Air Indiaregarding extremely poor and irresponsible behaviour and service of air india airlines

A Aug 03, 2018

As a sincere citizen of my country I would like to inform you about my recent experience with air india airlines.
It is extremely painful to inform you this experience but still it needs to be reported to concern authorities, administrators and officials for a necessary future action so that no one else destroys the well built image of any indian airlines.
I was travelling to and fro between delhi and ahmedabad for a official trip and while coming back from delhi on airport I was informed via sms that the flight was delayed by an hr.
Although I was already at airport by that time but I decided to wait on the airport only. After security check when I reached to allotted gate for boarding for ai013 flight dated 27th july 2018 @ 19:45hrs, but flight was cancelled due to some technical fault and the airlines authority decided to adjust these passengers in the other flight boarding for ahmedabad which were having less capacity.
The airlines executives requested the passengers to give away their current seats and ask for volunteer and re-schedule their flight to another flight.

I decided to give away my seat only because I do not wanted that the image of indian airlines should not be hampered because of this. So, I accepted to re-board on another flight scheduled day after on sunday 29th july 2018 at 7:45 pm.
I was promised that everyone who gave away their seats will be given to and fro taxi charges and hotel stay along with 200% amount of booked ticket basic amount. Although I denied for hotel stay charges and asked for generating a certificate so that it can be presented to my office for administrative purpose but I was asked to change counters one after the other ignoring the fact that my flight has started boarding and neither given certificate nor a satisfactory answer for the same.
On contrary the administrative should have made these documents well in advance and handover to passengers at the time of reporting or before boarding their rescheduled flights.

I am enclosing the under mentioned documents for your perusal:
Screenshot of sms received for delayed flight on 27th july 2018
Copy of boarding pass for 27th july 2018
Copy of boarding pass for 29th july 2018
Names of the executives who did false commitment: harpreet singh + 3 team members, rajendra kumar @ delhi airport

I really hope to have a quick and satisfactory response from your side so that no one else pass though the mental stress I faced with this trip.
As a responsible citizen I have informed you so that india should not receive a bad word-of-mouth ever in future due to these administrative mistakes

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