like to receive a check right now instead of getting it through paypal since we are "literally flat broke" but I guess there is nothing I can do about that. I will just be patient "AND READ ! LOL" and see what happens. I thank you for the opportunity Bruce and hope to make a living here at ASN someday. The GOOD LORD WILLING I WILL. CHARLIE B.

Graham Howe
, ES
Apr 01, 2019 10:44 am EDT
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it does not use Paypal !

glen st mary, US
Sep 01, 2014 4:20 pm EDT

I signed up fro all solutions network in june and its now september and have not recieved any money. I also have members in my downline and no one has made any money as it claims! Dooped into another scam on the internet when this one actually looked like it could have been real!

Arab, US
Feb 11, 2015 11:32 am EST

Well well here it is 2015 and ole brucie is still ripping people off! For a while now the big thing is triple points for your hosting package!
Well for the pay month of nov 14 they decided not to triple the points and have refused to supply a reason for it!
As it sits right now 2/11/15 still no payment for dec! funny they say pay around the first of month.Gee half way through the month is not the first mr. rip off castro. I have over 300 people in my downline and I keep hearing they have done nothing...really?
Well dumb wife has the same hosting package and supposed to be triple points and in my down line...and yea one of my sons is just like her but some how you tell me no activity...I can prove it as you pay them the same measly checks you do me then tell me no activity! You are a slick thief sir and you should provide proof that none of my 300 plus people have done anything and dont tell me it is impossible as all the other companies some how manage to do the laws of the internet not apply on your computers?
You are a fraud filling your pockets at the expense of people desperate to make cash on line!

Yuma, US
Jan 28, 2014 3:31 am EST

This guy is frankly full of Sh*%./;. I have been a "member" of this thing and have read and re-read and done exactly as every page says to get money. To date, I have spent over 600.00 on "free trials" and purchases from the site, as well as purchasing the All solutions hosting package and nothing has been paid. No commission, no points, and certainly no bonus. Just 2 months ago, I spent 300 bucks ordering a laptop from my ASN page and still never even got the promised commission, let alone everything else the site promised with it. To take Bruces upcoming objection to this one as he seems to think that no body here can read, Yes!, I posted my points and purchases properly as per his instructions (very badly written, leaving too much confusion to the layman, intentionally in my opinion) and have checked and rechecked my efforts- NOTHING. I was paid one time but the money disappeared as the service he was using then to pay commissions backed out after doing business with this man, and they took my money with them. This thing is made confusing and jumbled so Bruce can cover his ###. Everything is stated legally but in such an order that it's hard not to be confused. And with that said, if you even err one little thing he will say it's your fault, as he did on this whole page, and then keep your money. Bruce Castro in my opinion is a cross dresser who likes little boys. Don't fall victim to his manipulative ###.

Hendersonville, US
Mar 01, 2013 8:35 pm EST
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I joined the site back in 2011 been paid a little a couple of times and never had a problem till now! 3 months ago I ordered on my ASN site was submitting my points every month and was wondering why I was not getting paid then Bruce finally e-mailed me back saying... Although the link remained, they haven’t been an affiliate for some time.

The link doesn't work so it’s not possible to make a purchase from the banner so earns no points. so this is my problem, I don't think so, only problem I have now is I am losing $74.85 a month, I would not recommend this site to anyone anymore...oh! and my ASN ID:TA30159

Pikesville, US
Sep 06, 2012 9:03 am EDT

I just found this site, but thought I must comment. I joined this program, I can''t even remember when, and I did do a few tasks the first few days... Since then life got in the way I forgot about it. It has been a month or two. In any event, last night I got an email saying I had been paid. It wasn't much, but as I said I only did 2-3 tasks, an insurance quote was one of them.. I would have to say, it works! Now I am anxious to go back and take another look!

Cheryl Baker
Massillon, US
Jun 11, 2012 8:41 am EDT

I have a question about finding the logos to click on so I can purchase items directly from some of the big box stores like Target and K-mart, etc. I recently spent over $100 at Target and intended to use my site in order to make my purchases but was unable to find the link for that store so I could do so. Two days after I finally gave up and shopped locally instead I finally found the link, accidentally. Prior to that I had attempted to make the purchase by typing in Target and hitting the "search ASN only" search button but was unable to get to it through ASN. It would be great if there was a page for all the searchable links/banners your members can use to make purchases directly from their sites. I try to read through your site materials at every opportunity I have so I can familiarize myself with your methods, procedures, and suggestions. There is definitely a lot of information on your site and it is repeated over and over and over again on various pages within the site and, to be honest with you, many of the people who have signed up in my downline aren't using it (the business) because it's just too complicated or time consuming for them. I recently received an email from one downline member who informed me he decided not to get involved with the business for exactly that I now have 2 downline members (his wife had signed up too) who are no longer a real part of my downline even though their names still show up on my downline report. I have read through your payday information over and over again and am still confused as to when I am to get paid for the various individual services. April was supposed to be a double point earning month because of the paypal payment system withdrawal from ASN. I had quite a few points earned in that month compared to what I usually am able to do (I'm single and a retiree so my income funds are somewhat limited) but I've not seen anything in the way of money since the early part of May. If I'm understanding this correctly, I should have possibly had money coming in at the end of May or early June for the total points earned in April. Also, because I now have a downline of almost 400 people (and I am sincerely hoping at least a few of them are actually using and working the system) I would think I'd be earning some cash by now. I understand this is a business and it builds up over time but, while I've seen some money, it's not nearly what I'd think should be coming in by now. I've put a lot of effort in to promoting this business using every free method I can find, as well as some that have been purchased (including your "guaranteed income" deal where I buy 15 points per month). The cash for that is being taken out of my personal account on a monthly basis but I don't see how that is helpful if there's no money coming in to offset that expense. There are only so many options for "free" deals on your site so once you've used them you pretty much have to move on to some other method. Help!

McDonough, US
Feb 27, 2012 10:11 am EST
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I will keep this simple and to the point.
I have been a member of ASN for about 2 1/2 years. I have not earned a large amount of money, but that is my own fault. I have not put the effort and time into earning money, as I could have. However, every time I have earned money, I was paid in a prompt manner...when my pay day came due! For the people that have a hard time understanding this...for anything done in the month of February...expect your payment within 30-60 days. Bruce is prompt about making his payments, and the few times he has been late, he sent out an email to let everyone know.
Next point...the site is VERY busy! It does take concentration and reading through things very carefully in order to get the full understanding of what is offered, what you can do on the site, and the ways you can earn without spending money and with spending money. You can buy from various stores, or you can modify your mortgage or help someone else modify their mortgage, you can get free credit reports or insurance quotes, you can work to fix your credit report or file for bankruptcy. Don't forget all the free advertising that is available for you thanks to Bruce and all the effort he puts forth to help people.
To anyone that complains about not making money...I assure you, that is from your own doing. I spend very little time actually working to build my site, but I do have a downline of 30 people. I do not contact them as often as I should, or work on my own points, as ofter or diligently as I should. However, I know, regardless how small my contribution and efforts are, or how big someone may be, we never have to worry about the fact we will get paid! Main points to remember are this: If you are not building a downline, take the time to advertise your site. If you are not earning any money...make sure to use your resource center and fast start guide. Bruce really takes the time to help everyone learn all they can; so they can earn all the money possible...if you are just willing to do the work!
Thanks Bruce for the great opportunity! One of these days I will get towards working the site on a regular basis

Kansas City, US
Feb 02, 2012 4:44 pm EST
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Wow! Okay, so I have read all the complaints on this and the previously mentioned site, and I must say, while reading the other site I got a little concerned, but then I was left with one thought... Bruce is a normal guy with normal problems, the only difference is he is a business man and an online one, easy target and come on, what better way is there to defame someone in today's society. Someone gets angry and they have the power to spew that anger at thousands of people. It's the same reason I am so grateful that Facebook did not exist when I was in high school, but I digress.

