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unhealthy scams

This article was recently published in the opinion section of the antelope valley press. I am a freelance...

pushy and harrassing

For the past 2 weeks I've been fending off repeated phone calls from 24 Hour Fitness. I went in there simply to inquire about a membership, get a flier and leave to do my research and decide for myself. What I got was a high-pressure sales pitch. They told me they didn't have any fliers, and that I needed to fill out an "inquiry form" that included my name, address and phone number. Then three male employees sat me down at a desk and used a notebook showing different plans (none of it was arranged by total cost, by they way). They insisted that I drop $160 on the spot to join. When I explained that I was just inquiring about their membership plans, I was repeatedly told that if I cared about myself, I'd join immediately and that $160 was a great deal but that if I didn't care about myself I didn't have to join. It was absolutely disgusting! They danced around the total price (I never believed that $160 would take care of anything at this place, and I never got a straight answer). I finally stood up and told them all that their Crazy Eddie approach was driving me away, and that I wanted no further contact from 24 Hour Fitness. They refused to return my "inquiry form", and for the past 2 weeks I've stopped answering my cellphone. They've called me more than a dozen times, each time insisting that they've got a great deal for me but that I need to act fast, etc. The last message was really pathetic, something about how he (the employee calling) was going to lose his job if I didn't sign up. If that's true, he needs to be somewhere else, anyway! From what I've seen of this organization and it's employees, they are nothing but scam artists. I wanted to take a shower the instant I walked out of there, and I hadn't even worked out. Avoid this place!

rude treatment and the worst employees

I have been a member of this gym for more than two years, until today. I had a bad experience in the Pasadena branch, where the staff is the worst, they have a guy who is personal trainer, by the way he is kind of overweight to be, but they went with an idea of leaving an special area for personal train, where you can't use the equipment, even if they are not using, is absurd and this guy was very rude he actually grab from my hands a piece of equipment that nobody was using.

That kind of ideas and attitudes are not in your contract, but if you want an advice stay away of this gym.

bad management - no preventing of abuse between members

Regarding the Sun Valley Mall 24 Hour Fitness facility, I spoke with a manager named Damon today...and Damon is a nice man, but, he and his co-manager Carlos are upholding company policies which are abusive to customers.

My major peeve is that the 24 Hour Fitness policy is for staff to do no policing of member behavior with respects to being civil to other members, and to share equipment rather than monopolizing equipment once a member is using a particular piece of equipment.

Last night, 8/6/08, I waited until 8PM or so to go to the gym so I was not there at peak use hours. During this work out, I had 2 unpleasant experiences, one of which resulted in me suffering through one of the clubs meat head customers using a lot of vulgar, threatening language on me, directly in front of one of the club employees (Mike - 50 year old, seasoned trainer types). I had asked the other member to allow me to work in with him on a particular weight lifting machine...he had just completed one set, and he told me that I could not use the machine until he was completed with two more sets...accordingly, the other member refused to share the equipment and as I walked away, he offered me a pleasant "### you."

I promptly went to get Mike the trainer...& Mike came back with me (which took about 2 minutes) and Mike asked the member why he would not share the equipment...and the other member said he only needed the equipment for 60 seconds...which is nonsense...no one does 3 sets of the same lifting excercise in 60 seconds...Mike accepted the other members story, and when I pointed out the folly of the discussion, the other member let out a string of threatening vulgarities...lots of ### yous, and you are an ###...etc etc etc...and Mike refused to require the member to stop with the verbal attack...and instead, Mike became animated with me and using a loud tone of voice expressing that I was not letting him do his job.

My view is that it was Mike's job to require the sharing of equipment amongst members, and to require all members to behave civilly...but this is not what occurred. Instead, the situation was escalated, and the possibility of having a true physical confrontation was very real.

The sad thing is that I have had other, previous protracted discussions with the club's manager, Carlos, as well as another manager named Damon...as well as their District Manager...and they felt no need to police the behavior of their members, or to require a pleasant sharing of equipment amongst members. I addressed the issue thoroughly with them, and they "blew me off" and said that this was a non issue, and 24 Hour Fitness felt no need to do a better job of policing their facilities.

