24 Hour Fitness USAcondition of the gym and machines

C Aug 07, 2018

The Montfort Drive at Beltline and the Dallas North Toll Road is the gym that I use.
The treadmills are always broken, but no signs on them, so I literally went from one treadmill to another to another until I found one that worked. There is always at least one treadmill out of order any time I go in and I go in 3-4 times a week. The dry sauna has a board on the bench that I guess broke, and the gym has put up police tape around the area, making the sauna much smaller in space and it has been that way for weeks.

The gym is not kept up, the paper towel dispensers are often empty, which makes it difficult to wipe down a machine after using it.

The staff is ok, not particularly helpful and not particularly friendly.

I pay dues, not a great amount, but still, I pay every month and expect the gym to be kept up much better than it has been. If things don't change, I probably will not renew my membership.

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