Air Wickessential mist air freshener

K Nov 11, 2019

Bought this as it was more expensive and I thought it would mean it would be better quality. I was wrong. No smell and an absolute waste of money. Very disappointed as I always buy Airwick and thought his would be very special. I am unable to return it as I have opened it and tried using it. Rubbish product and expensive.
I have even tried using it in a smaller room and stood right near it as it puffs out its fragrance. I cannot smell a thing.
A friend had also bought one and told me not to bother as it was rubbish but I wanted to give Airwick the benefit of the doubt. I should have saved my money and not bothered.
I really want my money back and I want some thoughts on this please as I am most disappointed and have lost faith in Airwick.

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