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refund for cancelled subscription not received

I subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens magazine on March 20, 2019. I paid $36.75 (Receipt #[protected]). By May 18, 2019 I still had not received a magazine, so I emailed asking...

incident [protected]

Received an email today from Meredith:

" Auto Response by (Administrator) 07/16/2019 06:21am Notification of payment received ( incident [protected]).
We have received your email and it has been forwarded to a customer service rep for review and resolution. We understand that your time is precious so we appreciate you taking some of it to write to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Meredith Customer Service
Curtomer By Service Email (Corve' Ransom) 07/16/2019 06:21am"

I have no idea what this is about and it does not state anywhere in the email. I find it strange that I am blocked from copying the above, that is why I typed the exact email sent. Also, not knowing what they are talking about I picked "websites" as a catagory. Is this a scam email?

Meredith Annual BooksI am formally requesting the cancellation of future shipments of the quilt lovers-favorites auto shipments.

Auto-Response By (Administrator) (05/27/2019 06:34 PM)
Thank you for your message. Your e-mail has been submitted to a customer service representative and will be taken care of within 48 hours. Please do not reply to this e-mail. If we need additional information, one of our representatives will contact you directly. Thank you again for contacting Meredith Annual Books.
Customer By Service Email (Diane Pfile) (05/27/2019 06:34 PM)
Account Number [protected]

magazine subscription

I got a slip for a free subscription for better homes and gardens with a product i purchased. It's been 3 months and all I get are daily emails and junk from them. I've emailed customer service more than 40 times, always get an email back saying "a customer service rep will write back" but I never receive anything. This company is complete [censored]

I returned the book eat this not that on 19 feb 2019 and have not received a refund. the usps tracking shows received on 25 feb 2019.

I returned the book eat this not that but have not received a refund of $15.00 or an acknowledgement that the book was received the book was returned to meredith annual books, 1550 e. washington ave, ste 1, des moines ia 50316, on 19 feb 2019 and received in des moines ia on 25 feb 2019. the offer stated a 100% money-back guarantee, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. I sent a $15.00 check with the order card request. I would like my $15.00 back please. meredith books needs to honor their promise. thank you.

S bier
4201 avati dr
San diego ca [protected]

magazine subscription

Magazine subscription purchased in july from The Meridith Store Online and my mother has yet to receive the 1st issue. I called customer service and the agent insisted I haven't...

receipt #[protected] paid for a year nothing received so after three months

I paid a year subscription, Receipt #[protected] in July this year and so far nothing received. I called customer service number and sent multiple emails no answer yet. The phone calls are answered by operators that ask you to call other numbers which don't even have my information. The site has no information or way to track your orders. This company just takes your money and does not deliver. I felt rip off. I don't recommend this company at all.

magazine subscription

On Dec 20, 2017 I received an email notification that I had subscribed & paid for Family Fun magazine. And another email to the same tune for Parents magazine. I hadnt signed up for either. Since it said paid, I checked and have since been nervously checking my credit cards for these amounts, but dont see them - which is the good news.
I logged into the website & was shocked to see my mailing details down to my apartment number all filled out for me! I clicked unsubscribe as quickly as I could. I have still received Family Circle, Parents & Family Fun magazines despite never signing up for them, and additionally I have gone in and unsubscribed for these. My customer number is [protected].

Please help me - please DELETE my account from your records. And please unsubscribe me from all magazines ASAP - I want to stop receiving these right away!

Thank you

  • Lo
    Loretta LaRosa Jan 19, 2020

    I receive 4 magazines from Meredith Corp Rachel Ray; All Recipes; Food and Family and Better Homes and Gardens. You recently stopped RRay as a monthly - now a quarterly. It was a nice magazine, pretty pictures, quality paper, etc. However, I don't think it warrants as a quarterly. I feel that I have been 'cheated' (for loss of a better word). That is also due to the fact the first issue is Winter/Spring . Not either 'wintery or springerly'. When my subscription runs out, I will be sure not to renew RRay!