My thoughts with readers of this "letter" is to simply be aware that when you buy into 24 Hour Fitness facilities, that it is an inexpensive facitily with lots of access hours, but the management and safety are minimal...the clubs I have seen, including the Concord Sun Valley Mall facility are not particularly clean (particularly the showers and bathrooms)...towel and cleanliness requirements of the members is almost non existant (anyone read about the staph viruses/infections that have come to exist in recent years?)...and one has to be prepared to have conflict with other club members if you want to have access to the equipment because club employees are told to leave this kind of conflict up to the members to work things out.

Club Employees and managers like Carlos and Damon fear the possibility of losing their jobs, so they do not bring these issues up to their superiors...and if members ask to talk to upper management customer service phone lines, they will find that the customer service clerks offer to let you write letters or to talk to the local managers like Carlos and Damon, who do nothing and fear talking to superiors about policies that serve customers.

I have asked to have my initition fees refunded and my contract cancelled so I can join a new club that I prefer to be a part of without having these costs for a second time, but Damon has said that it is unlikely that I will be refunded money or to be released. What a sham...everyone knows that these excercise clubs end up dispappointing customers...this is just another example. 24 Hour Fitness is just another club looking to get your fees, then provide the absolute least amount of services possible. I suppose one gets what one pays for...you pay cheap, you get cheap and low class.

  • Li
    Little Jimmy Jul 22, 2009

    ITS A GYM. YOU HAVE TO WAIT YOUR TURN. There are other exercises you can be doing. You need to understand gyms are used by "meat heads". Either learn to act like an adult and not got tattle tailing to the teacher or leave and join Curves.

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unhelpful staff - can't use equipment

During 2008, I have been working out at the Concord CA Sun Valley Mall facility, and I am amazed at the bad...

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Refund policy sucks

Well, this happened over 3 yrs ago, but I found out about this forum this morning...hence reporting this! I...

Poor customer service

I have tried to file a complaint about an incident that occurred at the 24 Hour Fitness facility in Anaheim...

Heat / lack of air conditioning

I tried working out at the gym, and the workout area is not ariconditioned that I could tell, nor can the...

terrible company!

I canceled my membership when my friend who worked in internal investigations for 24 Hour Fitness wa...

Membership cancellation!

The ###s from 24hr fitness would cancel my membership the kept giving the wrong 800 # finally was able to get off the web spoke to headquarter Kat got it cancel after 5 attempt where everyone kept saying you never called. Every one assure me the Front desk at the GYM could cancel the membership I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND 24 HR STAY AWAY they run the CLUBS like DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN not Cst svc AT ALL ** TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE at 24 hr FITNESS ***.

  • Gr
    GREG HINZO Sep 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My son was sign up as a trial for two weeks and went back 5 days later to cancel and was denied, not only they did not have consent by an adult they took his atm card number and charged it with membership fees. Parents called and was put on hold every conversations. Talked to three managers and they all did the same thing.


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  • Br
    brodiejensen Dec 09, 2008

    Be careful when you visit any new 24hr facility. They're thrown up so fast it's dangerous. For me, the shipping grease was not cleaned off the weights (just taken out of the boxes and thrown on the benches), and I broke my sternum when 200lbs fell on my chest because the bars had grease on them. The staff was of course rude, inconsiderate, and in their early 20's. My advice, if you have the means, pay for a better fitness center. If not, read your contract carefully. They make sure they're not liable if ANYTHING happens to you or your loved ones, even if it's their fault.

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  • Ca
    Cam Dec 15, 2008

    I had recently had a baby and signed up for a membership at 24hr fitness, and within 7days i had cancelled my membership because i had no one to watch my baby and 24hr fitness only allow kids 6 mnths - 12 yrs of age in the daycare, so i made sure that I wouldnt accumulate any charges for cancelling within my 14 day period. The rep there told me I wouldn't, now almost 3 weeks later im finding surprisingly charges in the amount of $74.00 on my account and my membership was only supposed to be $29.00. When i called and finally got the branch manager she said that the rep made a mistake giving me untrue info, and said that they were still going to charge my account in the next 4 days for sign up fees. I was highly pissed and all she could tell me was that she couldn't refund my money but could give me credit for 2 free months in March and April, I mind you this is December.. I now have to cancel my account just so they wont be able to charge it again.. SO PLEASE TAKE IT FROM ME DONT SIGN UP WITH THEM THEY 'RE ONLY GOING TO RIP YOU OFF..AND IF YOU DO MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL WITHIN 3 DAYS OR YOU WILL BE CHARGE FOR NUMEROUS THINGS...

