Afrihostincorrectly billed, accused of receiving router

A Aug 16, 2018

After numerous back and forth with Afrihost I am livid by the service received being a longstanding client.

I have cancelled all my deals with them.

Firstly, I will not pay for a service incomplete and especially when I specifically included in the commentary when application was made that I have an existing line that is to be cancelled within a month. Afrihost happily includes this but for what purpose?

I was happy to activate this from 5 September 2018.

Why would I pay twice in a month for dsl internet! This should be a standard process of clients moving from SP to SP!

Also, When I applied, Afrihost specifically say; The general turnaround time for installation with Octotel is currently approximately 3 weeks.

I did not expect this to be so quick.

Secondly, being told that I received the router when I did not. This is simply ridiculous.

Not a person has attempted to resolve this thoroughly, instead, they have been pushing me around and trying to debit my account.

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