50 Dollar LogoRIP OFF!!! 50 LOGO IS A SCAM

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*beware 50 dollar logo is a scam!!! *

I ordered a logo from 50 dollar logo on july 15th 2009. I paid extra for 24hr turnaround time for my fist 6 samples, and black and white options. I was supposed to pay a total of $109 dollars. They charged me for $122.37. When I questioned them as to why. They claimed that they didn't over charge me. When I sent them a screen shot of my bank statement and said "yes you did over charge me" I never heard from them again. They did send me several revisions of my logo and appeared to be making progress; all though the revisions were not completed in 24hrs as promised by their website. When the charges came through on my bank statement and they denied that they had over charged me that was the last straw. I asked for my money back. There website claims a 100% money back guarantee for any reason no questions asked. We'll it's been over a week now and they will not respond to my e-mails. I have sent them 4 or 5 e-mails and they appear to be ignoring me. They did not complete my logo. Nor did they send me the logo files on how far they had come. They have completely cut me off. So in essence they have stole $122.37. I have received nothing for my money. Zero, zip, zilch! I even e-mailed and say hey i'll still work with you (because I have no other option at this point, they are holding my money hostage) let’s get this figured out. They will not respond and there is no phone number to contact them by. Because of this my review is scam!!! They have stole $122.37 from me and given nothing in return!


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      Aug 30, 2009

    A reputable business will show you samples before you pay!!! Do not go with thes guys!!!

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      Aug 28, 2017

    Unfortunately I can confirm the same!! I have used a number of times in the past few years but this last time they indeed took my money and never even border to reply to me. It is a shame because I will not waste any opportunity to bad mouth them from now on. It is confirmed - they are a SCAM!! It makes me so angry that they are there ripping random people off. PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THEM AS THEY ARE NOT HONEST BUSINESS PEOPLE!!

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