I joined ASN last month, and I am the kind of person who will read everything, devote a lot of time to learning all I can. I agree that the website is repetitive, but after reading all of this, I am starting to think it doesn't repeat enough. The first thing I thought was, awesome I shop at Wal-Mart all the time, and never make it out of there without spending a C note, no matter what! Then I read more, and discovered I can help people!

Yeah, that's right. I can help people, clear up credit issues, get home loans, renegotiate mortgages.. and who isn't in the position where a mortgage renegotiation wouldn't be helpful? I chose to go that route and have been advertising that aspect of ASN. While there is no guarantee that a loan will close, it doesn't cost me anything to try!

I understood right away that I would not be getting paid today, tomorrow or next week, but its a matter of filling the pipeline. I look at it like this, I am not spending anything to advertise, I can spend a few months placing ads, while watching my favorite TV shows and in a couple months that could turn into big paydays. I was going to be watching tv and be online anyway, why not do something productive? Now, if those loans close, and I never stop placing ads, soon I will have my pipeline filled and will start seeing steady income. At that point I will then pay for advertising, thus increasing my income. Oh yeah, and still shopping at Wal-Mart - meaning still earning. I have BIG plans concerning ASN and will take the time to see it through.

I haven't earned a check yet, but I have gotten half a dozen or so loan inquiries in the few weeks I have been with the program. Yes, I know they are just inquiries, but getting the customer in the door is half the battle. I won't comment on others not being paid any more than to say if making about 10 bucks is what you aspire to, you can do that with reading emails. If you want to get more, you have to aspire to do more. Yes, I also completed some free offers and to a very large extent, I agree that I don't need or want most of what is offered, but I am not just relying on logging on, filling out a few offers and sitting back, waiting for a few bucks. I want to see income in three months that come from a few home loans, credit repair kits and the like. No, I cannot attest to the amount of money that can be made with ASN...yet, but I have read a ton of the website and I can see the potential, and I feel that since it is free and I was gonna be online anyway, I really don't have anything to lose.

I know that a down-line is important, I don't have a large one, but I prefer to take it slow. My reason is simple, I want to know the ends and outs of the program. How can I sponsor someone, and truly be a sponsor, if I don't know the first thing about the company? I read others stating they have 50 or 500, whatever, point is they didn't even take the time to learn the pay structure, how can they answer the questions of their down-line? I know developing one is important, but I also believe that the size of a down-line is not as important as the quality. 500 people doing nothing, gets you exactly that, nothing.

Now, it was mentioned that you cant have a successful affiliate program that also makes them be customers, as well as be point based. I have to disagree with this. I don't put all my eggs in one basket... mainly because I haven't found a nice enough basket yet, but I do know of an affiliate program that does just that! They require that their affiliates get 1500 points each month to earn money, they have a store tied to it where members buy products for those points and they have been doing this since the 80's. I am a member, but must say that if ASN turns out to be what I envision it to be, I won't be forever.

There are a few points that I can agree with everyone on, the website is difficult at best. To be honest, I didn't join the first time I read a large part of it, mainly based on the look of the site. I honestly thought that if it was a legitimate opportunity, the site would look more professional and be user friendly. I get concerned at times referring people to it for loans, or anything for that matter, as it isn't as nice as others and I fear that most people have that knee jerk reaction and close the site immediately rather than exploring. This is a huge concern for me actually because I do that all the time. If a site doesn't look like it is put together well, I don't even waste my time and move on to the next one.

I like to read and re read things, and sometimes get frustrated when I cant find what I am looking for, because I had to click through pages to get there. This is becoming less of an issue as I spend more time, but I think most people would give into that frustration and just give up. It's not the complexity that bothers me, but the flow is off. It needs to look like a site that was made for this decade.

Not being able to see what if anything my down-line is doing bothers me. I like to be an active sponsor, so not knowing if they are logging in, getting points or anything is a struggle for me. Not knowing whats going on with my own stuff annoys me even more. I know I get an email to confirm that an offer was completed, but I don't know if it was accepted. Having to email the conformations... other sites that have you do free offers, have the ability to know that offer was completed, without having to have a copy of the conformation sent to them, in this area too it seems the site might be dated.

I think ASN can be great. The concept is pretty darn good, but making it more user friendly would probably indeed cut down on the numbers of complaints and let's face it a more professional looking site will do wonders for it.
In closing..accunom, my interest too, is to line my pockets, and I will assume that yours was as well, since you apparently were once affiliated with ASN, but if you are saying that he is a con artists simply because you didn't receive something for free, keep this in mind, about four months ago, I completed an offer for a free sample of Jif peanut butter, they still haven't sent me that sample!

South Boston, US
Nov 26, 2011 2:02 am EST
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I strongly disagree with anything good said about Bruce Castro and the all solutions network. He is a absolute liar, and con artist without compare. His only interest is to line his pockets with the money the advertisers pay. He cares none whatsoever about whether or not anyone receives the free stuff he claims to be giving away, such as free gas and groceries, which are not even available. Nor is the so called free credit repair manual, and the lord only knows how many other things he claims to be giving away and never does.

bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Sep 29, 2011 1:30 am EDT
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This is Bruce Castro owner of the all solutions network.
Remember, you have not yet been paid, because it’s not yet payday!
For the most part, activities in August are paid after all of our partner companies pay us, which is at the end of the following month.

We are still in the process of calculating all August submissions so an accurate assessment of what you are going to be paid is not yet possible.
However, in response to your letter I just looked at your account and even though some of your submissions were not point producing i.e. you are not paid for just “visiting” or just being put on “mailing lists”, much of what you submitted was income earning.
To make it easier in the future, please go to and see the IMPORTANT RULES OF EARNING FOR FREE.

You chose to use only a few of the FREE trials and offers and in doing so accumulated about 15 points. Consequently, you have earned the
Fast Start Bonus,
the Eagle bonus and
overrides on 10 levels of your downline.

Remember, how much you will earn from your downline is dependent on what if anything they did. For example, if the 18 in your downline, each did nothing, there will be nothing from which to earn overrides. On the other hand, if you have helped them to take advantage of free offers and trials as you did, your group bonus override could be substantial.

Payments are being sent to members over the next 3 days.

, ID
Sep 28, 2011 5:56 pm EDT
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My ASN ID is SW13937, my name is sudarsono wirianto oey, I'm member of ASN since August 2011 and I have 18 downline now. I just hope getting paid this September because I am really worried not to get paid by ASN. I have collect some points on August 2011 and have 10 downline that month. I have tried sending some email to bruce try to ask the system and point confirmation but none of my email have been answered until now, I'm also try to tweet bruce in his twitter account but not respond yet. So Bruce, I just hope I can get paid to prove that your site is trully pay his member, many of my downline ask me about this, if I get proof of payment then I can convince them, that's all for now

bruce castro
Foresthill, US
May 29, 2011 11:48 pm EDT
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First I want to thank you for taking the time to give us your incites. I can tell that it was carefully considered and well thought out. Much of what you said is accurate. But there are a few pieces of this huge ASN puzzle that were missed…
What you’ve said is close, but there is much more to the story.

“U're focusing too much on consumers instead of affiliates, forcing affiliates to earn points else they don't get paid”

Not quite,
We don’t force anything other than positive action. The terms points and business volume are used interchangeably. What we are basically saying is that you have to DO something, to earn something. I don’t think that is terribly unreasonable.

“they demand that u use their services else they don't pay u?”

