Agodafailure to disclose full costings and issue advertised frequent flyer points

D Oct 03, 2019

Through Agoda, we booked Noa Noa Private Island for 7 nights from 24/4/2019 to 1/5/2019. Agoda did not advise us of compulsory meal costs, boat travel to/from the island, car travel to/from the airport and did not award us the 20, 000 frequent flyer points as per web site for occupants of the Guest Room on the island. I took this up with Agoda about 10 times and finally sent copies of all documents by mail to Singapore. Emails from about 10 different staff were evasive (to say the least) and I have had no reply from Agoda Singapore office. I find this a very strange way for a Booking Agency to deal with complaints. Given the treatment received, I would never use Agoda again and would hope that no other parties would either!

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