Air Chinawrong information about the reimbursement.

On 25th September at 16.09H (Madrid time) I called to the Air China Call Centre to change my flight (Madrid-Pekin-Madrid). The agent proposed me different flight options which were all inconvenient. Alternatively, the agent proposed me to cancel my ticket and request for reimbursement. The agent checked in the system and she confirmed that by cancelling the ticket I would get 520 EUR back. I agreed with this so I claimed reimbursement through the website of Air China. As soon as I cancelled my ticket and request for reimbursement, I bought a new ticket with different airline, bearing in mind that I will receive 520 eur back from Air China. However, today I have received an email from Air China saying the reimbursement is only 66.39 EUR.
I have contacted the customer service and they have listened the call recording. They confirmed that the agent provided a wrong information. However, Air China doesn't compensate or provide a new ticket.

Oct 09, 2019

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