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  • Te
    Terry Gold Feb 19, 2009

    The only thing I can say is insist on a confirmation number. Names won't do because you are calling another country. I have been trying to cancel my membership for almost 4 months. They keep insisting that I have never called. I called and canceled and then the charges for membership keep showing up on my bill. So, I called back and canceled again and was assured that my cancellation would go through. The problem is that you don't know if they cancel you until you get your CC statement. When I call back they tell me that they have no record of me calling. When I ask for a supervisor they put me on hold for an indefinite period of time. I call and cancel. They tell me that you have to give a 30day notice. So they bill you for another month. Then when it is time for the cancellation to be in effect, you get billed again on your CC. When you call they say that you never canceled and you start the entire circle of crap over again. THIS IS A RACKET! I ended up recording my phone call to get it handled. NEVER NEVER let any company electronically debit your cc!

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  • De
    despicable Apr 26, 2011

    24hr fitness has the worst membership canceling policy I have ever experienced. After canceling my membership I was assured there will not be further charges billed to my credit card. Lo and behold I saw charges for 2 consecutive months there after on my credit card. When I called the billing on this issue and requested credit for these charges, I was told they do not show any charges under the account on file. I was asked to provide my full credit card number for them to research the charges and after vending my frustration at this request I did provide the number reluctantly. Sure enough their system does not show any charges to my account. At this point I was asked to provide them via fax with the detail of charges on my card. In this day in age this was the poorest excuse I have heard and it was an out right lie to not have to process the credit with minimal problem. Unable to handle/resolve a simple issue is a reason that turns consumer away, I would not become a member again and if I do I would pay on my terms on month to month rather than provide them any account info. I'm sure I burned a lot of calories over this.

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  • Ji
    Jimcliffy Sep 26, 2011

    In short my wife and I had paid for our memberships and kids club. However every time we enter and sign in we are confronted as if my wife's account is past due. We continue to advise them that we paid to no avail. We even brought the receipt and our bank statements but they still say we did not pay. Meanwhile as we are signing in, there are numerous members in the area who can overhear the situation. This is very embarrassing. The employees are not discreet with the exception of Corey who is always professional and polite. I think it has to do more with him personally rather than any training by 24hr. Needless to say, I am not satisfied and do not appreciate being embarrassed by a company I do business with. I am going to turn in my notice and terminate our memberships since in their eyes we did not pay. I am sure they will have no problem with us leaving.

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  • Ji
    Jimcliffy Sep 26, 2011

    Wow. That is the same excuse they have given us! They say, "we are not showing any payment in our system..." Even though we paid, showed our receipt AND bank statements!

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parents beware

Parents Beware ~ On Friday March 14, 2008 my 8 year old daughter went to the Kids Club at 24 Hour Fitness for...

deceptive advertising and harassment!

I've been a 24 hour fitness (in Hillcrest, San Diego)member for almost 6 years now. When I rejoined the gym and prepaid for 3 years in Jan 2007 to receive 5 free training sessions as advertised, the trainers were not available during the day or early evenings because they got other paying clients. I did finally get an appointment with and trainer Dan, and was told he canceled the session when I showed up (without warning) because he needed time to train someone else. I was told 3 months later I no longer got the free training because it had passed the time frame to receive free training sessions. My second complaint is the Hillcrest gym fails to maintain their equipment. It takes more than a month to fix a broken cardio machine and their reason is always that they are waiting for parts. The gym is over crowded and the men's locker room is sometimes unsanitary. Recently, one trainer in particular, John Miller, has been verbally aggressive and made physically threatening gesture by yelling within couple inches to my face, because I protested that he occupies more than a workout machine for his client at the same time during the rush hour in an overcrowded gym. Exercising in the gym is supposed to be a relaxing time at the end of the day for me, but the experience in this 24 Hour fitness has been unpleasant despite my best effort. They make an effort to get as many people to join as possible but they do not maintain their gym with treat people with respect for paying members.

  • Sa
    sanjose guy Jun 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think you got a sweet deal not getting involved in those 5 free sessions. I had the same promotion. Those sessions do NOT concentrate on what you need to accomplish. They are nothing more than sales seminars and frankly a waste of time. I mean you just paid the company 500-700 dallars for 3 years, and they are still herassing you to pay an outragious training session.

