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Adesso ValveNon payment for delivered materials

We are a dutch small machine factory who has done sub-manufacturing for Adesso Valve in Rotterdam / Dordrecht and after several months we are still unpaid, the owner Piet Hofman is a con man an has more lies in his sleeves than chapters in a book.
We are wondering aloud, how is it possible that people like Piet Hofman can get away with this kind of activities, Adesso cheats, scams and put companies like us in a very bad financial position.

Anybody who has a simular experience ?


  • Rr
    R Rijke Aug 13, 2013

    Piet Hofman laat een spoor aan vernielingen achter overal waar hij zaken mee doet. Dat is nu met Adesso Valves, klanten laat hij vooruit betalen en die krijgen geen materialen, en leveranciers leveren spullen en krijgen niet betaald. Dat geld voor machinefabrieken, leveranciers van onderdelen, gereedschappen, slijpen van huizen en kogels, lasrobots, kranen, constructie, salarissen van voormalige medewerkers. Wanneer de leverancier stopt met leveren dan stapt men over naar de volgende leverancier en zo is het net een piramidespel. Dat deed hij al bij TUC, Violator Motorcycles je kunt een en ander navragen bij Maurits Zimmerman en Hans Boelens die persoonlijk genaaid zijn door Ome Piet bij de Curator, oh nee Piet was al maanden niet meer betrokken bij de zaken !!!
    De curator van De Lange Advocaten kan er een heel boekwerk over schrijven.
    Simpel Advies, als je zaken doet met Adesso, vooraf betalen en niet eerder starten of leveren.

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  • He
    henk G Aug 15, 2013

    Wij staan op het punt om zaken te doen met ADESSO, hoe is het mogelijk dat mensen zoals Arjan Vink en Bert Snippert hier hun goede naam dan aan verbinden ?
    Ik ken Arjan zelfs nog uit zijn Merwede tijd, op deze manier staat toch hun persoonlijke reputatie op het spel ?

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  • Ba
    Badrul Bistaman Aug 19, 2013

    I am a malaysian Engineer and was employeed by Adesso Valves for several months and this company has no business ethics whatso ever, The owner promised me from the beginning that Adesso would issue a working visa for me and that my family could come over and that Mr Pieter personally would arrange all the formalities with the immigration office in Netherlands called IND.
    However now when I have paid the piper and lost everything, my old job and the job with Adesso, I can only say he is a liar and Adesso is a scam company. The only reason why they did all this efforts is because they wanted all the engineering details which I brought with me from Malaysia. After all details will given by me and implemented in the system, Adesso informed the IND that I was working in the company without a valid VISA.
    This is the person who is the owner, how low can you go.

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  • Mn
    MN54 Sep 09, 2013

    I fully agree with the comments of Badrul, I was employed for several months by Adesso on the procurement department and have seen the bad morality. On one side the advance payments of clients are just used to cover expenses and to extinguish some hot fires with suppliers or manufacturers, on the other side manufacturers or suppliers are not paid at all. When the supplier/ manufacturer stops deliveries than we just go to the next one. Clients are supplied with "alternative" grades, with need some "amendments" on the material certificates ! I have seen and experience this by myself and worse case is that although I left for more than 6 months, I still have not been paid my outstanding salary and the same seems to be applicable for other previous collegues.

    Piet seems like a genuine person, however he can tell a lie so convinient that ultimately he really start believing his fairy tales.
    I sincerally warn you, be very, very carefull when you want to do business with Adesso Valve as you probanly have more change at the roulette table, at least there it is red or black.

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  • He
    helmut38 Oct 04, 2013

    I am looking for companies like us who have delivered materials to Adesso and is after many months still unpaid, sick and tired of all the lies, excuses and baseless talking with Piet or other staff. In Adesso. We should join hands, take a Dutch Lawyer and take Adesso to. Court, I rather see him go bankrupt tnan showing of fron our money. I am going to ask the credit insurance to file a claim.

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  • Pm
    pmjh85 Oct 30, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sirs,

    We would like to speak with all companies who have encountered difficulties with Adesso Valve. We would like propose that we unite as one (like helmut38 suggests) and proceed with strong action against Mr Hofman and Adesso Valve.

    Please call Philip on +[protected]. Please note I will not be in office on Friday 1st November due to a national holiday.

    We look forward to hearing from you all. There is much to discuss!

