AGS International Moversmissing 8% of shipment

Devis de déménagement Barcelone/Kigali AGS MR SANTKIN No 0548§RW036278
dated 08 I 02 I 20 1 9
Reference no : 041CL10992
Dossier no : 05485RW036278
ContactAgs : -465 MADRID
Container :PONU 1723680

Container arrived at destination ( Kigali ) after 3 months. Our things were parked somewhere in Barcelona for over a month and half before being loaded on a container.
During that period no update or any form of communication was sent to us despite several emails requesting it.
Now ON TOP 15 boxes ( including large items as fridge, bicycle, large paintings, lot of clothing, books and more ) are missing. 15 boxes on 205 is around 8%.
Unacceptable !!!
We are trying to get in touch with AGS Spain and again facing an extremely unprofessional response.
The packing was a mess, clothing items mixed with bathroom or decorations items.
We are so disappointed and so angry, AGS Spain is the worse moving service on the planet. Shame on you!

Oct 08, 2019

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