AeroMexicowasn't allowed to board the flight

R Oct 01, 2019

Hi, I am Rathi. I was supposed to board my flight from Mexico city to Lima this morning. I arrived at the airport 2 hours before my flight, checked-in my baggage and received my boarding ticket. I went through the security check successfully. I was waiting to board the plane at the gate when the crew told me I needed the immigration form from my previous entry to Mexico. I was told to go out and get the immigration form, and when I did that I wasn't allowed back in without going through the security check once again. I was obviously delayed drastically and finally when I got to the gate, the crew told me I wasn't allowed to board anymore as it was only ten minutes to the aircraft departure. I was told to change the flight and at the counter my flight wasn't allowed to change so I needed to pay 500 dollars now to purchase the next flight. I am so terribly upset with this service. When I got the boarding pass, I wasn't informed of this immigration form. I was allowed to get the boarding pass, check my baggage in and passed through my security checks successfully and yet all these while I wasn't informed of the immigration form and got rejected right few metres from me entering the aircraft. And the airline didn't help at all by asking me to pay 500 dollars when I find this is not my fault at all. If I didn't had the proper documentation why was I even given the boarding pass and allowed to go thru security checks? It's really really upsetting and a horrible experience for me to purchase another expensive air ticket when it isn't my fault. I hope you guys look into this complaint efficiently, thank you.


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