ABC Cargoshipment not received last 2month


I have placed my Cargo of 27kg weight at ABC cargo Jubai KSA on 29-Sep-12.
Still the cargo is not delivered at the destination after a commitment of max 20-30 days by the courier agency.
Reason they tell that Mumbai custom not clearing the material so it has to be recollecedt and sent to Trivendrum. They are however quick in respond but of no use. Trivendrum office said contact Jubail and Jubail says contact Indian counterpart.
Please support me in getting my delivery of goods ( mostly eatables) . Most of it must have been deteriorated or rodent eaten in custom warehouse.
Please contact me at [protected] if anyone can help in this regard.


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    Joy john antony May 03, 2013

    My father had sended 44 kg eatables and some kids item from jiddah to cochin last march 2013
    But till didnt recice that goods from abc, their service is very bad .they never take calls alwys being in busy tone.most of my goods will perish i think
    Sols help me fr getting my goods
    Joy john cochin

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