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Jun 09, 2019

Having made contact with Aferry and speaking with 'Will' I was charged £27 to change my booking date and given confirmation of the new booking in the form of a reference number. 'Hello, we have now changed your return and this is under a new reference number. At check in please use the... / a ferry booking system

Mar 28, 2019

I made a typing error on making a booking which was quite obvious as I requested for help immediately. I have been told I can't cancel the booking, after entering the wrong dates in. I find this absurd when it can be seen that my booking is a typing error. It's also ridiculous that you... / fraudulent transaction

Jan 14, 2019

Hi Team, This is regarding the fraudulent transaction happen at your site from my debit card. please find the details below and kindly cancel the order and revert back the amount which is debited. Details: card No: 5497XXX5XXXX2147 14 Jan19 071911 AFERRY WWW.AFE REF:007900501509 Kindly do... / ferry booking

Aug 20, 2018

I booked a ferry return trip from Malta to Pozzallo for 4 people but Accidentally added a car. The quote was 781 euros. I canceled the booking an hour later realizing the quote included a car. I rebooked again without a car which costed 560 euros. I then canceled the 1st booking online and... / mishandled ferry booking confirmation - 11653312

Jul 24, 2018

To Whom It May Concern we have contacted AFerry three days ago to have our booking ammended. They have simply ignored our request and they did not respond to us. As a result we had to buy a second trip. This is utterly inprofessional - they have no customer after care. The reason we could not...

[Resolved] / booking passenger missing

Jul 11, 2018

- 27 June 2018 : Travel from Marseille to Ajaccio with La Meridionale: - Booking reference : 11518634 - Booking reference : 5207234 La Meridionale - Booking reference : 5207235 Corsica Linea I would like to request a refund for the following reasons: I have made a booking for two... / double booking, charging twice and not receiving a confirmation email

Jul 08, 2018

To whom it may concern, Last night I was trying to book a ferry from Marseille to Algiers on the website. Initially I had been able to process the payment but at the end it said that the booking was cancelled because it couldn't go through. I tried again and the same thing... / booking

Jul 05, 2018

Hello. I did a booking with aferry company for a trip Busan/Fukuoka (Korea/Japan). They sent me confirmation, acceptation for payment but when i arrived in the port, i saw they did a mistake on the ticket they put Fukuoka/Busan...whereas on their application and on their mail it was the good... / payment not received

Jul 04, 2018

On May 5, 2018, I purchased two tickets on the Aferry website to travel from Paros to Santorini on May 30, 2018 with the company Blue Star Ferries. A day before, on May 29, in Paros, when we went to change our printed confirmation of the reservation for the tickets to the Blue Star Ferrie... / customer service

Jun 04, 2018

I made a booking but ended up booking the wrong date, so I immediately tried to contact AFerry but the phone number no longer works telling you to use the messaging system in your account. When I go to my account there is no booking showing (despite getting a booking confirmation email... / aferry reference number 11098238, grand navi veloci reference number 80387007125 booking 3 rooms for sal palermo to napoly 31/5/2018

Jun 02, 2018

Hi I just returned from Italy after the ferry travel from Palermo to Napoly. it was very very BAD . A- Ship boarding was at 21:00 - 3 hours delay. Check-in GNV gave me 3 rooms 10128, 10130, and 7115. Saying this automatic and she can not change. She said they change 7115 on ship to floor 10... / ferry tickets, money took from account, no ticket

May 02, 2018

Date of incident: 2nd May 2018 I have no client number I have booked tickets on website: - Polish version of your website. After I paid for tickets there was information that reservation failed but you took money from my account!!! This is nothing more than a theft. There is no... / booking not received after payment

Jan 15, 2018

Hello, I've buyed 2 tickets from Tallin to Helsinki, today, from . My money was taken from my bank account, but i didn't receive any confirmation of the booking . In the process of payment the page encounter an error, as i attached below . Please investigate the problem and... / fraudulent/unauthorized transaction

Nov 09, 2017

Sir, I am a customer with ICICI Bank sr nagar hyderbad branch, India . I received an alert on 06.11.2017 ( between 20:28 pm and 20:41 pm Indian Standard Time) on my mobile that a 9 transaction of Indian Rupees 2, 33, 740 has been made on my debit card ending with x9141 linked to my... / online scam

