[Resolved] AliExpressbadminton racket

Hello Dear Sir,
I have bought 2 badminton racket and racket 1 reel 10M grip from this seller. He told me that this is a really good product, First racket I used the same day I received and the second racket I used on last week only. However, the first play itself when I was played with the 2nd racket was cracked when I was playing. I don't hit the other player or on the floor only with the shuttlecock. At that time, I realised that the product quality is really bad. I have sent the photos to the seller and he told me that he can pay back once I raise the complaint. As a genuine buyer m, I don't worry about the money, I need to get a quality product. I asked him, before I go with complaints I can buy 2 more other rackets again if he can do better price. He is not happy with that option. So, I am planning to raise the complaint about his product.

At the moment, I have two options:-
1 - Replace the racket for me.
2 - or return back the money.

Pease advise.

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Oct 05, 2019

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