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On February 10, 2009 at 1:45 PM I brought my 1989 Nissan Pickup into AAMCO Transmissions for an estimate to fix the 3rd gear sticking. Firestone had inspected the vehicle earlier and determined that the transmission had a "synchro problem" but could not give an estimate as they do not repair transmissions. I thought this might be a fix within $100.

The AAMCO representative (Rob) informed me he could perform a free estimate, but I would have to leave truck with him. I explained the diagnosis from Firestone but he would not give me ANY idea of the repair cost involved. If he had said it would cost $2000, I would have said I must wait since I don't have the money.

He called Enterprise car rental and said they would pick me up in 10 minutes. Working as an independent contractor, I called my client to let them know I would be a few minutes late for our 2:30 PM appointment. After 40 minutes I told Rob I would just come back another time. Instead, he said he called Hertz and they would be there in 5 minutes (another delay tactic). At 2:45 PM a car from Enterprise arrived and the manager told me he told Rob that they were short handed and that it would take at least 30 minutes to pick me up. Clearly, they or Rob were lying. Since I was delayed so long from this deceit, it appears I will probably lose my work income (I now need to pay for this)!

After leaving the truck at AAMCO, Rob called me and said the repair would cost $650 in total labor of which $395 was to take the transmission apart to diagnose. What happened to my free estimate? Now my truck was torn apart and I was held hostage. Electing NOT to repair the truck would still mean I have to pay $400 just to get it back with NO repair! Then he said the parts will cost $1313 so the total with tax is $2072. I asked Rob if I could just get a rebuilt transmission put in for less money, but said it would cost more (which was a lie). I found a complete rebuilt transmission I could have bought on the internet with a 12 month warranty for $550 which would have reduced my cost dramatically which is how I learned Rob lied to me! Before leaving AAMCO Rob told me the transmission work they did only had a 90 day warranty. So I was lied to so they could charge me even more! When I explained I don't have $2000 dollars he offered to extend credit for the repair.

My truck was now torn apart, I have no transportation for work, and I am held hostage by AAMCO. I reluctantly agreed to get the truck fixed as inexpensively as possible. Rob said the truck would be ready Friday morning. By late Friday morning I called Rob and he said they were still working on it. I called twice more that afternoon with the same reply. Finally Rob says the truck would be ready Saturday morning at 10 AM (2-14-09). By 10:30 AM Saturday, I decided to drive to AAMCO to see what was going on. The rental had to be returned before noon so I would not be charged for a whole weekend versus the already extra fourth day.

Rob then said the Master Cylinder (which looked to be new) was bad and had to be replaced. The Master Cylinder had been replaced within the last year so this seemed very odd. I asked for the part but did not receive it. When I was presented with the bill (now for even more money!), I gave him a coupon I received from for $100 off any rebuilt transmission. I had called AAMCO and was told that any AAMCO shop would honor the coupon. Rob said he had "already given me an $81 discount, " but he would extend a $19 credit on any future service. I said that would not be very useful since it was unlikely I would ever be back. He refused to honor the coupon from AAMCO at all.

After driving home in my truck that reeked of grease and oil, I also discovered grease on the car seat cover, steering wheel, gearshift, and floorboards. I took the truck for a test drive on Sunday 2-15-09 and have learned that I now have no turn signals and a whining sound when the transmission is in neutral. and the 1st and 2nd gears stick so bad that I was practically hit in traffic when I was in an intersection and the transmission would not engage.

In conclusion, I was originally lied to so I would not leave AAMCO and now my work, I have been forced into a repair I cannot afford, given credit I cannot pay, required to keep (and pay for) a rental car longer than I was originally told, refused a discount provided by AAMCO and was left with a filthy truck interior with no turn signals and a broken transmission! Since I was trapped into fixing the truck without a choice, I would like to officially claim my 3 day right of rescission as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission, cancel any credit extended, return what has been done and get my money back. But, I have learned the owner refuses to acknowledge any requests I have made in this matter.

After this, I would not recommend AAMCO to anyone except my worst enemy.


