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About a month ago..tried to place an order with 4RX, but no luck..first when i entered my CC information it did not go through i kept receiving this error message that my credit card info was wrong...then i tried my friends CC and got the same error. which is NONSENSE!!!

So i went in to their live chat, chatted with one of their agents, and he/she said to send them a copy of my credit card to them YEAH RIGHT LIKE I WOULD DO THAT!!

i went to check my email and ushh...FOUND AND KEEP SEEING MANY SCAM EMAILS!!! wanting me to order and such. so much spam im getting that it does not stop! it pisses me off because its my first time buying online and i get this crap now?

first can't place order online, then im been asked to send them a copy of my CC and then i get spam emails?
this is crazy!

I did find a real great online pharmacy...so i guess i wont be ordering from 4rx..well i mean i WONT try to :)


  • Mi
    mike Feb 10, 2009

    I used to order from unitedpharmacies for some years (Finpecia, Dutas, Minoxidil, generic viagra and more). I found 4rx to have good prices on some of the products and gave it try, these guys are amateurs and it took them over a month to deliver (3 times !). A friend recommend me of pharmagin.com and I've been ordering from them for the last 6 months, they have the best prices over the net and sell genuine generics that works for me from leading brands like Dr. reddy's, cipla, ranbaxy. Their Dutas/finpecia/Caverta and minoxidil are legit.


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  • Ad
    adamb20 Feb 14, 2009

    do not order accutane from 4rx.com its fake. i know this because i was taking 40mg per day of real accutane from the hospital for 6 weeks and my lips etc were dried right up. i orderd refils from 4rx and took them for a week. my skin went totally back to normal and as this is the seconds time taking accutane i knew this was the same thing that happens when coming off accutane. therfore i know that the tablets from 4rx are FAKE. spread it around as much as you can, they shouldnt get away with this.

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  • Ga
    ga411 Feb 18, 2009

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!!! The medicine may be fake or not for I cannot confirm it. I do know that once you order from them you will receive up to 50 spam emails daily. Find another source! -Alan

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  • Jo
    JoeTheRoofer Mar 28, 2009

    I recently placed an order with 4rx.com. I immeditately started receiving an increasing number of daily SPAM emails all having to do with "erectile dysfunction" . Definitely NOT a coincidence. This company doesn't honor their own Privacy Policy. I would expect that I will receive fake medications or perhaps nothing at all from them. Either way it doesnt change the fact that this company does indeed SPAM!

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  • Jo
    Joe Apr 02, 2009

    A week ago I ordered some Flucozanole from 4rx and indeed after two days I started receiving a LOT of spam!!! Message to all AVOID R4X AT ALL COST!!!

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  • Ph
    phil May 19, 2009

    4rx.com sells its emails to spammers. it is impossible to unravel once this starts. do not use this company if you wish to keep your information private!!!

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  • Ja
    jacky1979 Jun 16, 2009

    I haven't really had any issues like that, since I've been a customer of 4rx, which has been... about 2 years? I've ordered weight loss meds from them, and have lots quite a bit... I use an email address specifically for them and never got any extra spam emails - only their email confirmations and some emails from their customer service. I am not sure why you guys are having issues... maybe you are getting spam from other places? In any case, my personal experience with them has been good so far - it did take a bit longer to get some orders, but that was most likely due to the holidays and mail in general is slower... I'd say give 4rx.com a try for yourself, and rest assured that they will send you quality meds - plus, they have 24 customer support! how can you go wrong with that.. most online pharmacies (and believe me, i've been to a few others) have a fake toll free, or just a messaging service... 4rx has REAL PEOPLE - on chat and phone...24/7 even on holidays. I'm just saying, do your research first and try them yourselves... they have great products, and awesome support... best of luck!!! Jacky

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  • Wa
    Wayne Kerr Jul 03, 2009

    It's obvious that "Jacky" is a rep of 4rx. No REAL person pitches a company like that.

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  • Be
    BelaB Oct 30, 2009

    I am not sure about spamming. I have ordered twice . The pills are ok. Service is better than most of them out there.

