Alabama Powerlimb removal from one entire side to the trunk decades old ok tree approx 100' tall

My home at 300 Bromley Place has recently been renovated and is listed for sale by Robert Bros. Realty. I was not at the premises when the Alabama Power Co. tree crew came to my home on October 4, 2019. My painter was at the premises and they informed him they were going to trim the trees. My painter called me and informed me they were going to trim limbs from the side by the wires that runalong my property line. This is a yearly occurance and it did not occur to me that every limb from one side of my beautiful Magnolia tree and a very tall Oak tree would be removed all the way to the trunk. When I arrived at the property the painter had left and the crew had almost completed this unthinkable and dispicable damage to my property. The man in charge who spoke broken english said he was told to remove limbs 15 feet from the power pole which he said would be all the way to the trunk.

I have spent almost all of my money on the renovation of this home which would, when and if, sold provide a meager retirement. The trees are no longer viable and are a danger to the residnce. Oak trees have shallow root systems and if a windstorm or hurricane were to occur in Mobile this huge tree would fall on my home and cause extensive damage not to mention that now, the sale of my home could be thwarted because of the danger that these trees now threat to the home. It would be impossible to make the trees look any better or be any safer.

I do not have the resources to remove the trees that are now not only unsightly but dangerous. The oak tree is in very close proximity to Airport Blvd and if it fell could cause not only property damage to oncoming vehicles but also loss of life.

It is customary in other states, Ive been told, that a letter would be sent out to residences that would be affected by such drastic measures in order for the homeowner and the utility company to come to an agreement as to how the problem could be solved. No consideration was given, not even a telephone call from the foreman to me to discuss this event on the day.

I request an investigation of the damage and determination as to what your company is willing to do to help me solve this immediate problem. The photo does not show just how tall the tree is.

Linda Jones Moore

Alabama Power

Oct 10, 2019

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