Air Chinaflight ca820 from newark liberty airport

M Jul 31, 2018

I am writing to inform you of my very stressful experience with your airline. My flight, CA 820, scheduled to depart Newark Liberty Airport 7/16/18 at 12:40 pm, was delayed 9 hours. My brother, who I was travelling with, and I were told that the aircraft had not arrived yet and we did not take off until 9 pm. Originally, we were supposed to arrive at Beijing International Airport at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, 7/17/18. Instead we arrived at 11:10 pm that same day. Needless to say, we missed our connecting flight, CA 179, which departed at 6:15 pm and was due to arrive in Manila at 11 pm. As a result, we were directed to the transfer desk and tried explaining to the counter person that it was imperative for us to get to Manila as soon as possible as this trip was a family emergency. We were burying our mother on Wednesday, 7/18/18. We lost our cushion of time because of the delay in Newark. We actually suggested that they put us on a Philippine Airlines flight which was departing at 2:35 am. Taking this flight would have gotten us to Manila on time to attend the funeral. We reiterated that it was urgent for us to get to the Philippines but you did not accommodate us. We asked for any seats, even business class, given our circumstances, but they said there was nothing available. So, they ended up putting my brother and me on two separate flights. He took CA 975 to Singapore, and a connecting flight, PR 508 to Manila on Wednesday, 7/18/18. He arrived in Manila 8:30 pm that same night. My flight was CA 111, headed to Hong Kong, with a connecting flight, PR 307, departing 5:15 pm Wednesday, 7/18/18. I arrived 10:30 pm in Manila that same night.
This trip was already difficult. These failures were compounded by Air China employees being curt, insensitive, and ineffective. As a result of all these failures, my brother and I did not make it to my mother's burial on Wednesday, 7/18/18. We lost one full day because of travelling that we did not anticipate. The employees found no sympathy in our situation and the outcome was devastating. This is beyond lack of customer service, it profoundly affected us negatively.
Considering the distressing events of this trip, I believe that compensation is only fair. I would appreciate it if your company would reimburse me $700, a portion of my $1876.49 ticket. Anticipating your response.

Melissa Rosillo

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