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My complaint, although similar to everyone else concerning the sales tactics and invisible no refund policy, is actually complimentary concerning their Essence product line. Yes, the girl was in the hallway at the Flamingo Hotel, and yes she pulled us into the shop, and yes the smooth talking fake Italian accent guy did his best to convince us to buy today. And yes, I did buy one product for myself and they threw in a bunch of free product for my wife in order to close the deal. I never expected to get any money back, even if the product was junk, as I was in Las Vegas. Come on man, everyone loses their money in Vegas. I was more concerned with actually getting the product as I was having it shipped to my house so I didn't have to carry it on the plane. I used my credit card as a protection for that purpose and not a refund. Well, the Essence Hydrating Cream worked better than described by the sales person. Yes, they made wild claims about it being organic plant stem cells, and that it would restore the elasticity in my skin, and make it smoother. After using it daily for two months, I began to notice that it was doing exactly that. I purchased the product because everything else I had wasted money on, including prescription crèmes, had failed to heal the mystery eczema that appeared out of nowhere on my fingers after I turned 50. The tips of two or three fingers on each hand began to split with moderately deep gashes that would bleed with the slightest contact. Most crèmes and prescription treatments would heal the surface, but not the underlying problem, and the splits would re-occur within a few days. I suffered for nearly 3 years until I started using Adore Essence. It's been 3 years now since I purchased this product in Las Vegas and not only did it heal my hands, but it has restored the skin of my hands and fingers to where it was in my 30s. As a test, I stopped using Adore when after the first bottle and sure enough, in about 6 weeks, the splits were back. I've since ordered additional product through two different Adore dealers - one in Hollywood and one in Florida - at significant savings - about 55 - 60% discount off the list price. I typically purchase more than one bottle at a time, so I usually get a deal that includes a free bottle. On a $200 product, getting 3 bottles for $160 total is very reasonable. I have tried nearly every product on the shelf at Ulta and none work like Adore. I just wish I didn't have to deal with the company's sales people. It just feels so slimy talking to them.
I did some research to verify the company's claims about plant stem cells and skin repair and restoration. It turns out they are not the only ones doing it, and the research results back up some of their claims. If you are able to separate the hype and slick salesmanship from the science, you can see that it does do what they claim it will do. Adore was just the first to productize the plant stem cell technology into cosmetics. They are the same people who productized the Dead Sea cosmetic line, which they will also try to sell you. The salt scrubs are not my thing. I recently tried their men's hydrating product called Newmen. It's about 50% cheaper than the women's product. You actually get a little less product (40 ml vs 50 ml) and, according to the representative I spoke with at Adore, the formulation is different. There is much less Stem Cell botanical in the product and more perfume (which sounds odd for a men's product). It has worked well as an aftershave, but it's no substitute for the Essence Hydrating Cream on my hands. I used it once in the morning after my shower and once in the evening before bed. My hands remain healed to this day. I purchased some small makeup spatulas from Ulta to scoop out the cream from the bottom of the bottle when the pump hose no longer reaches it. I get about 3 to 4 months to a bottle and I just wish I could keep my supplier. Each year when I call to buy more, I have to find a new source. I can't speak to the other products, but plant stem cells worked for me.


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