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  • Sa
    Sam76 Dec 08, 2009

    My friend also used them in the past and could not place his order because of the credit card problems - his credit card was declined, no one knew the reason why it was declined! After many researches he found a reputable pharmacy www.rxshop.md and for one year he is happy with its services. He product he buys is Propecia.

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  • Jj
    JJ Johnson Jan 08, 2010

    the original complaint sounds like a flame to me, or just an idiot. Pharmacy has real meds in my experience; straight from the Indian manufacturer--the big risk would be ordering in summer months, i'd think. The manufacturer has little incentive to pack well.
    I believe that 4rx acts as a middleman, just skimming $ between us and the makers--but makes it easy, so suppose it's worth it.
    Probably most of these places are the same.

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  • Ag
    agentforrx Feb 19, 2010

    i was going to order from them. I had a question for their online chat, but after 30 minutes of "an operator will be with you shortly" I gave them a call. There was no one available at either customer service nor sales. This was during normal PST business hours as posted. So much for 24/7/365. Then i did a google search for complaints and thank goodness i found this site. I would NEVER order from them.

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  • Ro
    rodzer18 May 07, 2010

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  • Cl
    Clear Lake Plastic Surgeon May 11, 2010

    For years, and especially more so since about 2006, there has been a major surge in emailed spam for so-called 'Canadian Pharmacies'. According to reports, this has also caused significant harm to the legitimate pharmacies in Canada according to their industry associations.

    Several gangs exist, primarily Yambo Financials, and a Russia-based gang that is headed by Leo Kuvayev and Alex Polyakov, and possibly other gangs. Leo Kuvayev was arrested in the United States and while awaiting trial on charges of selling prescription drugs online, made bail and upon release from jail, left the country and soon was sending large quantities of email spam for pharmaceuticals, largely prescription drugs.

    One can tell these sites from legitimate pharmacies, due to domain naming techniques employed by the spammers. One gang uses domains with two words run together, such as prizechange, always followed by .com, and the other uses seemingly nonesense words, like qiyidevoh, always followed by .cn (domain extension for China). Most of the sites look very similar, although at times there are differences, or new versions of the pages appear.

    Most of the offerings of the spam gang sites are for drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or opioid painkillers like Vicodin or Oxycontin. However for the most part the pills shipped are either very low strength, having been made from full-strength pills that were 'cut', or are nothing more than placebos with no actual drug content in them, thus adding to the damage, and the dangers, of purchasing from these sites.

    These companies are attempting to get your personal and credit card information. Do not answer these emails. Do not place an order with them.

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  • Ma
    mat b Jun 07, 2010

    The original comment was obviously from a idiot he woulf manuely enter his cc info but when they asked for a copy that was just out of line, what's the difference????? and the Guy that said the Guy that backed up that they were legit was a representative is even stupider. I have ordered from them many times and there prices are good and I have never received anything but conformation email from then so take it from me obviously another 4rx employee that these people don't know what there talking about they cant even enter there own CC info

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  • Ro
    Rob Mitchell Aug 10, 2010

    On Aug 5, 2010 I ordered drugs from 4RX.com Total with shipping was $207.75 . That amount was charged to my debit card. Tonight Aug. 10, the charge has changed to show a charge of $1, 946.22. These thieves came within SIX dollars of wiping out my checking account. The charge is listed as "Covenant Health Produc"
    I have recieved no spam emails from them, just a $1, 940 fraudulent charge on my card.

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  • Ro
    Rob Mitchell Aug 13, 2010

    I talked to the Visa invsetigator on my case. He said it was likely that the 4rx computer system was hacked by someone and that is how my card number was stolen. If this is the case, I now think 4RX may not be at fault in my case.

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  • Jo
    jodluc7 Sep 07, 2010

    i've orderd from 4rx.com many times, my mom's meds cost over $300 a month (for one med) from the local pharmacy and with them it is around $90 for 3 month supply. We have had NO trouble with spam emails at all. We have had NO trouble with credit card issues either.
    One time they sent the wrong dosage (30 mg instead of 60 mg). I immediately did a live chat with a representative and scanned in a picture to show her the package with the wrong dosage. Since my mom was able to take two pills instead of one, it was not a problem, she could use it. The only problem was that it was now a 45 day supply, not a 90 day supply. They immediately and with the expidited shipping sent out the remainder of the correct dosage AND issued a substantial refund for the trouble.