  • Ge
    Gerard Edwards Oct 02, 2018

    Aamco 5911 Chimney Rock Road
    Houston, Texas 77081

    Around the middle of July we took our Buick Enclave into Aamco for two lights that were on. One light was a traction control and the other was the C/E light. We left the vehicle. They called back and had a laundry list of different things that had nothing to do with the original complaints. They said the transmission was bad, brakes, cooling system, catalyst system and rear wheel sensor. None of those complaints were present before dropping the vehicle off. Definitely the transmission was not jumping or missing. They said they were going to charge around $3000 for everything. I said that my wife and I would discuss some things and would call back. When we called back they increased the price to over $4000. I decided that we would not get the work completed so we would come pick the car up. Ron Smith stated that they already ordered the transmission from out of town so we could not come pick it up because they already paid for the transmission and they would loose money. "Go figure." It didn't make sense. My wife stated to let them fix car since we were out of town due to our son's injuries. We returned to Texas and paid for the repairs hoping all was well. Found the inside of the car was very dirty, running very loud and jerking while driving. We told manager at Aamco about the problems. He advised that the car is under warranty, drive it for a while and they would repair any problems.

    On 08/08/18, one week later we returned car and told them the car was still running very loud and still jerking while driving. In addition the steering was hard and it would shift hard when put into reverse. They advised there were other problems having nothing to do with the previous repairs.

    Took it to the dealership they had advised the power steering pump vein was scorched. Apparently, when Aamco worked on it they had burnt the lines to the power steering pump. Dealership also said the motor mounts were grounding out, new catylitic converter but down sprout cracked and leaking exhaust fumes where the new catylitic converter is connected. We were advised to return problems back to Aamco for corrections since we spent so much money with them. Returned car back to Aamco. Ron Smith and Beal, advised that they were not going to fix anything. It was not their problem. They talked to us real nasty and like we were second class citizens. We spent a lot of money and the only thing we wanted was our car fixed and to treated with dignity.

    I advise anyone to never take your car to this Aamco at 5911 Chimney Rock Road, Houston, Texas 77081. They will trick you. Speak nicely, price changes upwards, hold your car hostage and will not stand behind their work. They are not trustworthy. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Your car will come in with minor problems and leave with major problems. Please, please, please do not take your car to this shop. I beg you!!!

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  • Do
    don moffatt Aug 27, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    don't go to Victorville aamco. I took my truck in under warranty and even with a paper from another shop that showed a trans. problem they said it was the alternator. they put in a rebuilt for 388.00. Also my truck was broken into and they will do not nothing.

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  • Dr
    Dre_t_m Aug 24, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My check engine light came on and I took it to aamco for the diagnostics test, to see what it was. I left it there for 5 hours, after making an appointment for first thing in the morning. When I went to pick it up, they said it was an O2 sensor, would not put which one it was on the invoice, and explained that it would be $220 + tax. I decided to take it for a second opinion, just to make sure. It turned out that there was a hose disconnected and nothing wrong with the O2 sensor! I would have never known and would have paid all that money for something that was not wrong. Great to know there are other honest companies out there.

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  • St
    STALWART22 Aug 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had my car toed to them and had the radiator replaced and they couldn't get it started again after that and didn't know why. The toeing was supposed to be free because it was within the 15 miles radius, but it wasn't. They charged 60 for it and wouldn't take that off the bill. Then they try and fix the trans because it was leaking and left all sorts of mess in the trans afterwards. I took it there 12/18/08 and it took them till 12/23/08 to fix the car all the while with horrible communication skills. 9, 000 miles later my trans almost blew if I didn't catch it and take out all the substance that was left in it. I.E. gasket pieces cloggin the filter and metal shavings. By the way, the gasket for the filter was put on BACKWARDS!! That is the only reason it lasted so long though... is all I can figure and so... thanks for messing that up?!? All I had done was the radiator to be replaced and trans flush/filter/refill... all costed $500!!! Needless to say, these guys are a joke in accordance to professionalism and work ethics. DO NOT GO HERE

    This was on an Automatic 2001 Plymouth Neon

    AAMCO Transmissions
    940A West Liberty Rd
    Medina, OH 44256

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  • Ha
    Hamler Aug 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had taken my car to Aamco to have the transmission replaced in July. They gave me a quote that seemed a little high and I couldn’t afford it at the time, so I bought a transmission with a 101 day warranty and took it to them to install. They told me it would take about a week till they could get around to it.

