AccountNowunauthorized withdrawal


I had just put 40$ on my card to pay a cable bill.
I tried making an online payment to them but was told the transaction couldn't be made.
The next day I make a transaction at store and the 27$ is gone.
I assumed the transaction for cable went through.
A day later I get a notice saying I must make a payment on said bill.
They claim they didn't receive anything.
So where did it go?
I attempted to make a donation to a friends site for 20$.
I was given the "pay with card" or use papal.
I chose "pay with card" and filled out the info.
He never received any money and pay-pal took 10$.
Tried to get an account balance and try to find out where the 27$ went.
And your site claims my 16 digit card number doesn't match the profile or user name.

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