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  • Ku
    Kuniu Yamane Oct 31, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Adesso Valves CV
    Posted: 2012-11-29 by Giovanni-Ciscate

    unpaid bills
    Complaint Rating:

    Contact information:
    Adesso Valve CV

    We are an Italian valve supplier who have trusted the owner Piet Hofman and have delivered approx 300.000 Euro of valves, the invoices are still unpaid while we have seen all excuses in the book. We fear that we may not be paid at all.
    We have heard of many other supplier, manufacturers and service providers that their invoices are not paid and that the final unpaid total can be more than over at least 1 million euro.

    We are taking legal advise to ask the Holland court for bankrupty.
    Please contact us if you have simular experience.
    Bad Business Partners

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    29th of Nov, 2012 by diepstraten
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    I fully agree with your comment, i have paid a large advance payment to Adesso for the delivery of a lot of valves, the advance payment is over 180k and till this very moment we only hear excuses but have not received 1 single valve.

    We have given our case to our lawyer to take legal action as Adesso has used our funds to show off to others by buiding their "crown jewels" it is a lot of ballony and only an very big inflatable ballon where they use the money of clients to full holes in their finances.
    On the other side they do not pay anything to supplers, we have proof that all equipment in their dordrecht plant is unpaid, we fear that it is just a matter of time before the bomb burst and we all loose our money
    30th of Nov, 2012 by Ron-Rotterdam
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    Bij Piet is het altijd al zo geweest dat wanneer hij de laatse bedonderd heeft, het eerste slachtoffer het inmiddels vergeten is. Piet is een gladde prater en weet alles heel mooi in te kleden, ooit heb ik Piet een krediet verstrekt op gefingeerde gegevens, alles wat je kon verdraaien, of in de boeken zetten zgn als debiteur en crediteur alles is gebeurd.
    Het resulteerde in het faillisement van alle drie zijn bedrijven.
    De curator heeft nog steeds de boeken niet gesloten, Piet is een wolf in schaapskleding.
    Een ieder die met Piet of zijn bedrijven is zee gaan komt uiteindelijk bedrogen uit en blijft nmet schulden zitten.

    9th of Jan, 2013 by Alex Wong
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    We are an Malasian small contractor and are fully BumiPutra company, our whole name and reputation was destroyed because Mr Hoffman of Adesso took our advance payment for the urgent delivery of valves for Petronas but even after 10 months not 1 single valve is delivered and we have received a big claim and penalty from Petronas and we might even become blacklisted.

    I would like to warn all companies, please do not thrust what they tell you, check by your own eyes and inspectors, we have paid the proforma invoice, we have not received the materials and they do not answer on e-mails and telephones.

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  • Ku
    Kuniu Yamane Oct 31, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One more post from a Dutch comany about Adesso Valve BV/ Piet Hofman:

    We are a company supplying and dveloping Welding Robots for special applications.
    We have retrieved our lasrobotic arm an machines from the adesso plant in Dordrecht as they were not paying the invoices for month after month, so to secure our company we were left no other option than to get our rights and tools back as our rightfull property.
    We believe that soon Adesso-Valves will be out of business as the whole company is a big bubble and a fantasy of its owner.

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  • Qa
    QA No see Nov 01, 2013

    Ik heb nog een ander stukje techniek voor Ome Piet
    + MRI-scan zet leugenaar in hemd + MRI Scan will identify Liar +


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  • Fa
    Fabio43 Nov 03, 2013

    We have delivered raw materials required to make valve bodies in ASTM A350LF2 almost 1 year ago, since than we have had many telephone conversations with their account department, the buyer and ultimately Piet Hofman.
    We had heard so many lies that we do not even call anymore and want to take legal steps and wish to make a warning on this website to all suppliers, manufacturers and even clients of this SCAM company.

    Our lawyer is now gathering information about clients as our Dutch Lawyer wants to make what they call a derdenbeslag by clients of ADESSO, so if you read this message and maybe if you are a client and want to prevent that companies sucs as Adesso give a very bad name to their industry, than please contact us immediately.