    I was fine with that except I called everyday and they kept telling me it would be done tomorrow. After a week and a half, the guy tells me that transmission wouldn’t work, because it was $1, 100 and a 30 day warranty but they wouldn’t put it in writing.

    I drove it for 5 days and then it started making all these noises. I took it back to them and they said the trans. was fine but it needed an axle and a bunch of other parts. Bill $600. By the way, the I was dealing with previously was fired or quit or something. Drove the car for a week and the trans. Left me stranded 2 hours away from home.

    Had a tow it to Aamco. They said there was no warranty on any of the previous work and were going to charge $450 just to look at it. I argued with the guy for about an hour and didn’t get anywhere. I had a tow truck come and get the car. Ended up paying $1700 and was without a car for 2 months.

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  • Ro
    rolopolo Aug 03, 2016

    I took my 95 F-150 in because I was told by my regular mechanic that 2nd gear was going bad. Matt the employee told me after they done there test that I needed to repair all of the transmission. I advised him I had no money and bad credit. He said no problem if your credit doesnt go thru we can in house you for the credit. He said it would be around $800 to $1000 no more. I said no big deal. So like an idiot I let him talk me into signing the paper work. After a while he called and said credit declined if I had a co-signed. I asked my brother which has great credit. He sienged for me. Matt told me that it would cost $2459.00 now to fix. I paid no attention to it. My brother was declined due to his pay check was enough to pay his bills and not mine if i defaulted. So then I told Matt to quit messing with it and put it together well lo and behold now it cost me $350 to put back together and it has to be cash no credit card nor check. After a while I get a call from GM Ken he said he will lower my bill to $1600. on a fleet discount. My boss finally said get my truck and go to his mechanic of choice. Oh by the way I was told it would take a day long to put my transmission back together and it would probably not run. When I took it in there running just finr except the 2nd shift. Dont go to this place its a RIPPPPPPPPPPP OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...

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  • Ha
    Hategettingscammed Aug 03, 2016


    I purchased the 3 year warranty after getting my transmission fixed on my Pontiac G6 at Aamco in Jacksonville at 8721 Atlantic Blvd.

    Only 9 months later, my transmission broke down again and I went back to Aamco to get it redone. They DIDN'T HONOR THE WARRANTY and REFUSED TO FIX MY TRANSMISSION. They claimed that the parts were faulty and that they are not responsible for the quality of 3rd party suppliers.

    After arguing with them back and forth for hours and hours, they continued to refuse to honor my warranty. I had spent $800 on this 3YR extended warranty and they STILL REFUSED TO HONOR MY WARRANTY.

    I ended up taking my car to another transmission shop and had to pay over $2500 to get it redone.


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  • steve cavrich Aug 03, 2016

    gary otto sucks lying ###

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  • La
    Laberde Aug 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Took vehicle in transmission gone 6/1/11. Did a complete rebuild for $2495.00. Picked up car 6/17/11 Didn't get 10 miles up I95 and transmission went bad again. Yesterday 7/10/11 transmission blew seal and was so hot it set vehicle on fire. Had to call fire department. Service was totally worthless. Now have to pay to rebuild transmission again and repair fire damage. Call me [protected]. Of course I was stuck on the highway in the middle of a long distance trip and didn't have the advantage of being able to ask for referrals and wasn't familiar with any other transmission businesses in the area. My encouragement is that you don't go to Aamco and especially this one in Titusville. They don't seem to be very good at repairing transmissions.