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diabetic living book

I never ordered this and none of our family are diabetic so why would I order it.. It came today and it is so frustrating. I do not want this and am returning it unopened... A/c...

quilt-lovers favorites books

I have several times tried to cancel this subscription for the Quilt Lovers Favorites and still I receive books related to this subscription. I do not want to receive any more books from you and want you to stop sending these books to me. I just received a book for Quilt Lovers Favorites #16 which I did not order and will be sending it back unopened. I will not be paying for the book since I did order it or approve it's shipment. My Account number is #[protected]. Do NOT send my another bill since I will be sending it back unopened via the US postal service. I do NOT want to receive any more of these books.

magazine subscription credit

Re: Cancel order #134700 (KMM97994949V61540L0KM)

On April 22, 2017 I made an online magazine subscription only to realize the Canadian site was charging in US dollars and immediately cancelled my subscription.

On April 24th, the day the charge of $38.76 US was posted to my credit card I also received a letter from Bridget at Meredith Store Customer Service saying my credit might be a couple months in the works.

On July 10th I sent another email as the credit has still not appeared on my credit card and on the 11th received a note from Tracy at Meredith Store Customer Service saying the credit was applied to my card on May 1st. I requested she look into that again as there is no record on any of my statements as having received the credit to this day. Unfortunately, no one from Meredith has responded.

I have just spoken with my credit card company who confirmed the credit has not yet been received and will now dispute this on my behalf.

It is unfortunate that Meredith Store was unwilling to provide appropriate customer service without my having to go through these numerous emails to finally lead me to have my bank intercede on my behalf.

Extremely dissatisfied with Meredith Store


Received book I didn't order

I received a book called Eating Healthy to Lose Weight that I did not order and after getting online and seeing how frequent your company has done this my lawyer friend feels a large suite for fraudulent practices should be brought against your company. I will pay for the stupid book since I opened it but I better not receive any further correspondence from your company or Better Home and Gardens or I will enlist the services of my lawyer friend along with the thousands of people with testimonials online that have encountered the same scam from your company. How shameful.

  • Updated by rocki burroughs · Aug 05, 2019

    If I have any other magazines that use Meredith to collect their payment, please cancel them also. Vegetarian magazine.

  • Ti
    Tiredofmags Aug 29, 2017

    my mom subscribed for Better Homes and Gardens without asking me back in 2015, the subscription ended and I never renewed despite this company sending renewal notice after renewal notice. Now they are still sending me the magazine. Personally, I do not read magazines and have not since I was a teenager. I don't even read them in waiting rooms! I have called the company to ask them to stop sending their magazines, which go straight into the trash. All I want is for this company to stop wasting their magazine by sending them to my house. If there is a lawsuit you can add me to the list. This is harassment at this point.

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  • Le
    Leonee Akers Jul 29, 2019

    This situation with fox stations in Portland Oregon and dish network is absolutely stupid. You show your stations on public TV FREE Figure it out. Why are you being so ridiculous about this agreement it makes no sense. YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR PUBLIC ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS M O N E Y.

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  • Ro
    rocki burroughs Aug 11, 2019

    I did not renew the subscription for Shape magazine, but Meredith charged my paypal account $16.01 for it today. I would like to cancel the subscription and I would like my money refunded to my account. Roxanne Burroughs 327 Park Ave Kent, Ohio 44240

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  • Br
    Brenda O. Reeves Oct 11, 2019

    Received books and magazines throughout 2018 and 2019. I sent back the last statement and told them to send me a box with return postage and I would ship the the book back. Next I receice the same book again with an invoice attached. "Christmas from the Heart". I want all items or subscriptions cancelled as of 10/11/2019.

    It is a hassle each time I have to spend gas, time, etc. returning these to the post office. This is really a con job Meredith has going preying on Citizens young and old.

