Airasiaair asia


Among the worse airlines ever. Everything about your company and service is terrible, right from the booking experience on the website, non existent customer service, horrible in flight food, constant delays on most domestic flights, indifferent ground staff etc. I don't remember taking a domestic flight that took off or reached on time ever. Today's flight ak 6112 to Penang is delayed and the ground staff gives us a food voucher that is redeemable at a cafe that is a 15 minute walk away on the other side of the terminal. So 15 min to get there, order food and then 15 min back. Extremely ridiculous and exactly the kind of indifference that is part of the air Asia experience. Most airlines simply hand over some water and a sandwich at the holding area when there is a delay instead of expecting guests to walk all over the airport to claim some food . I would rate air Asia as the worse airline in the world and yet I am forced to fly due to lack of choice

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