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  • Pa
    Pam Edwards Jul 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I contacted AAMCO transmissions because they advertised free diagnostic test. I had my towed in for the test and had to decline the service due to limited funds. I informed the person that performed the test that I was declining the service and will have the tow truck pick up my vehicle the following day.The following day I arrived at the shop before the tow truck driver arrived but I did not inspect my vehicle because I did not think that I needed to. When the tow truck arrived this is when I saw my vehicle in the back behind the gate with the hood open and I brought it to the attention of one of the employees. He said that the tow truck driver could close it. I thought to myself why was it the job of the driver to close the hood and not the employee. The driver closed the hood and proceeded to load my vehicle onto the flat bed. Once we arrived at my home and the driver unloaded the vehicle I noticed that the driver's window was down and wanted to roll it up before it rains. I got inside my vehicle and could not believe that my vehicle was not returned to its original condition but parts and wires were all of over the place. I contacted the shop and spoke with the person that performed the test to let him know that I cannot roll up my window because parts and wires were all over the place which prevented my vehicle from turning on. He said that they got really busy and that he will send someone to my home. I waited 3 hours before I called the shop again and spoke with the same person and he said that they were really busy and he will send someone shortly. This time someone did arrive 30 minutes later to place the wire and parts that were on my seat and floor back in position. Also, I asked for a vehicle repair quote but received a multi-point inspection with illegible writing on it and two costs. The clerk or secretary that was at the desk asked the person that did the diagnostic test what was the results of the test and he told her that the fuse planed was bad. At that point she wrote it on the sheet and circled the repair costs.

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  • Mi
    Mitsubishi3000GT_Ivy Oct 21, 2013

    On June 29th of 2012 I took my car to the AAMCO in Chandler because my transmission was slipping and I couldn't get it into gear. They charged me $700 to take apart the transmission and told me I needed to have it rebuilt, which would cost me $2999 with a 5 year warranty. I was hesitant because it was such a hefty price, but they told me if they did no work I would have spent $700 to get the car back in the same shape- I ended up paying them the $2999. A couple months later I experienced the same issue so I took it back to them and this time when I got the car back I had trouble starting the car and found out later from AutoZone that my battery terminals were loose! AAMCO tightened the terminals and sent me on my way. Now it is a little over a year later and car once again will not go into gear so I called AAMCO and notified them I'd be bringing the car back for a third time. When they called me to pick up my car they told me that I needed to replace my front CV axles as there is a leak, and that they could not do the warrantied service on my transmission until I paid them $977 to replace them!!! As of now I'm having my car diagnosed by another shop to see what exactly is going on with my car, but I have to say I feel like I'm being/have been shafted! After reading all of these reviews I'm almost certain of it! I would DEFINITELY not recommend AAMCO to anyone after this!

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  • Ra
    Raimok Oct 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wanted to charge me $600+ for a "bad" alternator that is still working fine after 2000+ miles, when the Turbo unit was bad!

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  • Kg
    kgt69 Feb 10, 2011

    Ok. People like this one is the reason I got out of the business and moved back north. I tried to do people right and give them great value, but had to sell my equipment to move back north! These [censor]s are lucky anyone with a real shop is willing to do business with them. The "Floridiots" were just too stupid for me to handle anymore. I haven't even read every complaint, but I bet they all stem from some rusty trailer park [censor] not having the money to fix their car correctly, and the anger is directed at the poor [censor] trying to help these losers, not the damaging life mistakes that have left them broke as the beater they drive "mosey's" on...
    First of all the LAST thing anyone would do is use a rental car delay for deceipt! I always wanted them there ASAP to get your broke whiny [censor] OUT OF MY SHOP! If anything they were pissed the rental place took so long, and I screamed at them when they finally got your wimpering [censor] out of there, for taking so long!
    Next, quit your crap about the "free estimate". Aamco pissed me off because they ate my lunch with the free crap they do too much of, but the last thing they do is offer a free estimate you [censor]. Nobody does that without a visual inspection by removing the unit without OBVIOUSLY giving you a price (395.00), which is stupidly less than I charged.

    You found a rebuilt unit for 550.00? I'm sorry sir, this is not Myanmar, Haiti, or Honduras. No you may not buy my sister for cheap either. [censor].
    I was really heartbroken to hear how your cherry mint 89 Nissan pickup got some grease on it. That's a shame. Sure your buddy Ted from high school didn't accidentally spray some crap on it while drunk in the woods after Golden Corrall??
    They really offered to finance it for you too? And you [censor]ed??
    PLEASE entertain us all and tell us what kind of "clients" they made you miss. I know everyone was counting on your cow-manure-89-nissan-pickup to save the day. What a [censored]!!! I hate AAMCO almost as much as you!

