Air Asia and Option Townextra seat option from option town, an affiliate of air asia


Air Asia and Option Town an affiliate of Air Asia is a cheat. Pls dont purchase any extra seat option from them. I purchased the Extra Seat Option from them and was not given the seats. My boarding pass only showed a single seat and when I checked with the crew, Sharifah Shaheera, she apologised and said a refund will be made as the seats were not available. Later after I pursued the case with Air Asia, they denied the claim and said the seats were available and I did not utilise them. Now they refuse to refund. Dont trust them. Sharifah Shaheera, where is your dignity? And to Tony Fernandez, dont cheat our money. Your airline and service is hopeless. It is better to pay a little more and get a reliable service than Air Asia.

  • Updated by Sara_A · May 16, 2017

    I am requesting for an inquiry with your staff Sharifah Shaheera who acted on behalf of Air Asia and promised to refund us the extras we paid, which was not provided. If you are sincere to resolve the matter, arrange this inquiry for us. We want to see her face to face. Don't cheat us.

  • Updated by Sara_A · Aug 14, 2017

    Purser Sharifah Shaheera and Puteri Eleeza cannot be trusted. Please dont trust whatever Air Asia crew says verbally. They promised to refund me my money for not allocating the seats that I bought. I checked with the ground staff and they told me that the extra seat option was not available and issued me boarding passes with single seats. I have my boarding passes as a proof. Air Asia and Option Town are related parties. Don't trust them. Don't buy the extra seat option from them.


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    Optiontown May 16, 2017

    Dear Guest,

    We would like to advise you that as per re-investigation with Airline, its been found that you were successfully assigned with Empty Seats just next to your checked-in seats 32C, 32G, 32K, 33A, in their records. Hence, we request you to please contact AirAsia X directly to confirm the Final status.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter!

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    Sara_A May 16, 2017

    @Optiontown I was travelling with my family. 4 of us bought the Extra Seat Option from Option Town. The seat numbers reflected in our boarding pass were single seats. I enquired with the crew Sharifah Shaheera and nobody informed us that the seats next to our seats were belonged to us. There were other passengers seated on those seats. So, how will a person who bought the extra seat option know that the seat reflected as 32C actualy means 32A 32B and 32 C was also theirs. Even your crew did not know about it. So how could I inform the other passengers seated on 32 A and B that they were seated on my seats which neither I nor your own crew knew it was mine. Common it is a new product offered and it has to be clearly stated in our boarding pass that 32 A 32B snd 32C was the Extra seat option that was suppose to be ours. The terms under the Extra Seat Option says that it is only subject to availability and a full refund will be made if the seats were not offered. In my case I have prove that based on my boarding pass only 1 standard seat was offered to each of my family member. Your crew Sharifah Shaheera who promised to help us with this problem and a full refund did not honour her word. Pls all passengers if you have a problem with Air Asia, dont trust their verbal promises. Insist that yr problem is resolved immediately before the flight takes off or else you will have to go through this painful journey like me. Air Asia and Optiontown is a cheat. There has been others who also have been cheated by them. Pls read all the complaints here and you will know more.

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  • Sa
    Sara_A May 17, 2017

    @Sara_A My boarding pass states 32G, 32K, 33C and 32C was offered to 4 of us. All of these are standard seats. Therefore, it is only right for Optiontown to refund my money instead of collaborating with Air Asia and denying it. I have shown the prove. Pls show yours. You have a camera on board to review the case. Use it and dont cheat us.

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