    If you are interested in real personal training from qualified trainers- 24 hour fittness is the LAST place you want to go. Those trainers are far more motivated to sell appointments than to help you reach your goals. I would try a small private gym that has ONLY trainers and clients. There is one near me called power bodies. It costs about 1.5 times what 24 hr fittness does but your work outs are much more efficient, and I've found that the preparation and organization of your session is night and day better than 24 hr.

    I lost 38 lbs, 4 inches off my waste, while my arms went from 15 inches to 19.5 in less than 8 months.

    I still use 24 hr fittness, but I dont go at peak hours, and I work on my "homework from" my real trainer

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management and cleaning

Terrible smell in bathrooms, no towels available. Some of the machines do not work... Dirty... No water... Jacuzzi does not work most of the time. The whole bathroom and jacuzzi area smell and none one says anything!!!

I am sure agassi does not know what it is going on!!! Terrible place!!! 1

they do not enforce towel policy!

The 24Hour Fitness in Concord CA does not enforce the towel policy. Carrying a towel and wiping down the equipment is standard policy for this club. Yet none of the front office staff, nor any of the sales personnel enforces or is willing to ask users to carry a towel. With the increase in skin staph infections, this is gross and not healthy. What will it take, a lawsuit to enforce this basic cleanliness requirement. 24 Hour Fitness is all show, no go. They gladly take your money and then do not maintain their club.

  • De
    Dennis N Feb 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I find that the 24-Hour Fitness organization is not customer-service oriented and only out to take whatever money they can get from their customers. They lack any safety for the members at the clubs and do not follow their own policies. No towel, street colthing, sandals, broken equipment, trianers blocking aisles and walkways; all issues that the local Staff and Management in San Diego, CA clubs do not seem to remedy or resolve. I have been a memeber since inception of the name, 24-Hour Fitness and was a member of the older Family Fitness Center, which was run better than this club. I have been a member of both for 30+ years.

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  • Di
    Diane Mar 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have discussed the towel issue with the manager Janelle Tracey at the Lancaster 24 Hour Fitness gym in Salem Oregon. They put a sign on the desk saying "Sweating is optional, TOWELS are mandatory." Cool, I said. A week later the sign was replaced by a different sign (nothing to do with towels) but a different sigh. I pick up the sign and say, "Oh, we dont have to bring towels anymore?" One of the 4 people at the desk said yes we still have to bring towels. If this is the case, why doesn't one of those people walk around and ask people where their towels are? I am just about ready to quit because they don't enforce the towel policy. I haven't been for a couple of weeks because I get sick everytime I go there. The contract I signed says "You must have a cloth towel with you during workouts to protect and clean the machines you use."

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  • Ja
    james kim Jun 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dont go to 24 hour waikiki. its disgusting and like the other clubs dont give a rip about the towel policy. disgusting.

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  • Ro
    Roger Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The notice above sounds exactly like the experience I have had with the Concord CA Sun Valley Mall 24 Hour Fitness Center. No one ever sees the managers or staff walking amongst the members to insure that towels are used, or that proper use of the equipment is being applied...or that the members are behaving properly such as sharing the equipment. Other thoughts I would like to share are:

    During 2008, I have been working out at the Concord CA Sun Valley Mall facility, and I am amazed at the bad service the staff and managers provide. My understanding is that Carlos is the General Manager, and a man named Damon is the "floor manager". Both men are polite, but they have the following attitude:

    " The Corporation does not allow local management teams to have adequate staff to watch over the floor for customers who abuse the equipment by sitting on the equipment and resting on it, instead of allowing other members to access the equipment. This is a ruse because the truth is that there is plenty of staff to casually look at what is happening on the floor...and if the staff was told to do so, they could easily see who the abusing customers are, and they could require the customers to behave properly or require the offending customers to leave. This is basic gym etiquette and those who do not get to use the equipment are left to be frustrated or to have confrontations with other gym members."

    Other points I would like to make are:

    1. I recently asked another Sun Valley Mall/24 Hour Fitness gym member if I could "work in with him" on a piece of equipment, and his answer was the he wanted to complete 2 more sets after having just completed one set, before he would share the equipment...when I told him I didn't feel that this was appropriate, his response was "### You". I went to a seasoned 50 year old employee named Mike...who came and addressed the abusive customer, and the employee felt that it was the right for the abusing customer to control the machine for several minutes (about 10 minutes. although the customer said he only used it for 60 seconds)...and the employee observed first hand that the other member verbally abused me with a round of what an ###, ###ing jerk, etc etc etc that I was for asking to get to share the machine. When I pointed out to the employee that this was inappropriate and I felt the other member should be required to leave, the employee said that he had no authority to make the other member leave, regardless of the threatening and vulgar language that was being used.