    I've been very, very happy with 4RX.com.

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  • Li
    lionshooter Dec 04, 2010

    I have used 4rx for several years for Cialis without any major problems. CC charges always correct, delivery within time frame, product usually as anticipated. One order was ineffective but when I contacted them, they told me that they were aware of the problem from a particular lab in India and immediately replaced the entire order with product from a different lab.
    The SPAM complaint has never happened to me and I just don't understand it. I get confirmation email and that's it.

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  • In
    IneedWorkingPills Dec 17, 2010

    I ordered generic Cialis from 4RX.com, but after my order I also started to get spam emails to buy medicines.
    Got my order within 3 weeks, they send me generic cialis : TADARISE 20mg (with what they say 20mg tadalafil inside like Cialis), from manufacturer Sunrise Remedies.
    Those TADARISE 20mg pills DO NOT WORK!!! NO WORKING EFFECT AT ALL!!! I am used to take the very expensive real Cialis for 3 years already and I works great with me, the 20mg Cialis I brake up in two parts because it is too strong for me, the 10mg works very good, I feel the effect after 1.5 hour after I take them and It lasts for almost 2 days!
    So I can now! What I have now is completely useless and I am going to contact 4.RX.COM to send me other ones from CIPLA (they should work according to other comments I read on internet)
    I will update this post, I hope they take my complaint serious and that they do something about it, which I honestly doubt...
    In that case it will be a 69€ lesson

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  • Ca
    Caught Them in the Act Mar 26, 2011

    I placed an order totaling $159 with 4rx.com in Sept. 2010. Order took 5 weeks to arrive - in a beaten-up #10 envelope. But the pills worked, so that's not an issue with me.
    I created a new disposable email address to use specifically for that 4rx order. I used it nowhere else, and gave it out to no one else. Near the end of the year bizarre spams sent to that address - 5 or more a day - began appearing in my AT&T Spam folder. All were "drugstore" related according to the title, but contained unintelligible jibberish text along with one clickable link - also composed of jibberish.
    I sent a complaint to 4rx and asked them what they hoped to gain from such a practice. Their response was that it wasn't from their end. My response was "don't insult my intelligence. Of course, it's from your end...", and went on to repeat that nobody else had that email address except them. I sent that response on March 15, 2011, and since that date all the spam emails abruptly STOPPED! Coincidence? I don't think so.
    Bottom Line: ALWAYS use a new disposable email address when ordering from an online drug peddler, and limit its use specifically to them.

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  • Ca
    cassandra90 Apr 09, 2011

    ich you guys have any bad or good feedbacks. Please post them on a website which is dedicated for online pharmacies only. On this way you can reach the online pharmacy buyers much better. Fr 4rx you can post your experiences there: http://pharmacycheck.net/4rx-com/

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  • La
    lazalisious Jul 22, 2013

    I'm the same, I'm positive it's them as I made a purchase in 2009 all good went back a few weeks ago only logged in but didn't go through with it as they were having issues with my credit card and from that day on have been getting spam from them with my old address where the original shipment went. Now they've started calling my mobile. DON'T BUY FROM THEM & DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR DETAILS honestly, trust me. I don't think the credit card co.s want to deal with them. I know MC doesn't.

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  • Rg
    rge88 Sep 27, 2014

    I have been a customer for about two years. No problems at all with my orders. They take two to three weeks to arrive but always received the product. No spam issues for that matter. Totally surprised to hear of these complaints, have recommended to friends. I buy the generic Cialis and trust me it works! I don't take other medications and stay fit, so that could be a factor for others! No complaints here with the company.

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  • Jo
    joymor Oct 01, 2014

    I have been a customer for three years with no problems. A little slow with shipping, but meds worked fine. BUT something has recently changed! A few days ago I submitted an order but it didn't go through even though I know all information was correct. I even got a confirmation # for the order. I then got an email wanting me to email them all of my personal information along with the cvv2 number. my credit card. No way! When I tried to go on the site it redirected me to another site called Aclepsa.com. ALL big red flags. Not sure where to go from here. But be aware things have changed at 4rx!

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