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8:23 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I don't remember how exactly I fell into this site. Then I started getting mails from Bruce Castro. This site had a lot of things to sell and I thought I joined it because I felt I can really convince my site visitor to buy these products without much problem.

I even managed to get in one downline affiliate to the site. Then I checked in to check my bills. The page did not show up. Rather some irrelevant page showed up. I thought it was something by mistake and the mistake would soon get over.

But then, I realized that each time I tried to check my account balance, the same thing showed up. I mailed to Bruce directly. He said it was all very clear to him, and it was I who was having a problem.

Then I mailed to my Downline member. Even she was not convinced with the working of the Network. I am not a big time Home Business Entrepreneur. But then, I can just guess one thing about what they are all about. Get in all affiliates and use their resources to make their own sales.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Jacksonville, US
Nov 30, 2009 10:40 am EST
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I am directing this to Bruce Castro. I noticed on the complaints that people have sent you, you always had an answer. Either they did not follow directions, or it was not yet payday. I am sure that you are going to find yet another excuse, but these are your words, you said to get a free credit report and I would get a check. Well, here's proof that I got my credit report and the only thing that I got for it, which you will see on the bottom of this mail, is a rebate for $300 in gas and $300 in groceries. When I tried to get that, it was so complicated that I could not even get that. I have hungry people over in Africa, who are on my downline, that I told would get paid. They have done the same thing that I have done. What am I supposed to do, lie to them, like you lied to me? I am a person with a handicap, I have had two heart attacks, and I was depending on something like this to help me out since I cannot work any more. You did not even have the decency to write me back when I have wrote you three times. Not even my sponsor had the decency to write me back. Please give me an answer and let me know what other excuse you are going to come up with. Here is my code number AC21795 and let me see that this thing is for real. I will send this copy to my attorney who will be checking you out also, because they are always looking for scams like this. It is a shame tht you are taking advantage of handicapped people, you should have never let it get to this point, all you had to do was write one letter. Don't run and hide, because I am going to have to tell my downline the truth.

Dear Albert Culmer, Welcome! You're receiving this email because you accepted a special offer to check your triple bureau credit report and score and to safeguard your personal information through Credit Diagnosis. Credit Diagnosis is a credit monitoring and identity theft protection service that offers you peace of mind with easy, online access to your personal information and the tools you need to protect yourself. Claim your gift!
To claim your gift, simply log on to and click on the "Claim Your Free Gift" link. Access your benefits now!
Simply click the link below for automatic access to your Credit Diagnosis benefits. Your membership ID is: xxxxxxxxx. You'll need to click the "Member Login" tab and enter this ID to access the Credit Diagnosis website from:

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This address is used for delivery of Certificates, and is not monitored.
Please contact the person who gave you the certificate, or visit and click "Need Help?".Please note that expiration dates on the certificate is the date that the certificate must be redeemed by and not the expiration for the incentive

bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Nov 28, 2009 2:44 pm EST
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PLEASE! Read Your Resource Page! :-)
Your pay cycle hasn't arrived. IT’S NOT PAYDAY.

Infinity Bonuses are paid on the 28th of each month, in this case today.

No company makes it easier to earn, but you MUST follow the system. To follow it you must understand it. To understand it you have to take 15 minutes to read it!

We pay on about the 10th and 28th of each month.

Group Bonuses-- On or about the 5th of each month we pay Group Bonuses for Business Generated by your Down Line Group in the previous month. i.e. You are paid on the 10th of March for Purchases and Sales made in February.

Infinity Bonuses--On or about the 28th of each month, you are paid The Infinity Bonuses i.e. Fast Start, Eagle, Bronze, etc for the prior month's business activity i.e. You are paid on the 28th of November for Business Generated in the month of October.

Sales Commissions-- You are paid on about Wednesday for sales made in the previous week, up to and including Sunday i.e. a sale is made or loan closes on Friday, you will be paid the following Wednesday. A sale or Loan Closes on Monday, you will be paid 2 Wednesdays, hence.