    2. the same employee (Mike) noted in point #1 above told me that the current ownership/management (according to the employee, Home Depot bought out the 24 Hour Fitness business) is acting like the previous ownership/management with respects to safe use of equipment. Employees are directed to not circulate amongst the equipment using customers to correct them when they are misusing equipment. Many pieces of gym equipment, especially weight lifting equipment, can cause severe injuries and even potentially death. However, employees are told that all customers/members sign "injury waivers" so, the members are allowed to do unsafe things. This speaks to the philosophy of 24 Hour Fitness Management. There is no "right or wrong" in their facility...just what makes money.

    3. The only truly good thing I can say about the 24 Hour Fitness business is that it is cheap, and if one is willing to work out very late at night...say 9 PM or later...or in the early morning hours of 12 AM - 6 AM, there is good value to be achieved without much aggravation. However, if members must use the facility during busy hours, the members are sure to be aggravated and subjected to confrontation if one wants to ask to share equipment with the meat head muscle freaks, or if one asks to share equipment with the simply selfish or uneducated gym users. Certainly there are many members who are pleasant and willing to share...but there are many who are not...and the 24 Hour managers and staff are actually directed to not require reasonable behavior from all members.

    4. If I did not have a prepaid, 1 year full membership, I would go use another gym. Bally's has better & newer equipment and a nicer, cleaner environmnet...but they have a little more cost and fewer hours of availability (5 AM - 11 PM)...and, Bally's pushes for 3 year contracts (although when pushed, they do offer "today only specials" where you can get one year contracts).

    5. To make a complaint other than to the local manager who is in charge of "damage control, " is next to impossible. If you call "customer service", they turn you back to the local managers like Carlos, who is in charge of making sure nothing gets addressed.

    I suppose I should just realize I need to work out in the late evenings or early mornings...and accept what 24 Hour Fitness is all about...an inexpensive, no frills gym...that is not at all interested in creating a pleasant environment. Clearly, the method of management puts members in conflict...one either has to shut up, or be prepared to have conflict with others...including some of the low class, pumped up muscle heads that frequent 24 Hour Fitness.

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rip off, unauthorized charges!

In addition to the numerous complaints I see against this company, I think we should all ban together and sue 24 Hour Fitness , or at least be able to join the ongoing lawsuit filed in California, I live in Colorado and from what I have heard, they are nothing but a big rip off. I guess if you are famous and don't mind missing money , then by all means enjoy your membership, I myself am a hard working individual and need to know where every penny is. Not only did 24 Hour fitness not take payments they were supposed to,they decided once they realized the payments weren't being drafted to take money each week from my account, after a month and $245 on a $49/month membership I said something to several people and was assured the money would be replaced, that was a lie!! I still to this day do not have my money back and after numerous complaints and letters to 24 Hour Fitness, I can say I probably never will without the help of a lawyer. So if anyone knows a good one let me know.

  • As
    ashley sweningson Jan 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a 24 hr membership in coer d alene idaho which automatically took 43 bucks out of my back account each month..fine. Until one month my account overdrafted by accident and they were not paid. I called them and thought since they required first and last month dues, that my overdrafted month would just be covered by the ''last month'' payment i made to initially become a member. Since i could no longer afford the membership dues, i figured this ''last month'' payment would end my membership. i did not try to access their gym at all once this happened. 6 months later my account was debited almost 250 dollars for ''past months dues''...Is that legal? I recieved nothing in the mail alerting me to this unauthorized debit and the only way i found out about it is when my 250 dollar car payment was declined due to insufficient funds. No customer service rep would admit to any wrong doing citing 'memberships can only be cancelled in person''. i think its BS and i want my money back!!

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  • Mi
    Mike Read Jun 22, 2009

    I remeber when me and the wife woke up one day and went shopping to buy food for the week at walmart -:sigh! but anyways, upon trying to pay the bank card was declined!. We ent home and pulled up the online Wells fargo (the carage and horse's running away with all ur money bank) and saw that 24 hour fitness had drafted and entire 3 years memberhsip out of the account.

    After all the shouting and stuff was over, i went down to the gym and they just plamed me off to the telephone number in Carlsbad CA.

