AETOS Holdings Complaints & Reviews

Aetos Holdings / rude aetos officer at tuas checkpoint

Jun 15, 2019

I am a SG citizen, riding a friend's Malaysia registered vehicle. During the standard vehicle check, a Lance Corporal Azwan was being aggressive and rude. Years ago i remember ICA had customer service rating to ensure all entrants are treated fairly and just. This officer clearly thought i...

Aetos Holdings / molested by security guard

May 31, 2018

I am a foreigner from philippines. I was taking the lift at Changi airport terminal 2. A security guard bumped into me and dropped my purse. I bent down to pick my purse, and felt a rub on my butt and stood up to see the security guard. I was angry and afraid and asked him for his name. He...

Aetos Holdings / security guard @ ica building

May 04, 2018

Im an IT vendor who was at the ICA building this morning for work. I had to change pass and the officer at the desk - lee siew cheong was ridiculously rude to me for no apparent reason. I had placed my IC over the counter top. He took a disapproving glance and shouted at me asking...

Aetos Holdings / security service from hell

Mar 15, 2018

I was at IMH this morning. While doing a favour by returning a misplaced bicycle to the security counter but was misunderstood by 2 young aetos security officers for a bicycle thief. Apparently the guards leave their unlocked bicycles lying everywhere in a mental hospital. Common practice...

Aetos Holdings / protection officer guarding the entrance

Dec 20, 2017

I would like to feedback on 01 chinese lady Protection officer guarding at the entrance of AETOS HQ whom I know since from aetos complex @ west coast. She had been nice all along but today, 20 Dec 2017, I told her that im here for interview and need direction, as it is my 1st time being...

Aetos Holdings / aetos officer approach behavior

Dec 10, 2017

At around 6:20 pm 10-December-2017, I was on the side of the road to the Woodlands Checkpoint (Arrival) ~ Biometic Post, at that time it was heavy rain and I had no rain coat, so I had to stop there, 1 of the Aetos officer told me that I have to go forward in-order do not blocking the...

Aetos Holdings / regards to your personnel with armed.

Nov 18, 2017

incident date: 17/11/2017 i would demand a explanation on what i am going to explain. firstly is your personnel with armed allowed to shout at anybody in public? this incident took place at tai seng area when i just ended work. i was searching for a heavy vehicle parking lot. i realized...

Aetos Holdings / feedback on officer samikkanno

Oct 11, 2017

I'd like to give feedback on aetos' officer samikkanno. I've been traveling singapore for many years now and none of the police/immigration officers had asked me to remove my headphone at singapore customs' scanning and physical inspection. They'd usually ask me to remove mobile and belt...

Aetos Holdings / unethical behaviour to hit quota @ woodlands checkpoint

Jun 28, 2017

On 11/06/2017 afternoon, I was on my way to Johor Bahru with my 4 years old son. As I drove into the passport booth which is on my passenger's side, I have to stretch over to give our passports. I was in a very awkward position therefore I returned to the seat. The next thing I knew, the...

Aetos Holdings / aetos traffic police woodland checkpoint

Jun 20, 2017

Sat, 17Jun 2017 a messy traffic jam before we could reach woodlands checkpoint. We queuing at the same sport from 8.04am to 9.25am, we was near checkpoint but is was not moving at all, finally the car in front of us moved, we follow and slowly reaching the 1st traffic light, it was a green...

Aetos Holdings / complaints regarding a officer at woodland custom.

Mar 12, 2017

Good day in charge, on 13/03/17 around 1230am at woodland custom motorcycle passport scanning counter from Malaysia towards singapore. The machine failed on me after me and my girlfriend scanned our passport . We look around to for any buttons to request for help but to no avail, I ask my...

Aetos Holdings / officer misusing authority

Jan 14, 2017

Received a threat by this officer (Photo attached) at pasir panjang container terminal gate 4 exit on 14 jan 2017 at 2010hrs by saying, complain against me if you can! Afterwhich, provoking me to push him away by trying to lean his body against me. Kept my cool and did not fall into hi...

Aetos Auxiliary Police / rude and trouble making officer

Dec 12, 2016

Dear sir/madam, I would like to feedback and highlight and also bring to your attention about the aetos officer mr cpl 6683 abdul rahim who was causing trouble and acting like an gangster on 12/12/16 around 1130 to 1230 hrs, who was doing his duty at woodlands 4 way traffic junction...

Aetos Auxiliary Police / arrogance and non-standard treatment


I am a tourist and I had recently travelled to singapore. At 9:37 p. M., 30th of april, I was on my way to malaysia when there was a road block near the woodlands exit. There was a member of the aetos auxiliary police there to help reduce the traffic. He let all the singapore cars through but...