No, a member doesn’t have to use our services in order to get paid. They have to do something that warrants getting paid. No company can pay money that they didn’t receive. We provide hundreds of ways and options for members to generate business and earn commissions… VIRTUALLY ALL ARE FREE.

ASN is a site that pays for performance. No company makes it easier to achieve that performance. We provide everything that a person could need, FOR FREE… but it is still up to them to use them and actually do something.
Much like commission sales, if no business is generated of any sort, no one earns any money. Not the company and not the member.

But with ASN, THERE IS THIS EXCITING DIFFERENCE. With ASN you are in substantial control of the amount of business you generate. You can control your commissions. AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO SPEND MONEY TO EARN THEM!

One of the scores of ways to earn these commissions/points is by using the site yourself. It's not required, but doing so pays you. Getting discounts by purchasing from yourself and getting paid for doing so just makes sense…

Just do what you are doing anyway, buy what you are already buying, even from the same company and the same low price… but just do it from your ASN site and you get paid. It does not get easier or simpler.

SO YES PERSONAL USE is a basic and important premise, but it is the smallest piece of the puzzle, but not a requirement.


NOT BUY A THING. Don’t buy a thing, just use the hundreds of FREE advertising sources we provide to promote and build your business to earn big, immediate commissions and additional business volume/points. See…

Do this and you earn commissions by advertising the many products and services that we offer. Products ranging from merchandise to home loans, bankruptcies, etc… you earn commissions from the sale of these services. These commissions range from about $10 to $1, 500 per item sold.

You DON’T have to use our services.
But most members do simply because it makes sense. Why, drive to walmart, when you can go to your site and buy the same thing at the same price, from your own site and get paid for doing it? Ask for in store pickup and you don’t even pay shipping.
Why go to Amazon to make the purchase when if you go to your amazon link on your site to make the very same purchase, you actually get paid…

If you are going to make a large purchase anyway, (computer, TV, etc…), why not do it from one of your ASN merchandise siteS when doing so can earn so much. See…

At this link you will be shown exactly how and why in some cases, you can actually make a purchase, and get paid more in bonuses than the actual cost of the merchandise.

As great as that sounds, that still is but a miniscule part of the system…

THERE IS NO REQUIRMENT TO USE OUR PRODUCTS… but yes, we do suggest it and most members do so, because it simply makes sense. AS WE TELL OUR MEMBERS.
If you are going to buy something anyway,

“What if u helped someone advertise, but they demand that u use their services else they don't pay u?”

This is a total misunderstanding of the system. We don’t demand anything. We don’t care if they are using our services, Wal-mart’s or NO services at all. We are simply honest about the fact that if you make a purchase from your ASN site, that purchase will pay you… if you don’t make it from your site, the purchase will not pay you.

All that is important is that is that the system is followed and something is accomplished. In spite of what the many scams out there will tell you, there is no company in existence that pays anyone unless they are somehow producing revenue. No company can pay what they haven’t earned. One of the many differences with ASN is we don’t play word games or construct clever verbiage that is designed to mislead and hide this universal truth. However, with ASN we have deduced a way to generate that income, WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING TO SPEND A DIME!

As we’ve said earlier, ASN is a PERFORMANCE based company. Why would or how could any company pay a person for advertising that produces no results? Anything like that is a sure path to failure. It might make a particular member happy in the short run, but only until the company folds :-)

What we do is to provide an entire TRAINING area that provides MANY FREE advertising sites that are effective and free that anyone can use to build their business.

We have many members with down lines of over 2, 000 that have used nothing other than the free marketing methods we teach.

The system is free
We ask for nothing up front.
We ask for nothing later.
We provide fantastic free and effective advertising sites
We provide Free banners, ad copy, auto links to member services…
We provide scores of FREE effective marketing methods
We provide everything that anyone could need to succeed on the internet. IT IS ALL FREE.

We don’t ask for a share or part of your or anyone else’s wallet.
We provide the tools, you use them, WE BOTH WIN.

If they haven’t earned anything, it’s simple because they haven’t done what we have instructed. PERIOD. Remember, earning is as easy as seeing if you can lower you insurance bills. Do only that and you just earned a check. Honestely, how can it get any easier?

“What if u helped someone advertise, but they demand that u use their services else they don't pay u?”

They don’t have to use our services. But THEY DO HAVE to use our system. If someone follows our system, they will be paid. If they don’t get paid, they didn’t follow OUR system.
Quite frankly, if they REFUSE to follow our system, a system that we know works, that is proven to work and because they used THEIR system and not ours, they don’t get the results that they had hoped for, I feel badly that they may have wasted their time, but I feel no motivation to pay them.

I strongly suggest that members try it our way.
Ineffective advertising helps no one. We provide sources that are free that we know work. If it doesn’t work, we don’t suggest it. Doing that would be absurd. It would waste the member’s time and diminish our credibility. No one is obligated to use our suggestions they can use whatever legal and proper marketing methods they desire.

“Not to mention going through trouble to earn points to use free services they're not interested, then manually e-mail proof etc”

First off, you don’t have to manually email anything.
It is simply one of the scores of ways to generate Points/business volume. This just happens to be the simplest and most widely used.

As we tell members “if you are not interested in saving money with these services or trying them, seeing how much you can save on what you are already buying, etc… don’t use them”.

But many members are interested. Members use our insurance companies to get FREE quotes hundreds of times a day… and they are paid even if they don’t buy a thing!
…But, in addition to that, I can’t tell you how many members write to me thanking me for providing the incentive to check on rates. I hear of savings in excess of $300 a year, all the time.

"Long story short, it's troublesome, it's a hassle"

First off, people that are actually serious about earning don’t mind pasting a quote into a form and hitting a submit button. If doing so a few times a month, earns them $200, $500, $1, 000 or more, most think it’s worth it. But to each his own!

The fact is, many members earn that and much more, every month! We have over 160, 000 members and I’ve had about 3 complaints regarding this issue.
But remember, again, this is but one of the countless options we give you to earn.

Most companies, if they ever pay you, at all, require much more time, effort and yes, expense than hitting a submit button.

Having said that, at least, as to this aspect of ASN, you are right. It is not perfect. And we are currently working on improvements, but the combining of over 150 companies and literally millions of products into a seamless system in which all communication and tracking is automated and in real time is beyond difficult. No one has ever done this, because no one has ever done what ASN does. Anyone that points to any company and thinks or says “this or that company is doing it, why can’t ASN” doesn’t understand the uniqueness of ASN.
It is not, and has NEVER been done. But we are working on it.

Turning your affiliates into consumers is not a bad thing, u can earn an extra few bucks, but doing so turns them off, & u'll lose more than u gain in the long run

Absolutely not.
All of our affiliates ARE consumers. Isn’t everyone? It’s just that with ASN, in addition to a hundred other things, we allow them use their own consumption to get paid.

What we do, (in addition to 100 other things), is allow members to earn for doing what they are already doing. They can buy the very same items from very same company and at the very same price. If they make a habit of simply using their own site for personal use and consistently SHARE this with those that would like to earn money for FREE, for doing what THEY are already doing, THE POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED.

Doing nothing but this can pay incredible rewards!
They not only earn points and commissions for their personal use, but commission overrides on every person they share it with… and THEY share it with, through up to 10 levels!
The income potential from just this use it and share it philosophy is incredible, but there is so much more…

Everything else that we offer; all the other ways that we provide to earn money and big commissions are optional. If they use them and market them, they can earn a lot. BUT THE BEAUTY OF ASN IS WE PROVIDE A WEALTH OF OPTIONS. There is nothing that a member HAS to do. It’s all a matter of what you choose. And every choice and every option has HUGE POTENTIAL.