    I took 6 months to get the money back with no comp. what so ever. NONE! and the Amount of ballache i had to go through each week calling and waiting just to deal with total incompitance and a very poor negative attitude, these filthy animals need taking out the picture all together and never be aloud to conduct any sort of business that involves taking peoples Bank details, the bottom line is peeps, if you can now days, DONT EVEN HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT BECAUSE THERE THE WORST PEOPLE FOR STEALING YOUR MONEY, LET ALONE ANYBODY ELSE. just join the YMCA and skrew all that posing ###.

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would not stop billing my account!

I canceled my 6 year family account with 24 Hour Fitness 6 months ago, which took a 20 minute phone call. The next month I received another bill on my auto bill debit card. I have since been billed every month and had to call in and get it refunded. Which they did refund... however, for the past two month I have gotten another set of bills (for a very reduced fee of only $7.62) which most folks might not miss.

I called in again and got a CSR that refused to send me to her supervisor. She insisted on getting my information (3-5 minutes of what she needed) and then told me I was unpleasant to her and disconnected me. I called in again and got someone who said the same things, but stopped the billing. But did not refund the money. I had to call in again to get the refund. Each call takes at least 15 minutes. I have Google Searched for a Corporate office of some kind and there is nothing located.

Simply the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Plus definite scam on the auto bill... they will continue until you give up... spend hours of your time to get them to stop.

  • Si
    sixsigs Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife and I have expereinced the same situation. We get a different story every time we call or speak with someone at the local club. .. even after we're told the account(s) are closed, monthly billing continues.

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poor service!

To america's biggest loser, it sure ain't me. I miss and need my workouts. Since the beginning of the year the pool has been closed many different times. 3 days here a week there for a total of more than 30 days because of water quality issues (The pool was just plain old dirty).

It is presently closed and has been for the past 10 days and management has no idea when it will be re-open to the membership. Why I asked the service manager jane doe and she said, "because we do not know and I don't want to give out misinformation." I pressed her further and she stated that the law is now requiring them to install a new filtration system and the corporate office is aware of this scenario. The law? I said. She clarified by saying it is the health department and their notice is posted.

I am at wits end. I can only swim and exercise in the pool due to severe knee and ankle problems. Not to mention that it has been over 100 degrees the entire time the pool has been closed. Again! It has been closed for more than a months time this year alone.in fact, it remains closed as you read this.

Beware people!

  • Pa
    Paul Thomas Sep 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The pool at the 24hour fitness club in Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego, CA, has excessive chemical treatment. Both my wife and I had severe air passage burns, swollen lips, and burning eyes. The water tastes like chicken soup. I know you are using sodium solutions. So, don't use that as an excuse. The last time the water was drained, I had complained to the city, about two years ago. I guess we will do that again. I think it's time to change the water (2 years is excessive). There is a point were using chemicals to fight the yellow and green tints that water shows on a weekly basis becomes dangerous to members.

    You continue to have members going into the sauna and steam rooms fully clothed and with workout shoes. You are not enforcing the rules. One more reason I will contact the health department.

    Other than that, thank you for keeping your gym inside clean and functional.

    Ah, if only you spent as much time improving the wet area....

    There you have it... I wish they would drain this pool for once.

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  • No
    No to 24 Hour Fitness Mar 21, 2011

    There is no way to participate in Group X classes because by the time you get there the classes are always full.

    They do allow for $1 dollar to be paid prior to 1 hour before the class but if the time is before 7 am they cannot advance reserved and accept the $1 because the employee cannot open the register.

    They have coin lockers for use but when you insert the coins they do not work and do not return the coins. When you go to the front desk to ask for your money back they do not citing a lack of change.

    I have observed at times after 12 AM the front desk attendants allow nonmember homeless people to use the bathrooms and showers. The homeless people sully the facilities and smell bad.

    Complaints to front desk attendants always result in "I can't do anything"

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  • Ne
    never again Mar 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up there, and they NEVER showed me how to use the equipment!

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  • 24
    24amckinlay Mar 21, 2011

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I am sincerely sorry to hear about the negative experience at your local club and would love the opportunity to assist you further. I will be sending you a direct message with my contact information so I can get a little more detail from you.

    I look forward to speaking with you.

    Andrea M.
    24 Hour Fitness Corporate

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  • Ne
    NEALC53 Jun 15, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AUBURN, WASHINGTON club has frequent problem of NOT opening Saturday mornings on time( 5 AM ) with 2 dozen people waiting !!! most times have to wait until 8am for the child care person to open it.

