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Nova Frennie Dinamling
+63 [protected]

I was about to book a group flight of 17pax with 9pax as first batch to book and 8pax after; kalibo to manila ; Jan. 21, 2020.

I didn't notice When I first booked 9 pax with departure and arrival wrong/alternate. It came out Manila to Kalibo that supposed to be Kalibo to manila.

I immediately talked to fellow allstar first through online chat and advice me to rebook the correct flight before they will refund the wrong flight I book. And then the CheapOair customer service contacted me and tried to book me the correct flight but it was expensive for me than booking in your website Airasia so I asked them to check first with airasia and call them back again. So I messaged airasia again (fellow allstar) through online chat and they told me to rebook ticket and asked CheapOair to do the refund request. But when I talked to cheapOair again they said that they will rebook the ticket and the wrong booked flight will cancel but it will not be refunded since it is not refundable.

I'm really feeling sad and upset since I was expecting that the wrong flight will atleast compensate my correct flight since they first told me (fellow allstar through chat that it will be refunded after I book the correct flight). I am and will be booking a group of 17pax and it will be too expensive to handle if it will not atleast compensate or refund the wrong flight to be corrected.

I understand that in your policy it is non refundable but I am still hoping to atleast help me to refund or rebook the correct flight for me not to pay too much. My family preferred your airline Airasia since it is the cheapest and has a very good service.

I am hoping your kind office to please help me with these. Thank you

Oct 11, 2019

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