Nov 07, 2017

Sir, I am a customer with ICICI Bank, India. I received an alert today 06.11.2017 ( at about 3.06 am Indian Standard Time) on my mobile that a 3 transaction of Indian Rupees 66, 400 has been made on my debit card ending with x8533 linked to my account This shows that there has been a... / unauthorized credit card movements on my card

Sep 15, 2017

God evening I have received 5 different messages on my mobile tonight about 5 different purchases on my master card I have not authorized any of them, but according to my bank, which I called immediately when I received this messages there is authorisation codes on all 5 movements. I have all the... / internet cheating

Sep 08, 2017

Sir, I am a customer with ICICI Bank, India. I received an alert today 08.09.2017 ( at about 5.17 am Indian Standard Time) on my mobile that a transaction of Indian Rupees 1, 33, 347.06 has been made on my debit card linked to my account with the ICICI Bank, Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Branch... / booking

Aug 22, 2017

Hello. My name is Sergejs Baziks. Reference number: 9589638 When I bought a ticket for ferry in your company, I chosed the option of flexy ticket. I paid for it £20 extra. The option of flexibility was available for 72 hours. I have to go later. On 12/08/2017 in the morning I sent a message... / cancelled journey - awaiting refund

Jul 04, 2017

Aferry ref 8930790 - ferry hull-zeebrugge geannuleerd dd 21/6/2017 - claim! - 4th reminder Through different channels I try to get hold of somebody hoping to receive an answer, yet, no response! Let me inform you in full : Early 2017 we booked our holiday to/from hull-zeebrugge, returning... / refund denied

Jun 27, 2017

Booking ref 9316411. Dfds ref 16845651 Needed to cancel journey, this vehicle part of truck team carrying a tractor pulling sledge to uk. Booking of truck ref 9314592 refunded no room on ferry dfds People in motor home needed to operate sledge so therefore didn't need to travel because... / ferry algeciras-tanger thursday 13th april 2017

Apr 25, 2017

Dear Sir/Madame, Our 4pm Balearia Ferry with the AFerry reference No. 8984137 was delayed by almost six hours on the 13th April 2017. There was no a reasonable or extraordinary reason for this delay and we are entirely entitled to claim a full or partial refund. After a 6 hour wait and a 2...

AFerry / jadrolinija scam

Oct 13, 2016

I posted the following information on this site on Sun 24 Jul 2016 at 16:28: Read Jadrolinija Jadrolinija Contacts & Information Posted: Jul 24, 2016 by Diane Martin Ticket purchased from AFerry not honored Complaint Rating: Contact information: Rijeka, Croatia, Croatia / amendment of ferry ticket

Aug 03, 2016

I bought a ferry ticket from for a return dunkirk -dover from 22 to 24 july 2016. Two weeks before this date i contacted their customer service to change my bookings dates to next year since we had problems. They answered that they will charge a 30 euro for the amendment. So i...

AFerry / ticket purchased from aferry not honored

Jul 24, 2016

Jadrolinija reference number: 3358294 AFerry Booking ref.: 7278660 On July 24, 2015, I bought a round trip ticket from AFerry for the Ancona-Split-Ancona ferry. On August 14, I made the outbound trip. When it came time to make the return journey on November 12, 2015, I was refused entry... / ignoring complaints

Jul 10, 2016

I had issues with their website and the wrong information was inputted when making a reservationon the 7th April under ref: 7857342. I contacted them immediately and they advised that it was ok and the changes will be updated at the port, that was wrong advice. On the 30th May I was not... / they sold me a non-existing service

Jul 17, 2012 sold me a crossing from dover, uk to calais, france as foot passengers using dfds ferry line. Turned out, dfds does not accept foot passengers. Instead of at least refunding my fare (£30) they tried to shift the blame. I suffered a great deal of aggravation, a 4 hour delay...

Afeleti Pedro / cancel my premier credit card


I cancel my first premier credit card that you send me, I also received my payment for this card and yet I didn't activate and use it so thats why I request the cancellation of this card. And please will you send me a letter to verify that you cancel this account in case this will...