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  • Pi
    Pissed off @ Dec 31, 2010

    These people are the biggest scam artist.They will scam you off your money.They will lie to your face!I was told I needed transmission rebuilt.They told me that pieces of metal were found on the transmission oil stick.That for them to determine the internal damage they would have to bring down the transmission for $430.Don't let them do this! This how they lie and keep you car hostage.Steve will tell you a bunch of bull and Orlando the owner will tell you more bull.Steve is payed extra in commisions to add repairs that will never be done or replaced.Just search other complaint sites and you will see a long history with the same practices.I payed the so called free trans scan and went to a local transmission shop.I was told they found no metal and that all it needed was an oil change.They recommended a new trans filter.The workers are told to lie to get bonuses.I am contacting all former customers so we can sue them.Also I have spoken to a former employee and he told me that he had to scam people in order to keep his job.If you have any issues call your local the Attorney General.Don't believe the BBB certification, they know how to lie to them also.I will make sure to keep other consumers informed on all web blogs of these thieves

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  • Ja
    Jaminjim Nov 01, 2010

    Has anyone sued these guys? and if so can you please contact me. I am in a similar situation with that shop. If you used a lawyer, give me his number. Thanks @[email protected]

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  • Ba
    BANANDAR123 Oct 29, 2010

    To be fair, the diagnostics test pretty much just gives them a code that indicates the location of the problem, not the *source* of the problem. In other words, the disconnected hose probably prevented the oxygen sensor from doing its job correctly. The Firestone guys usually just go by what code they are given by the scanner.

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  • Ha
    Haffery Oct 14, 2009

    If you have the old parts they replaced you could take them to another mechanic and get another opinion. You may have cause to make a small claims case against them if you feel like you were miss led i.e. they made repairs that weren't needed or if the car wasn't fixed, mechanical problem not resolved or if it is running worse. You could also have another mechanic inspect their repairs (more money).

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  • Da
    David Apr 29, 2009

    AAMCO, South Shore area, MA - a real rebuilt or rip off job ?

    My 2002 Ford Econoline E150 Cargo Van has 110k miles on it, it was use for a home pickup and delivery for dry cleaning, nothing heavy duty. Started last year, My transmission shifted a bit late when cold but works ok when it's warm, and I took it to my regular mechanic for other problem and mention the late shift problem, and when I pick up the van, it was shifting fine again, asked the garage owner what he had done, and he told me he had added some transmission fluid and that's all.

    Early this year(Winter) the same problem came up and I thought I can fix the problem by adding some transmission oil, but it does not seem to work, that lead me to believe the transmission is bad since the van has 110k miles on it, So I brought the car to the AAMCO shop, right across from my Dry Cleaner, since they are "the transmission specialist", and they say in the web site they have this transcan for free, so I bought my Van to them and have them check out the transmission. After a test drive, the manager said the van, was shifted late in all gears, which is what I told him, and then he proceed to say he need to open the transmission to check out what the problem is and it would cost around $450 check out to find out the problem area, and it would be cost that much whether I have it fix or not, like a fool, I let them go ahead and do the "check" and after the check they said some part of the transmission is mess up and the transmission needed to have be rebuild and that would cost around $1700, but they might need to replace the "torque convertor" that might or might not needed but would be about another $300 to $400 bucks.

    I brought the car to the shop on 4/3/2009 Friday, at Noon, and the manager say I can have it back on late Monday and Tuesday the latest.

    On Monday, I got a call from him stating that I need the torque converter and other parts and that will be another $600 bucks, I have no choice but have him go ahead with it. Since I need a van to delivery my cleaning back to my customers, I have to borrow my Cleaner's van for the delivery, It just happen to be that my Dry Cleaner is right across the street from that AAMCO shop, and it was a little after 6:00pm, the AAMCO shop had already closed but the van was sitting at the lot on the right side of the shop. I think that's kind of strange.

    And then come Tuesday, I had not had any call from the shop about picking up the car, but instead at around 5PM, I got a call from my cleaner's worker saying that she saw them just brought the car in the shop and that the car was sitting at the lot the whole day on Monday(which I had noticed) and all day Tuesday, and that other workers in my dry cleaner also noticed that the car was parked on the shop front lot facing the street on Saturday. That got me suspicious and I call the manager when can I pick up the car and he told me I can get my car back in the morning and they had spend more than 16 hours rebuilding the transmission. Came Wednesday, got a call from him at a little after 10am saying that the car was done. That seem to be really fast for getting a transmission rebuild since they close at 6pm and open at 8am, so they spend 3 hours total in getting the transmission fix it seem ?

