Acer 32& LCD TV7 warranty services in 2 years still a lemon


September 2006 purchased an Acer atw3201 LCD tv for 1500 dollars with a 3 year warranty 3 months after purchase noticed bottom right hand side of the screen pixelating with eventually over the next few weeks engulfed half the screen when called for the "onsite" service warranty was told I needed to return it to service centre, did that 10 days later unit was returned repaired at least I thought so 14 days later similar pixelation started to service so back it went again this time they replaced "apparently" the LCD panel took 8 days to return and again all was well then 6 months later started to fail on power up and so on and
so with 5 weeks left on a 3 year warranty it's currently back for it's 7 service call told the LCD screen needs replacing again and is on backorder with a tv they no longer produce...refund anyone steer clear of Acer dog of a product and crappy palm off service and support with more barriers to getting a straight answer and result than a politician.

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