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Xlibris / failure to refund money for services not rendered (Complaint)

David M. Smith Mar 11, 2017

One of the other companies, Outskirts Press, has since published my book without changes and without incident. Xlibris has refunded only $549 of the $949 it charged me. It is retaining $400 as a "manuscript evaluation fee. " Before I signed on with Outskirts, they provided a thoughtful manuscript evaluation for $35 and assured me that the issues flagged by Xlibris were not, in fact, valid issues...

Outskirts Press Parker CO / Not very responsive and doesn't seem to be organized or coordinated to well! (Complaint)


I;ve contacted Outskirts to publish my book over 2 years ago. The original contact (Jaime Belt) does free lance work for Outskirts and she took a long time responding to my correspondence (maybe as much as a month between messages. I finally signed a contract (over a year ago) to have my b...

Greentree Homes Winnipeg Manitoba / rips off workers (Complaint)

suzie.900 Nov 7, 2013

Greentree Homes rips off workersGreentree Homes Scam
Brenda Collins The Hairless Snatchsquatch
240 River Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0B4
On the outskirts of Winnipeg lives a 6ft 5in hairless Snatchquatch named Brenda Collins
A mean grumpy, mad tempered, evil beast with her troll s...

CreateSpace / Scammers (Complaint Comment)

R. Severs Dec 18, 2012

OUTSKIRTS PRESS SCAM: The 9 months experience of deception, delay, needless repetition, waiting, so called “misunderstanding”, lack of consideration for my input, intent to do harm all seem to be an attempt to have me give up on the publishing of my book. This book was to be a follow-up of my first book in 2007 and was to be of the same format and follow the same guidelines of the first book...

Outskirts Press Mantua New Jersey / Book Publishing (Complaint Comment)

Elise L. Connors Dec 23, 2011

of Author Support at Outskirts Press. We encourage all of our authors to purchase our copy editing services - during that time, a copy editor goes through your work with a fine-toothed comb. Of course, our editors are human so there is still a small margin of error. However, our production team is responsible for taking your manuscript (assuming that it has already been edited if you didn't purchase our services) and formatting it into a book that can be printed...

Outskirts Press Mantua New Jersey / Book Publishing (Complaint)

Its Him Dec 22, 2011

I published with them back in 2007. What I did not like is that when I was asked to submit changes, I made a couple of simple mistakes and re-submitted for publication. Now, you would think that the person entering those changes would have noted the simple mistakes as a favor and made them...

Authorhouse Bloomington Indiana / fraud (Complaint Comment)

Les Davenport Oct 14, 2011

scam-operation, I published with Outskirts Press and asked AuthorHouse to pull my book from their printer and off all websites. I had to threaten to sue them before they replied and said they'd comply. Four months after the fact, they were still printing and selling my book. I took them to court in Illinois...

CreateSpace / Scammers (Complaint Comment)

DimitraEkmektsis May 1, 2011

Go to Outskirts Press instead. They actually will sell your book, and also treat you in a professional manner. I hope Createspace gets enough complaints so that they go out of business!...