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Mods are senseless low IQ / low class troll bullies - to be seen to be believed

The moderators like BigA, TygerKat, etc, have a severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder; a pervasive pattern of grandiosity and self-importance, need for admiration, and lack of empathy. All are rude and make no sense.

Disrespect, anger, hostility, arrogance & aggression is what they live for so you can just imagine what these creeps look like in real life.

These bullies attempt to gives away their shame by denigrating you and use this holier-than-thou behavior as a way to feel good about themselves. Challenged goofs.

They "Provide No Value" to the site and quash usable information & bully people in an attempt to preserve their inflated egos. One could swear they work for the telemarketers and scammers.

I use any other site than these poor excuse for human beings'. 800 Notes will be history some day and these losers will suffer in life due to their totalitarian and challenged mentality in poetic justice.

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