    [email protected]

    Sent above message to Meredith

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Meredith Store — Ignoring my emails

December 30th I ordered my daughter a magazine subscription. I was given a order number and said they would send me a confirmation to my email. I never received a email and have...

The Meredith Store — Did not receive full order and have not received credit

Ordered 2 cooking magazines and 2 cooking books on line from on Jan. 24, 2016. order# 123812. Received 1 magazine and 1 book. Called on 2/19, [protected]...

Books: Diabetic Living Paid - billed April 7, 2015

Payment check #[protected] was sent to Diabetic Living Recipes on 4/3/2015 and delivered on 4/07/15. Funds where withdrawn from my Bank of America on 4/7/15!! What is wrong with your...

invoice for non order

I was sent a invoice and magazine that I did not order and was told to pay for a full subscription. The invoice says " Thank you for ordering Do It yourself Magazine, ... As requested when you ordered, we we have attached an invoice". I made no such request for this magazine and if this was sent to someone elderly like my mother they would feel as though they would be forced to pay. I am considering a lawsuit for the people versus Meredith Billing Center.

  • Updated by Noelia Rios · Aug 08, 2018

    I text u about my cancellation to food&wine magazine on July Tuesday 31 2018 someone text me saying that I will get back my refund for the amount of 16.67 I just want to know when will I get back my refund

  • Di
    disgustedbymeredithcorp Oct 14, 2010

    My mother who recently died was billed for a non-ordered magazine as well

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  • So
    Sonny Heidt Oct 29, 2010

    I paid for three years on a special promotion and recieved a bill a month later for 2 years. They cashed my check and I have not recieved the magazines. No phone number is listed on their flyers. Now I know why...

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  • Al
    ALDO P MOYA Sep 30, 2013

    I never request and order a magazine "do it yourself", again I never subscribe to this magazine, but they still send me de invoice for something I NEVER ORDER, AND NEVER BEEN SUBSCRIBE.


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  • Ta
    Tadmad19 Dec 08, 2013

    I keep receiving a bill for a book I never ordered. I received a book I DID NOT order, I sent it back unopened. I still keep getting bills. No phone number on invoice. I googled a number then called. This lady said she could find no such order # and to disregard bill, NOW I get another bill!!! I will never get mixed up with these crooks again, they are messing up my credit... Never subscribe to Midwest living or their affiliates- Meredith books!!! Ridiculous!!! 😡

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  • Ir
    IrritatedinOK Jan 02, 2014

    I am having the same issue regarding a BHG cookbook I did not order or receive. I sent two letters but just keep getting bills.

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  • Ir
    IrritatedinOK Jan 02, 2014

    I am having the same issue regarding a BHG cookbook I did not order or receive. I sent two letters but just keep getting bills. No one should have to waste so much time on these issues.

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  • Ir
    Irishcats Jun 05, 2014

    this is not a complaint. I need to pay a bill for a quilting book but ran out of checks. Can i pay with a credit card? on line??

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  • Ju
    Judy ann Morris Jun 14, 2014

    I received "eat healthy lose weight" which I didn't order.. After feeling forced to pay $33.22 on 4/27 or have my credit affected, I just received another book, "eat healthy and lose weight" What is going on with this company? Can anyone advise?

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  • Ga
    Gail Sandusky Jul 14, 2014

    I have gotten two books sent to me by Meredith books. I have not ordered these books... I kept getting a bill for a book that I never ordered or got and then It was turned over to collection!!! So i had to pay this and now it is going on again, WHAT CAN I DO? I'm so sick of this and there is no way to make it right.I cant call them there is no phone number. I keep sending these books back and then the bills just keep coming.Is there anyone who knows how to stop this crap??? I don't want there books nor have I ever ordered them. Thanks for anyones help.

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  • De
    Deane Gallagher Jul 07, 2015

    I also keep getting bills for a book that was never ordered or received. The pay on line does not exist. there is no phone number to call. I have turned them into the better business bureau. This will never stop!!!