Would you like to earn from the Financial Industry, Legal Markets, by Helping Fundraisers, etc…
With ASN you can do all of this and more…
And it’s always free see…

“U're choosing short-term small profits instead of long-term big profits”

Not at all! Nothing could be further from the truth.
The largest profits for all come when a system makes it the easiest for the greatest number of people to earn. That makes it better for the company and better for the membership.
I’ve always believed that it is better to earn a small portion of a lot, than a large portion of a little. This same concept is part of what makes it easy for any ASN member to build a successful business, quickly and with no investment.

All is not yet perfect, but we are getting there!
Please see this article and let me know if you disagree with anything in it…

“Many do nothing to help u advertise because of all these hassles”

Actually, that’s incorrect. The main reason that people fall out of ASN, is not the hassle. ASN is as simple as
USE IT and

The problem is that IF they don’t follow directions, step by step from the start; they can easily get overwhelmed and confused with the system.

If a member joins and does not heed the admonition to
“read this page first, step by step, paragraph by paragraph, DO NOT SKIP AROUND”,
they get lost and confused. They sometimes give up before they have even gotten started. This is the simple reality that we have to deal with.

1. DUMB IT DOWN, by eliminating many options that confuse some. But that simply diminishes the opportunity that each member has. I’d rather have confusion for some and maximum opportunity for all than little to no confusion and limited opportunity.


2. KEEP ALL OPTIONS, and provide better training. We’ve opted for this.

The fact of the matter is it takes time to simplify and make more understandable the vast array of money making and marketing options that we provide.
The New training videos that we recently completed have gone a long way to solving this. But we acknowledge that we still have a way to go.

Please see…
The system is virtually perfect, but the training, is not. That is a continual work in progress.

In my opinion, u should make points optional, a bonus, not a must in order to get paid

When we started, that’ s exactly what we did. It didn’t work. No company has ever made it easier to build a downline. But, because it is ALWAYS FREE, that’s what members concentrated on. They assumed a big downline meant a big check. We had actually hoped and assumed the same. It simply did not pan out that way. These members were building huge downlines of hundreds or thousands… with absolutely no one doing anything. Why would they? They had an enormous downline and they thought that would be enough.

Since there was no requirement of buying, selling or anything else the membership simply waited for others to buy or sell something.

It was not unusual for a person to have a downline of 500 with not one person in the entire downline having bought or sold ANYTHING. And since getting and keeping an ASN site is FREE, there was no money being brought anywhere into the system. No money, no payments.

Remember this universal truth; no company can pay money that it doesn’t receive.

A 100, 000 member organization of people doing nothing but bringing in more NON Paying members that are buying and selling nothing and doing nothing but bringing in more non-paying members... EARNS NOTHING.
If the company doesn’t earn anything, it can’t pay anything.

The next thing I knew, I had emails and complaints all over the internet from members claiming that we were a scam. They claimed, accurately, that they have 1, 000 people in their downline and we didn’t pay them a dime. And that was true. But in spite of all their marketing efforts, nothing that generated revenue had been accomplished.

They weren’t paid because nothing was being generated from their downlines.

Virtually any complaint you’ve seen re ASN is related to this issue.


Doing this would mean that all members were brining money into the system, from which we could pay bonuses. But this is anathema to my business concept.
No matter how much or little money a person has, no matter where they live, if they have access to a computer, they have a FREE way to improve their lives.

We needed to create a motivation for, at least, personal use.
We decided that ASN would always be free, but that to get paid, in any given month, a member simply had to do something that brought “some” income to the system. EVEN IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO SPEND A DIME. Now, getting paid is as easy as seeing if you can save money on an insurance quote.

So now, whether a member is paid or not, is solely up to them. It is their choice and there are countless ways to accomplish it. WITH ASN, ANYONE CAN EARN AND THEY NEVER HAVE TO SPEND A PENNY.

I want and insist that ASN is always free. This way, NO MATTER WHAT A PERSON’S FINANCIAL SITUATION, they could join and have to opportunity to earn, AS LONG AS THEY FOLLOW THE SYSTEM.

If in May, they aren’t worried about a check, they don’t have to do anything. We don’t delete them. They can progress and proceed on their own timeline as they wish. If they want to earn, they can. If they are too busy with something else, that’s fine…, they can get back to us later.

With this new system, earning is always in the hands of a member. They can earn as much and as often as they want. All they ever have to do is follow the system, as much or as little as they chose. They can stick to the simple concept of
USE IT and
Or they can utilize the entire system to start earning from home loans, credit repair, bankruptcy, mortgage negotiation.
It’s all in their hands.
For those that want to do nothing but concentrate on building a downline, we even have a few auto point options. Many members opt for this, but the main point is that ASN members have options, choices… no company offers more. And that’s a fact.

When we made the change to require that to get paid a member had to “do something”, the SYSTEM EXPLODED.

More sharing of the opportunity and more personal use, thousands of members benefiting from the many free trials and quotes we provide, making money, saving money…

The system we have implemented works. That’s not to say that we won’t and don’t occasionally create slight tweaks to make it even better.

But the general concept that we created has been extraordinarily successful.

Others don’t require the "must earn points before getting paid" hassle

They may not say “points”, but if you or some else is not generating revenue, no one is getting paid.
With ASN, this can be generated for free. But, don’t get hung up on the word “points”, it’s just another word for business or business volume.

“There are so many other affiliate networks out there that pays automatically, some even daily,
Why can't u at least do the same? or even better?”

They do this only because they provide less. I’d have to almost write a book to explain the details of why this is so, but suffice it to say, they can only pay daily and automatically because they do not provide the extraordinary opportunity that we provide with the countless options for earning.

We can’t pay daily commissions of $300 to $1, 000 each for closed loans that originated from your site. One of the reasons for this is that if your site generates a loan today, it won’t close for about 30 days, and then after it closes, it may take a few days to get the commission to us so that we can get it to you.
Much of the issue of pay cycle issues is related to similar situations.
Delays can be eliminated, but only by eliminating or lessening aspects of the ASN opportunity. I will never do that.
Paying daily or more quickly would be easy if we gave you less opportunity and fewer ways to earn money.
For Example.
Doing what you suggest would be a piece of cake if the sum total of ASN was, we pay you $10 for selling the opportunity to sell for $15, the opportunity to sell the opportunity to sell the opportunity. This is what many “opportunities” consist of. Simple variations of unsustainable pyramids.

If we were just a version of this type of nonsense that will always fail, we could do that tomorrow. In the long run it would not benefit you.

But it’s not what we are, and we will never will be. We are a real business with a real opportunity and diverse real products that requires a more conventional type of payment cycle and system to successfully function.

“Do u have the will to improve so more ppl will join your program instead of others?”

We are constantly making improvements. But even with our imperfections, ASN is by far the best opportunity on the net. That’s not hype. It’s a fact.

Anyone that leaves ASN does so for one of or a combination of 2 reasons.
1. They did not completely understand what and who we are. They didn’t understand how easy it really is to earn. When this happens, that’s a failing of training on our part and the thing that we are working on the most.
2. And/or, they were sold a bill of goods by another company. Nothing is better than ASN. PERIOD.