    The fact that the car sit in the lot for that whole time got me really suspicious. The only problem was late shift when cold, there's no noise or anything when shifting just delay in shifting. But I remember the manager mention 3 times to me that the transmission fluid should be change "EVERY YEAR", but I don't really pay attention to it, but now that I think back, I think what I really needed is just a transmission fluid change, since I had not had a transmission fluid change for the whole 110k miles since I brought the car.

    Since I know nothing about transmission. Based on the description does it seem like transmission fluid change was all I need or do I really needed a transmission rebuild job?

    I had done some research on the Ford E150 and didn't noticed any issue with the transmission for that car, but ton and ton of complaint on the deceptive practices that AAMCO used in ripping off the general public, I am a small business owner and am really struggling to make end meet at this economy and $2300 is a Hugh amount which I really cannot afford at this time.

    If this seems like a rip job what should I do? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Mar 19, 2009

    I took my 2003 Chevy Silverado to AAMCO in Kissimmee, FL to have the tramsmission repaired. I was given an estimate much lower than what it turned out to be which was approximately $3200.00 but that's not my issue as they rebuilt it and I have a 12 month warranty. My issue is that I have had it to them 6 additional times since September for the transmission. I only drove the vehicel for a week in November and a week in December, the other months I drove it daily. Well... not daily as it was in the shop each month. Two weeks ago when I had it to them, they fixed the transmission again, but also said that the U joints needed to be replaced and if I didn't do that then they couldn't honor the warranty on the transmission as it would effect the performance, so I had them replaced. Today when I had it to them I was told it was the mass airflow sensor and the mechanic proceeded to show me how bad of shape it was etc.. Then I told him that I just had it replaced, he said that it couldn't have been and asked where I had it done, well he was a bit surprised when I said there and showed him my receipt as I was billed for it. They repalced it today under warranty, but it didn't fix the problem. Then I was told it was the transfer case. I believe they just don't want to continue to fix the vehicle under warranty and they obviously don't know what they are doing. I had the vehicle to them 7 times in 7 months. I am taking it to another garage tomorrow for a second opinion. I would also love to know if they put new parts in my transmission and if they really replaced the U joints.

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  • Ch
    Charlie Mar 18, 2009

    Dear ken, I am a former private detective currently investigating similar matters with, or any other reader are invited to contact me at [email protected] to discuss your options in this matter! Charlie

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  • Jo
    John Ädäms Apr 10, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Charlie Do you know of any investigations on the aamco on moreno Valley...I'm getting the run around after paying 4700 + 3rd time back in their shop after crappy shifting problems...mind you they just rebuilt the tranny...

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  • Fl
    FL Car Driver Mar 17, 2009

    I completely agree with this complaint. I had an eerily similar experience with the folks at Aamco in Kissimmee, FL in 2007: from the lies about how soon the car would be ready (I went through 6 weekly promises), the greasy interior, even the "collateral damages" of a broken CV axle boot (they ripped it when they took the transmission out) and front wheels that needed to be aligned. They did such a sloppy job that my transmission won't shift beyond 2nd gear. They even lied about why my check-engine light wouldn't stay off. I finally took my car to the dealership and had to shell out another $2300 to finally have the transmission fixed.

    I don't trust any Aamco franchise at all. My mother-in-law was charged $325 by the Aamco in Jacksonville, FL for replacing ignition coils that didn't make her car problems go away. When she brought her car back to them, they told her that the *other* ignition coils have gone bad (not the the ones they replaced earlier), so she had to pay another $300+.
    Calling the central Aamco complaint line during the time my car was being held hostage didn't help, but the lady at the home office (I believe it's somewhere in the heartland) was really responsive and sympathetic. When the Kissimmee folks heard about it, they got upset and I believe they deliberately took 1 week longer to punish me for telling on them. (It could have been longer had I not insisted that they start paying for the rental car!)
    Because of this unbelievably brazen reaction to criticism and their technical incompetence, I decided not to take my car back to them for the CV boot and the alignment (they actually told me to take it somewhere else to have the front wheels aligned).

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