Ajman Bankcentral bank rating not updated

O Aug 04, 2018

I completed all my payments for my credit card number [protected] way back in March. In June I discovered that both my Al Etihad bureau score and central bank rating have not been updated. I complained to call centre and was given a reference number 7502 on June 25th and was assured that within 3 working days this will be settled. After 1 month of calling the centre and being promised that a bank representative will speak to me one call centre representative JAMAL told me that the central bank rating cannot be rectified through call centre but offered no solution. I decided to visit the GGICO branch and the customer service rep told me that I have to go to the head office in Ajman and speak to a man called Khalid AlKhalaki. He also told me it is useless to call because the people at collection department do not answer the phone. The problem is that I live and work in Jabel Ali and my off is only on Friday. I may be forced to take a leave just to go to Ajman and I am not even sure if my issue will be sorted.
My request to the bank is to amend my credit rating from the current CC to at least AB or AA as I am no longer a customer and I completed all required payments for the card in dispute.

  • Updated by Omuntu · Aug 15, 2018

    I went to the head office and the issue was resolved.

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