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  • Ho
    Holleederxxxx Nov 04, 2013

    als ik op de naam Piet Hofman zoek en op zijn vorige bedrijven die ook failliet zijn gegaan dan is de vos zijn streken niet verleerd.
    Kijk maar eens op bijvoorbeeld deze link

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  • Lo
    Loes van Zanden Nov 21, 2013

    Het ISO certificate van beide bedrijven van Piet Hoffman waren ingetroken, de certificaten waren ingetrokken doordat zowel Tri_uni als Adesso Valves de rekeningen aan TUV niet hadden betaald, maar als ik zo alle postings bekijk van deze firma's is dat eerder een normale gang van zaken dan een uitzondering.

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  • At
    ATLUK Oct 10, 2014

    My company were mislead and cheated by Adesso and personally by Piet Hoffman in 3 ways;
    They failed to deliver a Valve which we had made a significant downpayment for
    They did deliver some valves which would not function due to poor design
    They stole (this is what it is called to take but not pay...) a large actuator and controls which they ordered from us
    I flew from UK to Rotterdam and sat opposite Piet, who promised to resolve all issues - but had no intention of doing so
    The company is a sham, the owner is a criminal

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  • Ro
    Rogier van Otterlo Nov 18, 2014

    Can anybody confirm that Taco van der Wilde has started working with BSM valves so that we can start legal procedures against him personally as he was one of the con man in the Adesso Team.
    We will try to fillet the chicken and will do it in every way and means.

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  • Br
    Brevnan Feb 03, 2015

    We ordered valves for a project in Russia, the down-payment was made within 1 week after order placement and than it became very silent and Piet Hoffman, Arjan Vink, Bert Snippert, Taco van der Wilde, Karin Swankhuizen and all the other liars hide behind eachother.
    Finally our client forced us to cancell the order and we tried to retrieve our funds, than we had a letter from Piet Hoffman in which he blamed us that the valves were not ready because we needed to make another downpayment.

    This company has invented, lying, cheating and they are all nominated for the most unreliable person in the Netherlands.
    Now they have been taken over, they say, I guarantee that this is another scam trick
    My sincere warning, go to another manufacturer, place orders not by downpayment but via an LC, in that case you both have a guarantee in case something goes wrong.

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  • Gr
    gregor123 Feb 06, 2015

    Wij zitten met ons bedrijf vlakbij Adesso en Tri-uni, afgelopen maandagavond heeft men alle spullen verwijderd die er in het pand aanwezig waren, we hebben van alles naar buiten zien slepen.
    Men zegt dat ze de zaken zeker willen stellen ivm een mogelijk faillissement dat men zelf heeft aangevraagd.

    Dit betekend dus dat de schuldeisers nogmaals genaaid worden.
    Puntje voor een mogelijke curator om eens onder de loep te houden.

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  • Ge
    Gedupeerd Feb 13, 2015

    Ons bedrijf heeft nog ruim 60.000 euro tegoed van werk dat wij hebben uitgevoerd voor Adesso Valves en daar dag en nacht voor hebben klaargestaan, wij weten uit betrouwbare bron dat afgelopen maandag 7 trailers met materialen uit de hallen zijn gehaald en naar een locatie in Barendrecht is gebracht, ik heb het vermoeden naar Nedelko.
    Wij hebben geprobeerd met de curator in contact te komen maar het enige dat deze man op zijn lippen heeft is dat zijn 1e prioriteit een doorstart betreft, dus gezamelijk zijn we allen ons zuurverdiende geld kwijt en Adesso en zijn nieuwe eigenaren zijn de schulden kwijt en hebben eerst de tent leeg gehaald.

    Lijkt mij een knap staaltje wittenboorden criminaliteit.

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  • Pl
    pluiten Mar 16, 2015

    Het schijnt dat een gedeelte van het boevengilde tw Arjan Vink tesamen met Bert Snipper en Simon de Jong het met de curator op een akkoordje hebben gegooid en een doorstart willen maken als CTS valves of zo. Men roept al rond dat men het met API wel even zullen regelen. Dus alle schuldeisers zijn zwaar genaaid en men wil gewoon verder gaan waar ze gebleven waren. Ik hoop dat iemand meer zaken met deze oplichters zal willen doen.

    It seems that a part of the scam team in the persons of Arjan Vink, Bert Snipper and Simon de Jong have made a handslap agreement with the liquidator and try to make a new start under the name of CTS Valves. They are trumping the trumpet that they will make a deal with API. That means that all creditors and clients are screwed and they want to continue like nothing ever happened.
    I sincerely wish nobody ever will do any business with them at all.

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