Advantage Rent A Car A Hertz Companyethical behaviour

H Aug 01, 2018

I was assign to work the lot at Hertz's on July 20, 2018 Philadelphia Pennsylvania i works for mls it's a subcontract that do work for Hertz's on above date I was involved in a accident that caused a scratch on a customer car, after reviewing the tape it was determined that I was not at fault and I was told to file incident report in which I did and after that I was told to go home. After further review of the incident report I noticed that's it had words in there that I didn't write, the words that was added in made me at fault. And cause of that I lose my first job right out of high school. And what she did was against law, you can not tamper with force anybody's signure, you can clearly see the two different in handwriting, I will like my job back or I will seek legal assistance. Tyriq Foman. The manager in question I only know her first name Carmen

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