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Account Control Technology / default loan inquiry/bull swaga response

annoyed by ACT on Jul 28, 2017
Today I called ACT to inquire about next steps once an account is in default. I wanted to be knowledgeable so that the proper steps can be taken to correct the status. After rudely speaking over me these unprofessional folks told me that they couldn't answer any questions even though it...

Account Control Technology / overall professionalism and disrespect

Chynadoll09 on Jul 26, 2017
I am currently working at this company and they arw by far the most drama filled ignorant people that exist. Not only is there plenty of favoritism and gossip but also unprofessional supervisors and employees. You will be deceived for the first week until the environment sets in. They half...

Account Control Technology / unethical behavior

steph1428 on May 3, 2017
This company continues to call my cell phone at all hours of the day and night and has recently been calling various family members. I NEVER gave them the numbers of any of my family members. Some of the members they have been calling, I don't even talk to anymore! I had no clue they were...

Account Control Technology / department of education

3ugenio on Feb 15, 2016
This agency is horrible. I have tried calling their number infinite amount of times, and all I get is an endless loop with their automated system in which it asks me to enter my social security number, I enter it, I hear a ring, and then it sends me right back and asks for my social...

Account Control Technology / my tax return

Theresa Fagan (Soliz) on Mar 20, 2014
I have never been more furious in my entire life. Due to hardships I've endured since 2008 and am still enduring, yes I did get behind on my school loan. When A. C. T. contacted me to get me back on track, I was more than willing to make arrangements with them. My payments have been...

Account Control Technology / stalking and harassing me

kina66666 on Mar 15, 2014
I have never heard of this place until they started contacting my place of work 5 times a day. They belittled me and asked for a manager. I couldnt figure out how they could possibly have my number or knew where i worked until I saw they were on linkedin. My profile is public so I know...

Account Control Technology & TSAC / student load

StudentLoansSuckinKY on Mar 21, 2012
So I was called by our HR Dept about a possible garnishment and to my surprise I found that ACT had sent a letter of garnishment to my employer. To make matters worse, ACT had the wrong address, had a phone number from over 15 years ago! They apparently sent the paperwork to the wrong...

Account Control Technology / attempt to settle defaulted student loans

T Sanes on Feb 9, 2012
These people are...ridiculous. In late October of 2011 I contacted ACT. I was aware that my student loans were in default and I was hoping to arrange a payment plan to get them out of default. The first man I spoke to started the conversation with, "well, if you pay the entire loan right...

ACT Account Control Technology Inc / falsifying call to gather info

Madisel on May 10, 2011
866-887-2800 ACT Acct Control Technology Inc P O Box 11750 Bakersfield, CA 93380 Uses the scam of "...put in an application with us..." making the person feel they are a personal reference for a job. Illegal! See #807 part 10 in the FDCPA link http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf STUDENT...

Account Control Technology / harrassing phone call

Femaleflorida on Jan 25, 2011
This account control technology can be sued for harrassment. There are lawyers now that offers free consultation. A representatibe from this company just call anybody that knows me and badically its not hard to google their company and for everyone to know my business not only that they...

Account Control Technology / nondisclosure of information

QueenDonee on Jan 8, 2011
I contacted TG, the holder of my student loan, in late December of 2010. My intentions were to inquire about any options available for me to begin repayment of my student loans. The automated system referred me to Account Control Technology. I contacted ACT the came day with those same...

Account Control Technology / a nuisance to my family

These so called professionals called my daughter, living in another city, to get information about me. They somehow got her cell number, and called her at work. She could get fired if they find out where she works, and call the bank's number. I am disabled, and do not have a job. I...

Account Control Technology / overpaid wage garnishment

For the past year, I have had my wages garnished for over 200 dollars every paycheck to pay off a student loan that went into default. Last week, I received a letter from NSLP that my loan was paid as of 7/15/10. I excitedly called my HR rep to make sure this was true, and she said it wa...

Account Control Technology / employee complaint

I was employed with ACT. I personally did not like the job. I quit. When payday rolled around, I tried to get my check and the head of HR dept. in San Angelo, TX explained to me that because I quit my check was mailed to me from the Corp. Office in CA on a specific date. I waited and never...

Account Control Technology / making it impossible to pay

Im a few years out of college and one of my loans went into default. I called up the original lender, which referred me to the state loan people, which referred me to ACT. When I called them up explaining that I would like to arrange a payment plan, they said my account was under "refusal to...

Account Control Technology / wage garnishment threats

To people with student loans in default: if account control technology informs you that your account is going to be part of a major audit and you will definitely be headed toward administrative wage garnishment at a specific date (Most likely a week or so after you call) call your...

Account Control Technology / harassment

This company continues to call my phone number trying to track down a person, I have never known. I placed 3 calls to their office, and each time a different person tells me they are removing the number from the list "right now", however this sham of a company continues to repeatedly call...

Account Control Technology, Inc. / they are trying to pin a debt onto the wrong person

I have been getting letters from these people asking me to pay a school loan saying they reffered by the US Dept. of Edu. I have sent them proof, through my attorney, that my school loan has been paid in full. My attorney also requested that they send further documentation and was ignored...

Account Control Technology / breach of written agreement

ACT stated in the initial paperwork that individuals may not be in a position to pay the full account balance in a single payment. They claimed to be committed to providing assistance in determining the best resolution to my obligations. ACT claimed that their staff was trained to...

Account Control Technology / taking money out of account

They took money out of my account when they had ample time to stop the payment. They initially said they would reimburse me for fees but they never did. They kept coming up with reasons as to why the mistake was not their fault even though two people confessed to the mistake when it...

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