Our system is a bit complicated. It may not always be the easiest to completely understand, but is by far the easiest to make money. Following are the basics of what you need to know…

The best advice I can ever give is “take it one step at a time”.

We give you a huge amount of information, but all you really need to do is…

1. Go to claim your check. Take advantage of ANY free service. This earns points and locks in your first paycheck. The more points accumulated, the more you earn. 4 points equals the fast start bonus, 8 the eagle, 15 the group bonuses which earns you from your downline. The best thing to do is to immediately get your 15 points. You can do it for free. It will take less than 15 minutes and you immediately earn the Fast Bonus, Eagle Bonus, and Group Bonuses.

2. Make a habit of going to your site for your personal shopping. Buy what you always buy, even get it from the same store you always use i.e. walmart, amazon, best buy, etc… JUST BUY IT FROM YOUR SITE. This saves you money and assures that you always accumulate points so that you have checks coming, AT LEAST, every month.

3. Start building a downline by following the fast start guide.

It really is that simple. Make a habit of doing these 3 things and you will ALWAYS HAVE AN INCOME.

Evansville, US
Nov 27, 2009 10:22 pm EST

I got an insurance quote and didn't get paid one cent!

Slay All Day
, US
May 18, 2019 3:54 pm EDT
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Replying to comment of tjfire

I still haven't received anything. I got the hosting, insurance quote, and insurance. They put me with Allstate who gave me a lower quote but I rode around for 6 months before I found out they had given me a liability policy. Still no pay from ASN.

bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Nov 13, 2009 5:47 pm EST
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One of the biggest misconceptions re the Solutions Network is that it's about QUICK MONEY. It is not.
It's about real, tangible, reachable opportunity.

It is true you can earn faster than any company that I'm aware by taking advantage of quotes, services and just doing what you would normally do. But that is not what careers are made of. The ability to make money right away is just the starting point.

Careers are made by following the entire system i.e...

CLAIM YOUR CHECK-- which allows you to earn from $100 to $500 within the first hour. (we pay 6 times per month so you have to wait for the subject pay cycle).

PERSONAL USE-- do what you always do, buy what you always buy, even from the same company, but just buy it from your site. Doing so always insures that you have a check.

MARKET SERVICES-- we offer MANY financial services ranging from CREDIT REPAIR to MORTGAGE NEGOTIATION that pay you commissions ranging from $10 for a credit kit to $1, 500 or more for a closed home loan.

BUILD A DOWN LINE-- you have the ability to GIVE AWAY THIS FREE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN MONEY... Just follow the system and when you do, you earn from the purchases, sales, quotes, trials, services from every member of your down line through 10 levels.

Again, this is not about quick money. Claiming your check, earns money right away but the real money is when it is treated like a true business... WHICH IT IS. And like every TRUE business, the real money takes time. This is not get rich quick.

What's so different about us is that you can choose what you want to do, which programs you want to push and consequently the kind of income you ultimately earn.

Like any true business, you get what you put into it.

But first and foremost, you must understand the system and that requires about an hour or so OF ACTUAL READING. VIRTUALLY EVERY COMPLAINT THAT WE HAVE EVER HAD WAS FROM SOMEONE THAT DIDN'T ACTUALLY READ THE SYSTEM.

There's an old saying... "If at first you don't succeed... read the instructions" :-) Nowhere is it more true than with ASN.

AND YES I'M LISTENING! :-) we DO have testimonials.
We have more testimonials than we can post. I don't think I'm allowed to put an URL here, so all I will say is that if you join for free and go to your resource page, there is a link that sends you to our testimonial page with scores of unsolicited testimonials.

Grants Pass, US
Nov 12, 2009 4:56 pm EST

My question is are any of the QUICK MONEY links worth chasing? The opportunity to make some fast cash by filling out a few forms would seem to be so popular as to break any company trying this method of promotion. Also, Bruce if you are listening, is there any proof of income from anyone's personal testimony?

Sounds good, but I think I will stay on the sideline until I see some tangible income results!

