Abans.comdefective product/ poor customer care service.

C Jul 30, 2019

Purchased a fridge from abans duty free on 22.07.2019. For us$ 575 (rs 100, 625/=). To my horror it did not cool. Abans service dept checked the fridge and stated it is a gas leak. Had to request for a replacement. Replacement approved. But sent from pillar to post to get the replacement fridge delivered.
Duty free manager asks, if the packing is in order, to send the replacement fridge! Who keeps packings??? You need to send a packing to transport the defective fridge. It is not the responsibility of the customer. You sold a defective product.
You need to ensure your products are in good order and train your staff for an efficient and customer friendly service.
Least expected to purchase a brand new fridge with gas leak, and the worst customer care service ever, from a reputed company.
I will not shop at abans ever again.

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