Academy Bankchecking account


Yes I have been with Academy bank for a couple years now and never had a problem till now, On Sept 28 I was informed that my account had been frozen due to a fraudulent deposit, I have no idea where the deposit came from all I know right now is that my Social Security check went in on Oct 3 which is the only income I have, with the account being frozen it left me with no means to pay my monthly bills and to buy food, which now I am about to lose my car and the place that I rent, If it wasn't for the local food kitchen I would not have been able to eat, So it seems to me that Academy bank does not care about their customers like they say they do, other wise they could have discarded the fraudulent deposit and at least cleared my account so that I could pay my monthly bills, all I am asking is for them to figure out a way to clear my checking account so that I can pay my bills, it has been over two weeks and I have had no results on what they are doing. I would like an answer to all this. Sincerely Peter Looy aka [protected]

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