Airasiaground staff kuala lumpur klia 2

E Nov 28, 2017

Good evening,

I would like to report to you regarding a very bad behavior from one of Airasia ground employees at Kuala Lumpur International airport - KLIA 2. The name is Ms. Safriza, registration number on her badge: [protected] GTR. My flight to Bali got canceled because of the volcano eruption, which is absolutely understandable. However, Ms Safriza who works for Airasia offered no solutions, after waiting for one hour in the line only to get a chance to speak to someone. On top of it her behavior towards me as a customer was unacceptable. She told me "you want to fly? You must pay 800 MYR!" I could not believe her way of dealing with things. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and she said that she is the boss there. Eventually seeing that she will just say "Go online and book a flight online. Go online and do a complaint, I cannot help you!" I decided to go to another Airasia office - U16 and they happily helped with all my issues and answered my questions. I saw a lot of customers leaving the desk of Ms. Safriza being very angry at her attitude and she would not put the smallest effort into answering questions or supporting anyone. Quite the opposite - her answers were always rude, superior and then she would smile and pretend she doesn't hear anything. Moreover she started being sarcastic when I asked her to kindly book a flight for me to Jakarta and said that I should do it online and connect to internet, when booking tickets is actually her job (it's a ticketing counter). Luckily other Airasia employees were very polite and helped me. Then I tried to help other customers waiting in the line to go to desk U16 (to her colleagues) and actually be treated with respect.

I think Airasia should be aware of these issues and this employees's behavior. She requires some serious training to do more than to be sarcastic to customers, reply in a superior way and then smile.

I am a frequent member of Airasia and fly with your airline every week. Fortunately this was the first time I came across such disrespectful attitude.

Kindly register my complaint and I hope that you will take measures to solve this in the best possible way.

Waiting for your feedback.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

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