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  • De
    Deane Gallagher Jul 07, 2015

    I keep getting bills for a book that I never received and never ordered. There is no phone number to call and the email address is a hoax.

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  • De
    Deane Gallagher Jul 07, 2015

    This place is a rip off. Sending out bills for items not purchased nor received. No phone number to call and email address is a hoax.

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  • At
    Atrisco Sep 30, 2015

    I do not want to receive any more books. Why do I keep getting billed for $8.38 when I keep sending the payment in.

    account # 10021937627 You don't even have a phone number where you can be reached. Take me to court and you pay the expenses

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  • Ka
    Karen Larsen Oct 04, 2015

    Karen Larsen
    326 11th Street
    Schenectady, N. Y. 12306-3102
    The above is my OLD address
    I was sent a 2016 APQ Calendar to the old address, it was sent by to post office to the new address in Florida, however it was $.50 short on postage and the post office sent it back to the sender and I NEVER received the Calendar. This is the third time I am addressing this issue. I will not be paying for a calendar I did not receive. Please take care of this matter. I have also informed Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting of this matter. Please stop sending me bills for something I did not receive. Thank you, Karen Larsen

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  • Ki
    Kini48 Mar 31, 2016

    I, too keep getting billed for a book I did not order. Before this one I had same problem with a book the year before. No prob on that one sent back and never bothered again...until Oct 2015 I received another non ordered book. I took it to my post office, unopened, said I did not order nor did I want. The postal person was gracious enough to give me a receipt that stated, refused. However I still keep getting billed after at least 3 emails stating that I had a postal receipt that shows it was returned as refused. Still get bills. Very frustrating. I'm going to try another number for a phone call to bhg. I hope this one works because just like the multitude of people before me i'very had about as much as I can take regarding this book that I refused and returned but still get threatening notices from telling me that bhg acted in good faith and sent the book, now in good faith I should pay for it. What kind of system do you use that bhg can't get anything correct.
    Thanks for listening out there as I'm sure bhg sure isn't reading any of these posts.

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  • Ki
    Kini48 Mar 31, 2016

    GUESS WHAT EVERYONE I FINALLY GOT A PHONE NUMBER FOR GHB (MEREDITH BOOKS). CALL: worked for me spoke with a Kyle he apologized and said he would take the 32.66 offy bill and I would no longer be bothered. Hope that's true as I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like the world is right again. Really, use the number listed above. Hopefully if it worked for me should work for YOU.

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  • Cr
    Crazio73 Nov 22, 2016

    [email protected] I am being charged for books that were not ordered or received. And repeatedly I have asked for a list of books that I supposedly ordered, and not recieved any answer for my request. I am not paying for something that I did not order or recieve. So If they are reading this comment hopefully I can get a resolvement to this hideous and repeating problem.

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  • Ga
    Gallumpf Jan 05, 2017

    I was subjected to the same. I called Meredith Books who told me to call Customer Service at 1-866-205-3111.
    On doing so I was told these books were coming because when the first one was ordered (if it was ordered) "there was a disclaimer that all the books in the series would would be sent and we would be responsible for payment unless we telephoned to cancel the books".
    I have made it clear that we don't want their books and have been told that they will be cancelled and I should ignore any bills.
    Hope this helps.

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  • No
    Noelia Rios Aug 15, 2018

    On Tuesday July 31 2018 someone text me saying that I will be getting my refund for the amount of 16.67 for the cancellation of my food&wine magazine that I have cancel i just want to know when will I get back my refund

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  • El
    Elizabeth Toncich Nov 12, 2018

    I received one without ordering it returned with note not interested cancel
    Today 1/14/17 received another book whats up sending it back no phone # listed on line so doing it this way DON'T send Any More!!!

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  • Ma
    marilyn gabriel Dec 09, 2019

    account number 10020217185 please do not send me any other cook books or Magazines. my house address is 22014 St. Gertrude St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081

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