, AE
Nov 09, 2009 3:26 am EST

There are a lot of sites with affilitate and network marketing currently, but to earn money through these programs are really not that easy!


bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Aug 04, 2009 4:58 pm EDT
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Unfortunately, this member didn’t take the time to read any of his training emails or his resource center. Otherwise he’d be spending his earnings rather than complaining.

The All Solutions Network system is so simple that anyone that follows it earns money. Even if they follow it for 5 minutes and then forget about it. They still get paid.

It’s so easy that we get letters like the following all the time…

Who r u? & y did u send me $?
My response is always the same…
You signed up for a free money making website and “accidentally” earned a check. Imagine what would happen if you actually tried!

On the occasions that a member says he didn’t get any checks, it is ALWAYS for one of 2 reasons.
1. It’s not yet payday.
2. They didn’t take the time to earn any points, usually because they didn’t read the resource center.

See… from the ASN “resource” center.
The first step to earning a check is that your site accumulates points. See claim your check. This can be done for FREE and within 5 minutes. Remember, If a member’s site does not earn any points, it does not earn any money. But points can always be earned for free.

No company makes earning money or building a downline easier or faster. A large downline can equate to huge incomes… but only if the member and their respective downlines are actually participating in the system i.e. personal use, marketing products and services and earning points, all of which can be done for free.

Earning the Fast Start Bonus requires 4 points
At 8 points, you earn the Fast Start AND Eagle Bonus.
At 15 points, you earn the Fast Start, Eagle and Group Bonuses.
Group Bonuses, which is when you, also, earn from your downline, requires 15 points.
15 points can be accumulated without spending a dime and can be done within 10 minutes. Please see “claim your check”, for additional bonuses.

How easy is it really?
Get a free insurance quote and you earned a check.
Get a free Credit Report and you earned another check, etc…

If this member didn’t earn any money it’s because he didn’t follow directions.

Oakland, US
Aug 04, 2009 2:26 pm EDT

I haven't experienced errors on my referral page, but I haven't seen any money either. There are 85 members in my downline & no one is making a dime. What gives?

bruce castro
Foresthill, US
Jun 09, 2009 7:34 pm EDT
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I'm the owner of the all solutions network.
Becky has it right.

Unfortunately there have been occassional server problems and script issues. They rarely last for more than a couple hours.

Our technicians have done a substantial rewrite of scripts and we have just changed servers.

Although, nothing is ever perfect, this problem seems to have been substantially laid to rest.

Blessing kwakauzor
, NG
Jan 23, 2020 8:50 am EST

It appears that most of the services ASN offers are not available in Nigeria. So how do a member from Nigeria market those mortgage, loans, credit services here in Nigeria.
Secondly, if one orders products or goods from from Amazon or Walmart, what duration can it take to get to Nigeria.
Is the shipping free?
Thirdly, PayPal only allows Nigerians to send money not to receive money through PayPal.
How will members from Nigeria get paid from ASN business.
Then I am finding it difficult to locate my dashboard to view my points.
Please Bruce I need your response.
Then can some purchase used items like, cars, power bike etc through ASN platform?

Waukesha, US
Apr 09, 2009 11:43 am EDT

I had a similar problem with pages loading. I received error messages when I clicked on the links from my own page. I needed to check and change my link page. This was rather aggravating but I ended up going to my back office then I clicked on the Marketing Basics. When I loaded that page, I clicked on http link on the left hand side of the page that says "Click Here for Complete Details"(under the paragraph that says "All Solutions Services" with the black backround). After that page loaded, I copied that link for my referral page. I've recently wrote up a promo on my blog with the other link. I had to change that. The only link that worked on my original referral page was the sign up page! Luckily I caught that error. It is definitely not our problem. It is a problem with how the cgi is set up.
I am going to write Bruce Castro about the problem. I am not very versed in programming language. All I know is that I don't want to endorse a page that does not work for potential members.
The concept of this network is really a good idea. The All Solutions Network has been around for awhile. It must be working some how! Thanks, Becky []

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