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Plus Complaints & Reviews / gas

May 16, 2018

Let's discuss this group of [censored] running this gas station, shall we? 15900 tualatin Sherwood Rd Sherwood or. 97062 Pulled in, had credit card, said to chick, " 20 bucks regular please" chick says, " we only do fill ups at the pumps with a credit card. You have to go...

76 Gas Station / service & invalid gift card i purchased

Jun 07, 2015

I went to purchase gas with a gift card that I purchased back in December 2014 & I still had the receipt that I paid. The clerk working there said the gift card had anything on there & there was nothing she could do about it we have to talk to the manager & to leave the gift card I asked...

76 gasoline credit card / Cancellation of credit card account.

May 29, 2015

After months of phone calls to "76", regarding a refused electronic payment of $45.00, the company closed my account, even though the bill had already been paid and there was a zero balance. Their financial arm is Synchrony Bank and you never know who you're really talking to. It...

76 / bad gas

Sep 07, 2011

I filled up my car with premium gas at 76 gas station in Patterson, CA. My car started to make ticking noise but was still drivable. I took it to dealer and they told me I have severe engine damage. They tested the gas and determined that it has some contaminant. I am looking for anyone...

76 Gas Station / Rip off

Aug 30, 2011

I went in to put gas on my card and paid with my card. When the tank was filled the pump stopped but that was not what happened the Total and gallon screen showed the numbers kept going up. I had the already placed the hose back in the pump. When I spoke to the attendant she and the...