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AfromRomance is Filled with FAKES. DON'T GO THERE. I thought at first it was a great idea for getting your preference and it could have been. Don't look for honest reviews out there, most of them are fakes too. So I have to warn anyone thinking of this site that, as with the recent lawsuits invloving, this site employs BAIT and TRAP methods. Meaning that they site purposely leaved handsome fakes to lure you into joining. It seemed to me that 3/4 of the male profiles (I cannot speak for the female) are FAKES. It got so that I could predict that any handsome man that flirted with me would never answer a with a response of any kind. Most used questionable english and very brief answers as though they were scared to slip up, which leads me to suspect they are the much heard of Nigerian Scam Artists responsible for more than half all the fraudulent internet accounts. These sites will eventually kill internet dating if someone doesn't put a stop to this practice.


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Jun 27, 2018 10:03 am EDT
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I understand what you are saying. It is a typical behavior of some old men want to lurk a seduce younger women by impressing them with "love, materials and stability."

Please forgive the really bad typos above. " I personally would not say, " Afro -Romance is a scam but there a definitely a lot of sociopaths on the site. I was speaking with a guy in law enforcement. He is over 50, trying to sound like Mack Daddy, playing head games and juggling several different women while he is was communicating with me. But what to think about a guy who cheated on his Wife because they were in a rough patch. It is bewildering to me to see how this one particular person lurks and seeks. He come off real passionate and strong. On a scale of - 1-10 he is 6. Don't get me wrong for me he is a perfect 10 because I LOVE BIG GUYS but he has no Moral compass, lack integrity and true genuine empathy. He is the biggest liar and fake I have yet to meet. The worst part of this he is who he says he is, " He is cop and if you can't trust a cop? Oh my goodness, Be safe everyone no one needs or wants the emotional set back of silly 52 year olds acting like their 17. He is definitely Mr. Wrong!

U personally when not say, " Afro romance is a scam but there are lots of sociopaths on the site. I found one that is cop over 50 and still playing head games. It is so funny because on a scale 1-10 he is about a 6 physically he is attractive and a big ole man but he lacks integrity, values and moral compass. I can not stand a liar and fake! If you can trust a cop then who can you trust. Be safe everyone no one wants the emotional set back from silly boys

Jun 27, 2018 10:00 am EDT
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Is his name DAVID SEELIG

Jul 02, 2013 5:06 am EDT

As per the comment and the complaint, its not just about Afroromance. Basically what I am getting is that scammers can be in any dating website. At the same time, I don't agree that this site employs bait and trap methods because I have used the site with success.

I met my soul mate on this website a year ago. I had initially deleted him from all the sea of inquiries when I first signed on, but he kept viewing me as his favorite and sending me flirts. His persistence however led me to just view his profile. And to say the truth
I was not impressed with his primary picture. The second picture was the one that reeled me in and it was then that I responded back to his flirts and emails.

We decided to meet each other after hours and months of communicating and getting to know each other better. We met each other last August of 2012 and spent a beautiful week together and it was at that point that we decided to become exclusive. Despite the fact that we live in different states, with careful and methodical strategies, we are planning to unite with one another.

For me, its a journey I am willing to take with him. For me, the site has really helped me be on this journey and I am loving it. So don't put down a site just because you didn't have success in just a few sites because there are real people on Afroromance and I am living proof of that.


Jul 24, 2012 1:07 pm EDT

First of all, anyone on any dating site who asks you for money is a scammer. Second, I was on this site for 2010 and 2011 and there are good old scammers here in the USA. Men who are looking for desperate women who will fly them places. There was a man on this site who was from North Carolina. He scammed multiple women out of money. I actually moved from California to Texas for a man I met on this site. It was horrible. He was nothing what he had projected himself to be during months of flying to california to see me. Once I arrived here to live with him, it was a whole different person. He was even continuing to call and text other women he had met on the site and we were living together. Just be careful. I had bad luck on EHarmony too. Any person can project himself to be something he really isn't through an online dating site. They are all the same.


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