Conclusion: ASN's great, but has limited its potential to achieve & profit even more, needs improvement

Yes, as we’ve acknowledged, ASN can be improved. But as to potential? No, even with it’s imperfections,

, MY
May 28, 2011 9:02 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

To Bruce:
Your company's basically an affiliate network & a consumer/shopping network (& much more) all in 1
I'm gonna focus on just these 2 networks as only 1 of them seems to be the main problem
U have 2 types of members, those who wanna earn money by helping u advertise-affiliates & those who wanna get discounts when they shop-consumers

U're focusing too much on consumers instead of affiliates, forcing affiliates to earn points else they don't get paid
What if u helped someone advertise, but they demand that u use their services else they don't pay u?
Not to mention going through trouble to earn points to use free services they're not interested, then manually e-mail proof etc
Long story short, it's troublesome, it's a hassle

Turning your affiliates into consumers is not a bad thing, u can earn an extra few bucks, but doing so turns them off, & u'll lose more than u gain in the long run
U're choosing short-term small profits instead of long-term big profits
Do u wish to continue earning extra few bucks but lose lots of affiliates, who can get u loads of consumers?
Remember, no affiliates = no consumers
Many do nothing to help u advertise because of all these hassles

In my opinion, u should make points optional, a bonus, not a must in order to get paid
U should also make things auto instead of manual, simpler instead of complicated

There are so many other affiliate networks out there that pays automatically, some even daily, no "must earn points before getting paid" hassle
Why can't u at least do the same? or even better?
Do u have the will to improve so more ppl will join your program instead of others?

Conclusion: ASN's great, but has limited its potential to achieve & profit even more, needs improvement
P.S. Try making website more attractive too ( or at least not an eyesore to be honest, colors don't match)

, JP
Apr 26, 2011 12:26 pm EDT
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I can say this about ASN. Since I found and joined it on November 15th, 2009, I have been paid every single month! I have contacted Bruce numerous times with him getting back to me in a timely manner. If you read my review above (possibly on the first page), nothing has changed. Anyone reading this is obviously looking for an online opportunity to make money from home. I can say that this is it. As Bruce says, it depends on your dedication. I tell my members that you must be committed and consistent with this program and you will get paid. It is completely free to join and I have never been asked to buy or spend any money on it. So what's the worst thing that can happen, you spend no money joining, you try it out and you get paid? Folks, free is free.

, MY
Apr 26, 2011 3:58 am EDT
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I'm a newbie in internet biz. Due to numerous emails of this program coming in, I'm so glad I turned to your page for research. With such unsmooth remarks, its a wise idea not to indulge in All Solutions Network to avoid complication. Tks so much for the comments.

bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Apr 25, 2011 6:40 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I have never met viraladmin who wrote the subject review. I can tell that he is a professional and has, in fact, made some good points. I actually appreciate his candor and agree with his business philosophy. It is obvious that he is doing his best to give an honest opinion to save people from heartache and disappointment. I actually appreciate it.
Unfortunately, because the entirety of his analysis is limited to a consideration of splash or advertising pages, rather than an actual examination of the system, it is simply not an accurate assessment. Not out of malice or lack of professionalism, but rather simply due to incomplete information.

The information we place on an advertising or splash page, is not by any means even close to the sum total of the system. It is the equivalent of judging a book by its cover. Doing that is understandable, normal and we all do it… but we all know it doesn’t make for complete accurate analysis.

He states
“…which CLEARLY Bruce is, then why can't they afford to hire a designer to update that site. It is NOT designed to sell by ANY means”.

He states
“ …After clicking around for a while, I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I could buy... That makes this nothing more then a giant manner network of affiliate sites.”
Based on the page he looked at, that would be an understandable assumption, but it simply is incorrect. If not a member, all anyone sees is the smallest sliver of the system. Again, the assumptions would have been correct if a the totallity of the system were contained in a simple splash page or two. But that is not the system...
YES, we do have hundreds of affiliates, including Walmart, Amazon and countless others. You earn in a myriad of ways with ASN, one of them is the affiliate aspect that he focused on. This allows us to let YOU earn money by simply doing what you are already doing… buy the same items at the same price from the same company, even set it up for in store pick up and you don’t even pay shipping. But again, this is just a small sliver of the system.
ADDITIONALLY, also our system allows you to earn your first check, even if you’ve never spent a dime.
BUT MORE TO HIS POINT- Far from just affiliations, We OWN numerous companies…
We have 3 separate, ASN merchandising sites comprised of over 30, 000 products that earn big commissions,
our own vitamin site,
our own web hosting company,
our own paralegal and loan department.
Coming soon, our own ISP service… and you earn from each and every one.
These are not affiliate companies… THEY ARE OURS, that means they are YOURS!
And because they belong to us, we can afford to pay you well for their use and promotion.

He States…
“Good affiliate programs that are backed by a multi level market, have products for sale.”
He and I, obviously, see business very similarly. But because he hasn’t studied the ASN business model, his conclusion is incorrect. In principle, I agree with Viraladmin completely … a company without it’s own real products and/or services will not last. I even teach that to our members. But not only do we have them, we have more than any company of which I am aware.
ASN will be around long after both Viraladmin and I are gone :-)
The biggest problem that members have ever had with ASN was always the complexity of the system. We are in the process of creating training videos that continue to help members make huge strides in earning and understanding.
We are expanding everyday.
Gross income up, almost everyday,
Members, income constantly increasing.
Membership numbers, constantly increasing,
Unsolicited testimonials from members coming in… everyday!
Please see…

I don’t just think that ASN is the best, I KNOW IT IS.
The system we created is actually in line with what Viraladmin believes is required for a successful business. All we are missing is a less cluttered site, and even that is being worked on.
If a member follows the system, they are guaranteed to earn. How much depends on them.
If you follow the system, you can’t fail see why...
Viraladmin, may not believe in ASN, but I’m sure he won’t disagree with the principles contained in the above article. And these principles ARE what ASN was founded on.

He States…
“Bruce can say, hope, and think what he wants. A company like this has no business model, there model is they hope people continue to refer new people and everyone stays buying. They say you get what you put into it, and I say THATS BULL!”
If, Viraladmin’s understanding and statement of what ASN is were correct, I’d actually agree with him. A business that operated in that manner would never last. But as I’ve discussed, the reality of ASN is nothing like his perception of it.

Regarding his reference to marketing and how it should be handled.
“…It does not take money to make money online, but every penny you do make should be reinvested into ADVERTISING so you make more money”

ACTUALLY, at ASN we teach scores of marketing methods that are effective and FREE. Many of our most successful members have never spent a dime on advertising.

“and honestly if this program is anything but 100% free, I would say its a scam.”

I AGREE, I think that most companies that charge you to join are probably scams. As we tell our members…
“It is our belief that a business opportunity that is worthwhile, that truly can bring success... GENERALLY, SHOULD NOT NEED YOUR MONEY! If they believe in what they are doing and what they are offering, they should be willing to forego upfront fees and wait to share in your success”

THAT IS WHY ASN IS FREE. We believe in what we are doing.
It’s Free to join, free to market and free to earn.
We’ve done our best to make ASN a comprehensive system that teaches out members how to earn for free. And quite frankly, we have a long way to go, but we’ve been pretty good at it. Many of our most successful members have never spent a penny; not to join and not to advertise.

Our success is dependent on the success of our members. So we do everything we can to help.
All I can say is that each of the testimonials on the following page is unsolicited. And we have them coming to us, literally on a daily basis.

ASN works. That’s why we say we don’t want your wallet. Only your commitment. With that we both win. see…

Bruce Castro

Blessing kwakauzor
, NG
Jan 24, 2020 2:47 am EST

Bruce response to my questions about Nigeria members please?

New Lebanon, US
Apr 25, 2011 3:27 pm EDT
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Reviews like this, simply disappoint me. First of all let me stress I have never once joined ASN, and no offense to Bruce, but I likely never will. However I hope the message I leave here with you all, really hits home. It seems that the vast majority of people who are reviewing this site are new to internet marketing, and that doesn't surprise me.

I have been marketing online for many many many years. I have worked with the biggest and best companies for affiliate marketing, I have partnered with some of the top people in the industry, and I have been around the block 100 times. So where as this review may not be a personal experience about ASN, it is a very well educated review.

This first time I landed on this site I noticed one major problem, the splash page, said "test splash page". Why is it that a site that has been around for this long has a "test splash page". How did I know the age of the site? I didn't but the number of reviews kind of imply its not new by any means. That really struck me as odd. Then I decided to check the front page.

Okay perhaps many of you are new to the internet and to internet marketing but ask yourself this? Have you ever went to amazon? ebay? any shopping site on the internet? This design looks like something from out of the 1990's. Now if this was some new site, or some site that wasn't yet claiming to make people money, I would understand. But if a person is making money with a website, which CLEARLY Bruce is, then why can't they afford to hire a designer to update that site. It is NOT designed to sell by ANY means.

After clicking around for a while, I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I could buy... That makes this nothing more then a giant manner network of affiliate sites. ANYONE can set up giant banners of affiliate networks. The ONLY difference is this guy encourages people to spend so everyone stays making money.

THIS WILL NOT LAST! Bruce can say, hope, and think what he wants. A company like this has no business model, there model is they hope people continue to refer new people and everyone stays buying. They say you get what you put into it, and I say THATS BULL!

Good affiliate programs that are backed by a multi level market, have products for sale. You send people to those products, people spend money, you get a check. If people want to join the program, you refer them. You make a money when THEY make a sale and YOU get a check. The best of these programs allow you to sell your own products as well. So you can sell old stuff laying around the house. Or you can write ebooks to teach someone about your favorite and most knowledgeable topic and sell the ebook. Or you pay programmers to make webscripts (when you get to that point) and you sell those and make money.

You set up large networks of list building sites to funnel people into your favorite programs. This is why so many safelists, surf exchanges, and text ad networks are own by the SAME people. Because THEY know how to make money.

It does not take money to make money online, but every penny you do make should be reinvested into ADVERTISING so you make more money. You should NOT have to reinvest the money you made into the program you made it at that is NOT what affiliate marketing is about, that is NOT what social marketing is about, that is NOT what multi level marketing is about, and honestly if this program is anything but 100% free, I would say its a scam.

Again, I have never joined ASN so I am not speaking from personal experience as a member of the site, I am speaking as a long time professional.

San Antonio, US
Mar 03, 2011 3:15 am EST

ASN can seem confusing, and the payment seems to take long, but I've been paid twice (after following the point system closely) directly to my paypal. Note: I just earned 15 points and got $9.53, but I didn't spend a dime to earn it! So it does work, you just have to read, use, promote, educate your downline, and you will earn.

, GR
Feb 04, 2011 5:10 am EST
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Hello Everyone,
I had lots of doubts when I joined this website and I thought it was a scam, but it's not. I got paid 2 days ago and I'm really happy! You can check the payment proof in:
The only problem is that there aren't many free offers to do for people outside USA or UK, so I'm not sure I can earn 4 to 15 points every month..
Besides that, I agree that that the layout needs changing, it's very confusing and discouraging, especially for new members.

An ASN member

Garbutt, AU
Jun 12, 2010 9:11 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I too fell into this site, and joined in Feb [I think, would have to look up] promoted, and am still promoting, and getting a down-line built.

Valerie is correct "Work the system, & it will work for you" this is in many of the emails I send via Safelists etc.

Agree would love to know the points, but understand that Bruce does not get this information daily, or even weekly from the producer [shop, office] that we are getting the goods or services from, so the delay is understandable, both in the lag on payment, and the point posting. Also it would appear that many people 'forget' to post their 'earned points', Bruce can hardly be blamed for a low/no payment if he does not know you have made a purchase, received a Free Report, unfortunately I suspect that people who tumble onto the site and get a report etc may not always report that fact, this perhaps needs automation, if possible.

As a non USA affiliate I have opted to make a monthly subscription, as getting my 15 qualifying points would be a little difficult, by making this payment I can concentrate my efforts on spreading the word about The Ugliest Site on the WWW. thereby helping not only myself but other people too.

If anyone reading this thinks along the lines of SCAM, you need to join Work the System and not expect to make thousands overnight, it will take time, but achievable it is - after all it is Free to Join, what more can you want.

Again thank you Valerie for your comments, they are v. to the point.
Here is my HelpDesk URL if anyone wishes to speak to me personally.


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, GB
May 30, 2010 12:51 pm EDT

Thanks for clearing this up Bruce and Liz.

I would also echo the comments above about the layout of the site format and it does perhaps need revising. It is cluttered with far too much repetition. That initially was the very thing drawing me here to run a search for it in complaints as I thought it a likely scam.

Now that I have read both sides to the main issues raised things do seem a little clearer.

Further clarification in place of some of the repetition from the start would help.

Here is an example of what I am getting at. On the site I clicked on from Liz's link there is the statement:
"Our system is so fast and so powerful that if you follow our simple instructions you will earn from $100 to $500 in the next hour-- and it will never cost you a penny!"
Having gone to the trouble of pointing out (here) when we would get paid, all you need do to save further confusion is add something (there) along the lines of:
'...receive your money two months later - guaranteed'.
Then I think you will have fewer emails to answer.

It is because people have been told they are going to get so much money so soon which is causing the confusion. Yes they should still read all your instructions but it is you yourselves who have distracted them from doing this. How about adding a simple table of the pay schedule info in Liz's post to the home pages of the ANS sites.

Wider payment options would help increase your membership as many people and businesses have experienced serious problems with paypal some examples of which are posted here. They are not as straightforward to deal with as a bank, credit union or card company when something goes wrong. And they do take more than a penny or a dime in fees!

Kind regards,

Fennville, US
Mar 17, 2010 12:24 pm EDT

I, too, thought this might be a scam but I failed to realize one very important fact about ASN.

You must earn points monthly.

They are not cumulative.

I earned points in October and November (20) and got paid, then quit doing anything to earn points. I figured I was on autopilot at this point. Wrong.

My downline was gowing exponentially (now over 500) and I wasn't getting paid, even with this huge downline.

Well, the light bulb finally came on.

You need to earn 4 points a month, EVERY MONTH, to get paid.

If you want to earn from your downline, you need 15 points a month, EVERY MONTH.

This is pretty easy to do. There are lots of ways to earn points.

If I don't want to sign up for things, I get a monthly site maintenance subscription and get enough points for my bonuses that way.

The other issue is the timing of getting paid.

You need to remember, it takes up to 30 days for ASN to get credited for your activity, then you need to wait for the next pay cycle.

So: earn points in March, ASN gets credit in April and it might be May until you get paid for this activity.

In the meantime, just keep earning points to keep the money coming in.

So that's what I'm doing. I've earned 17 points this month. I'll make sure I get at least 15 next month and every month thereafter. I advertise most of the ASN services links on free ad sites and feel very confident that I can earn a nice chunk of change every month.

I believe ASN works. They have been around since 2005.

Most of the complaints I've read are related to the 2 issues I addressed, earning points every month and lag time to get paid.

Once you understand these 2 things, you can easily make money with ASN

Liz Hill

emmanuel k
, UG
Mar 04, 2010 8:57 am EST

thanks a lot members.In fact most of the confusing parts of this same website, has been handled.I just joined it a few hours ago, but because I have fallen in hands of scams several times, I decided to first search all details and what other people say about the website.
My advice to all is that one should take caution when dealing with on line opportunities because as I write I have been a victim of several.
Take your time to research on them before investing even a single penny.
thanks and wish you well as we continue to search for a legitimate on line opportunity for our survival.
ASN member
Emmanuel K.

Bradenton, US
Feb 19, 2010 11:55 pm EST

I am a computer-illiterate "newbie". I accidentally found the ASN site around the end of January while I was looking for some kind of internet business opportunity. I am (or was) a RN who chose to leave the "rat race" of nursing for personal health reasons. No matter. The point is, I found the site and checked it out because it is FREE and I have (literally) no money to invest as I have been out of work since September.
I still don't know what a splash page is or how/where to put a banner or very much of anything else but after listening and reading what Bruce had to say about "just do it and do it in order", I have been trying to do just that. One thing I wish is that I could get a running total of successfully submitted point confirmations, just so I could know if I am doing it right. I'm not sure how many points I have accumulated.
One absolutely remarkable thing that happened was I learned to advertise! I stumbled around with Safelistextreme, reading ads and accumulating "points", not really knowing what that meant. Apparently I did something right and got my site rotating on the list one late Thursday evening a couple of weeks ago. Yes, this ignorant newbie actually wrote an ad! I also yammered my best friend into signing up.
My family and friends think I am "losing it" because "if making money online were that easy, everybody would be doing it" . Well, who said it was easy? I have been working very hard just to learn and do all this stuff. I am a nervous wreck but every little bit of progress is a huge success to me. The very morning after submitting my ad to Safelist, I had several messages from Bruce in my emails, saying "Congratulations! You have a sign-up!" Yes, in about 12 hours time I had a down line of 7 (counting my girlfriend)! Now, two weeks later, I have 52 in my down line. And I'm still not sure of what I am doing. I also have some free coffee, a free credit report, a free bankruptcy manual and several reward certs for gas, groceries, trips, motels, etc. And haven't spent a dime yet, although I guess I will have to to redeem those certs. Probably won't though because I am, at this time, still broke.
So to those who are complaining, all I can say is do it the way Bruce says and it will work! I don't have a paycheck yet either, but I know I will get one. I still have to learn the other marketing techniques to get the more frequent paychecks but I am plugging along. Have managed to get some shortened URLS and am working with other traffic exchanges. I went to a search engine today but everything it said was "Greek" to me so I will go back to that later after I learn what all that jargon means. Have to learn how to work the social networks, too. I am sorry if this sounds more like a testimonial than a response to the complainers, but that is not what I really intended. I guess what I want to say to them is a saying I will borrow from the AA program: "It works if you work it, " Stop blaming others, just follow directions and you will get paid for your efforts. You will even get paid for others' efforts. So keep plugging! Good Luck and God Bless.
Fellow ASN Member

Garbutt, AU
Feb 06, 2010 5:15 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I have read all in this site, and would like to know the answer to 'how do the people in Africa use the $300 for petrol' or words to that effect.
As I live in Australia I would have the same problem if I received payment in kind, at least for hard products, software, books etc could be OK.
I am going to join for Free, and READ, as Bruce recommends, as I am 75 I will really try to understand, I have been using computers from the DOS11 days, so should manage.[lol]
I must agree with one post; in the fact that Bruce does seem to reply to many complaints and from past experience I know that a genuine! Rip of Merchant takes the money and runs.


, JP
Dec 30, 2009 6:26 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I would like to add my 2 cents. I joined the All Solutions Network on November 16th. As with so many looking to make money online, I was skeptical about this program but decided to give it a try since it was free. I worked hard at it and this month I was paid 4 times. Not huge amounts of money but I was paid. I believe that this month's efforts will beneift me even more when I get paid next month.

There are a few things that people need to understand. If you treat this like a business, you will benefit from it and get paid. You get what you put into it. I dedicate at least an hour a day to promote my business. If I can do more, I do. In the month and a half I have been with ASN, I now have almost 80 members on 3 levels. I still don't undertand everything yet but I am learning along the way by reading every page. Some of us need to read it a few times. It's hard to find a program online that is free to join and pays. This is one of them! And I'm doing this from Japan.

Something to think about. What other site owner would actually join a site like this and defend his business day after day? I don't know of any scammers that would put the time in to do that. Most scammers will take the money and run. But Bruce is here defending his business and I will join him. Also, he has answered all of my e-mails in detail that I have sent him. He answers more than my own sponsor. Just think of the hundreds of e-mails he must get and answers. How many other owners are readily available to his members?

In closing, a word to Bruce. I thank you very much for this opportunity. I'm in a serious financial situation and trying everything to get out of it. I'm looking for ASN to assist in that. However, I do believe that the site needs an overhaul like J Bomar has said. There is a ton of information on it that can be cleaned up a bit. I feel that so many people that join, quit because they are intimidated by all of the information and that should not happen. You have an awesome program that I believe can reach new levels if the site can be reconstructed. I believe if you step outside the box for a moment, look at your site and ask yourself, "can my 90 year old grandmother understand this if I tried to explain or present it to her?" If the answer is no, then you know what you need to do.

All the best to everyone in ASN in 2010! Let's make it a banner year so we can all make the extra income that we are looking for!


Jacksonville, US
Dec 29, 2009 10:25 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Hi, Bruce, The first thing I want to do is wish you a very happy new year, and much prosperity to you in the upcoming year.

I was so glad to see the way you made changes in the allsolutionsnetwork, making it so much easier for even a person like me, who has a handicap and has dyslexia. If I can understand this now, I think anyone should be able to understand your changes. I also would like to apologize to you and the staff and everyone in the allsolutionsnetwork for the letter that I wrote you last month. I believed that this system would not work and I thought you were only making excuses all the time because many of the other companies that I had been in were nothing more than scams, and I was getting sick and tired of being scammed. This is one company that I can honestly say really works. I was surprised to get this in PayPal and I wanted everyone to see it. Once again, I am asking for your forgiveness for what I said to you and everyone. Now I can reach out, knowing that I can help People over in Africa and India, and knowing that they can learn to help themselves. You know the old saying, you can give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, but you can help and teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime. As long as I am in the allsolutions network, I will tell as many people as I can and also be able to show them what I got through PayPal. Have a very happy new year to you and your family and to all the staff at allsolutionsnetwork. There is nothing like eating humble pie! God bless. Albert
Message: Group Bonuses for December's activities will go out on around the 10th of January. NOTE: November's Platinum Bonus payouts were $364 Thanks to you and our thousands of other members, December was the biggest month in ASN history. Based on projections, 2010 should be a fabulous year for all. Happy New Year! Bruce Custom note: November Point Total

J Bomar
Alcester, US
Dec 24, 2009 9:37 pm EST

As an Online business Owner and web designer I know the importance of Online user Friendliness. Bruce just from a business end of things, all the websites that are a part of your program are clustered, and full of distracting contrast with odd colors and very long extended pages. This reminds me of what Creditor do to trap people into contracts, they fill the fine print with technical jargon and VISUAL CONFUSION in hopes that the information that is really important is not read let alone understood. I don't know if this is purposeful or not on your site but I made the same observation at least on the contextual end of things.

I can only say honestly that this may be why so many people on the above post are having trouble finding the information that you claim is posted and why they "DIDN'T READ" what you know is there. You have to change the format of the web pages, have uncluttered text, have more order and direction you know Smooth the Edges my friend. I would give all my suggestions to you for free if you like as a web designer.

Bruce, If I was to be an active member could I create a site that addresses the visual confusion and provides a Real SOLUTION to the obvious?


Rochelle L. Hairston
, US
Dec 06, 2017 7:15 pm EST
Replying to comment of J Bomar

I have to agree 100%! It's now 12/6/2017. And when I followed the link a Facebook friend sent me via messenger I was immediately overwhelmed and confused. So much so that I looked for info about the company. Now I reading this thread and I'm still confused and very hesitent.

Rochelle L. Hairston
, US
Dec 06, 2017 7:16 pm EST


bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Dec 21, 2009 4:46 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

You are concerned about having seen complaints. What is surprising is not, that we have complaints. What’s surprising is that there aren’t more. Look for complaints against any company that you already know and trust, you’ll find complaints. Many more than you’ll find against us. We have over 100, 000 members. Our ratio of complaints to public exposure is better than any company I know. I hate to have any, but if you are in business, you get complaints. Period.

I get over a hundred emails per day and miss some. Sorry about that.
However, I think that your implication that my not answering your emails is somehow an indication that we are a scam is a bit illogical. Actually, I think that the fact that we don’t prioritize and search for emails that would probably produce immediate income, is more an indication of NOT being a scam than anything else.

REGARDING your statement
“On that same note, last night I tried signing up for your Mortgage home business, however, the $50.00 option was not available, only the $175.00 was the sole choice”.
As happens with so many members that end up complaining prematurely, (not that a change in what we offer would be grounds for a complaint), you simply didn’t look close enough. After you hit submit, you are taken to a page that has 2 separate options for deposit. It has not changed for over a year. What you were looking for is there.

Up until I found all these complaints, I had credit card in hand.
I hope you read the responses as closely as you read those mostly bogus complaints.

You mention the [redacted]. You have no way to know this but they are the biggest ripoff on the internet.

First off, the [redacted] is being investigated by the federal govt for numerous RICO violations. They accept ANY complaint (regardless of veracity), post it, will not remove it even at the request of the complainer, (after communicating with some of the complainants and the member, seeing that they were, in fact, misunderstandings, they tried to have their statements removed-- the rip off wouldn’t do it), and then these scammers, extort the companies that have non removable eternal complaints against them.

They have a program called “corporate outreach”, or something similar. They try to charge thousands of dollars to place a note next to complaints, saying “this seems to have been a simple misunderstanding”.

They offered us this “option”. We declined. For about $10, 000, we’d look pure as the driven snow. However, I don’t succumb to cyber extortion.

I could provide hundreds of links to complaints against the [redacted] (how ironic!), but just this one link should get the point across…

Re these complaint filled posts.
Please look at not only the complaint but the response.
Many are complaints from those that “wondered” if there was a problem because they had not yet been paid. In many instances, they didn’t earn anything. In other cases they actually DID earn something, but then complained before the pay cycle had arrived.

Specifically, one of the recent complainers on this board complained IN NOVERMBER, for having not gotten paid for NOVEMBER activities. Most people would realize that you can’t pay for all the activities of a particular month, at least, until the month was over.

He got paid precisely when he was supposed to, but apparently forgot to post an apology.

For a few please see

Having said all the above, are we perfect? No. Has there ever been a legitimate complaint? Yes… Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you get complaints and there are occasional things that fall through the cracks. But when in business, there is no avoiding the occasional misstep. There is no such thing as perfection.

The bottom line is that, yes there are negative reports. And on any negative reports that I’ve been made aware, I’ve given pretty detailed responses. But more than that, if you look for complaints against any company that you already know and trust, you’ll find complaints. Many more than you’ll find against us.

We have over 100, 000 members. Our ratio of complaints to public exposure is better than any company I know. I hate to have any, but if you are in business, you get complaints. Period.

Of the complaints that I’ve seen, many weren’t even us. 2 were fired loan officers. One for trying to fund fraudulent loans, one for smoking crack in the office restroom. Most were simply misunderstandings. I’m not saying we are perfect. But we do try for perfection.

As to complaints of members not getting paid? Again, anyone who EVER earned a check… GOT A CHECK! Unfortunately, a few members were so “smart” that even though we tell them to READ THIS ENTIRE COLUMN FIRST, (the column that explains how to get paid), they don’t. They never took the time to understand what was required to earn a check. Or even took the time to understand the pay periods. We pay 6 times per month with different pay cycles for different activities. The fact of the matter is that some members have gotten confused and complained before they were scheduled to get paid.

If we were a rip off, we’d probably be charging, at least, something for the websites. And if we actually did not pay members that HAD earned checks, you would see hundreds of legitimate complaints from those who earned checks and WERE NOT paid, rather than the VERY FEW that didn’t get checks because they either did not read and understand what was required or because they are disgruntled employees making multiple postings because they thought loan fraud and drugs were appropriate in our work environment.

Earning money with ASN has ALWAYS been more than just making money by signing up people for free. It has never worked that way—but a few people NEVER read far enough to understand that.

When there are charges for joining, (which with us there are not), if you have a lot of signups, you earn an income. We have no charges or monthly fees at all. So, ultimately, income is and always has been earned by the creation of business volume. Whether from taking advantage of free offers or buying from their own site and/or marketing services.

Amazingly enough, being free led to a few problems.

One more thing. You’ll notice most complaints are either old, from a time when the system was VERY complicated or were the result of people posting because they were CONCERNED (like your post), because of the complaints that were made, when the system WAS VERY complicated…

The system as of 11-08-08 had been completely revamped to make earning money easier and simpler.

In the past (notice in the time period that most complaints originated), Many people didn’t earn checks because the idea of using their own site, hadn’t sunk in.

Now, there is EVERY incentive to use your own site. The new programs have only been in affect since 11-08-08 and there has been dramatic rise in personal use, which translates into business volume, which translates into income.

There are always complaints in business. All any company can ever do is to
minimize them.
resolve them.
and when necessary explain them.

West Frankfort, US
Dec 21, 2009 2:27 am EST

These complaint-filled posts are making me nervous as I am in desperate need of work from home employment. I was hoping to join the mortgage finance part of your business, Bruce; however, if all of these complaints...including on the 'Ripoff' site, are legitimate, then I'll need to obviously look elsewhere.

Bruce, I did send you an email about three weeks inquiring if the Mortgage side of your business is a 1099, or a W-2 position, however, I never did hear back from you.

On that same note, last night I tried signing up for your Mortgage home business, however, the $50.00 option was not available, only the $175.00 was the sole choice.

Be that as it may, I don't know what to think at this point. Up until I found all these complaints, I had credit card in hand.

What about it, Bruce, do you have enough encouraging words to get my credit card out again? I truly do need a work from home situation, however, I cannot afford to get involved in a scam, either.


, ZA
Dec 09, 2009 9:13 am EST

What can a South African do with a $300 Grocery or petrol rebate

bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Nov 30, 2009 3:51 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

This is directed to the above poster whose ASN ID is AC21795

LOL! Yes, I do have an explanation... YOU DIDN'T READ THE PAYDAYS!
You've earned the Fast Start and Eagle Bonus... BUT YOUR PAYCYCLE HASN'T ARRIVED!

I just searched for your activity. Here it is... Note the date?
Date: 11-25-2009
Personalid: AC21795
Company: information through Credit Diagnosis

As explained on the post THAT IS DIRECTLY ABOVE YOUR COMMENT (which you apparently, also, did not thoroughly, read), AND ON THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF YOUR RESROUCE PAGE...

Infinity Bonuses (which is what you've earned) are paid on about the 25th to 28th of the month following the activity!

I never delete emails, just for such an occasion as this. I searched my entire database of emails and found 5 from you. The last on 11-14. None of the emails were in the nature of a complaint. All were answered.
If not for my respect for your privacy I'd place the emails and my responses on this board.

I receive and answer anywhere from 50 to 150 emails a day. I probably miss some, but try to get to all of them. I will not say that you did not send me 3 emails since 11-25, when you earned your bonuses. I will, however, say unequivocally that they did not get to me.

I won't comment on any perceived complexity. All I will say is that members take advantage of these every day... without comment or complaint.

I don't expect one, but you owe me, the network, the members and yes, EVEN YOURSELF AN APOLOGY.
This unwarranted, knee jerk comment and complaint does a disservice to you and the thousands of ASN members that are working hard to build and shre legitimate, no investment businesses.

NOTE: In spite of the unwarranted complaint, you will still receive your bonuses and you are more than welcome to continue working and earning with ASN.


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