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loud hip-hop music!

Don't join 24 Hour Fitness in Arcadia, California unless you like over-amped rap and hip hop music! ...

disrespectful and rude employees

Every time I work out at the garden grove location in orange county california the employees at the service desk seems so busy talking to each other about nothing and most of the time when an associate is alone that particular employee is spaced out or looking somewhere. When you gave your card to be scanned they dont even acknowledge that your in front of them they are always busy to say hi
To even nod and they dont smile.
Today aug. 26 sat. 2007, as soon as we enter there were about 6 associate sitting on a counter behind the service desk and I beleived two of them were club managers they are talking loudly as usual about nothing. One of the associate approach us without saying anything he just reach over his hand to scan our membership cards.
On your way out its the same thing no acknowledgement.

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    a schroeder Nov 17, 2007
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    I worked out at the Oregon (Lance Armstrong) Tuatalin gym. And I have to say the check in desk is very rude! I try not to even look at them anymore. I have a hard enough time getting myself into that gym and then we I am treated so rudely right at the entrance... I just want to turn around and leave.


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    D.M. Feb 26, 2008
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    "RUBY" IN VICTORVILLE, California is beyond rude!!!!!!! Their ph. (760) 955-2200. Bear Valley Rd....This chick is so arrogant, feels she is above answering a simple question. I, and my family have just quit altogether, she has turned me off to even going there. That is a place you are supposed to get healthy, with RUBY's arrogant smoke filling the air, getting healthy is impossible!! All I'd called to ask her was, "what is the manager's name?", rather than simply "DO HER JOB" of giving me his name, she transferred me to him instead....wrong RUBY!!!!!! I simply hung up before he answered, called her back, and told her once again what I wanted....simply, "the manager's name, please." She yelled the manager's name in my ear and hung up on me. I called her back to tell her how rude she was, she said she didn't have the time to hear anything I said, yep, you guessed it, HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN!! I ten called one more time to ask her why she was being so rude, and maybe offer her some MIDOL, and well, yeah, you got it...."click" right in my ear. Screw it, I'll take my chuncky behind right back to the park and deal with all of the pit bulls running around instead!!!!! At least you can see them charging towards you before they tear into you, unlike RUBY IN VICTORVILLE!!!!!! She had the venom of a rabid pit bull with an impacted tooth! They are trained to not have to put up with "irritated clients" (I saw the bulliten on how to keep deflecting one taped to the side of an associate's desk), but in RUBY's case, she is allowed to hang up on and ignore anyone she deems to have the tiniest teaspoon of frustration in their voice! If she were treated that way, you can bet she'd take her complaint to the highest level.

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I canceled my membership today at 24 hr fitness ft worth and I think someone should know why. I am a figure competitor and have been hanging in gyms for 25 years and since this group of trainers and management came to 24 hr I have not felt at home in this gym. I am a retired trainer who is no longer certified and workout with a friend of 15 years who is also a retired trainer. Naturally we count for each other and encourage each other and probably act like trainers because that is what we used to be. We don't try and get clients, because we don't want any, and we don't even tell people we were trainers. Evidently the trainers at this gym felt threatened by that and complained to the manager brandt. We explained to him that we were both working out just like anyone else that nobody was training anybody and that out of 25 years of habit we still count and encourage and act like trainers. I am in really good shape and lots of people ask me to train them and I say “ am retired” and then I point out a 24 hr fitness trainer and say that they would be glad to help them. I do this at least once a day.

Brandt is more concerned with making his employees happy instead of his members. He never smiles or says hi. Most of the trainers never smile or say hi. Lots of members complain that the staff is rude and they don't feel welcomed when they enter the club. Instead of brandt coming to me and asking me politely what the situation was he comes straight up to me in the hall and immediately threatens to revoke my membership. I have felt that this club is hostile towards me because I am a competitor and has done nothing to be supportive of me in reaching my goals. If they are going to be rude and unsupportable fine but then to try and tell me who I can workout with and how often I can workout with them and even what body parts I can work out with that person is ludicrous.

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    Jefffhaines Oct 27, 2009

    I've never belonged to a gym before. Needless to say, I'm out of shape. I didn't want a high-pressure experience. I told this to the girl who signed me up for the Camarillo 24-hour Fitness. I told her I DID NOT want a personal trainer. I simply wanted someone to give me a tour of the machines. She agreed, then charged me first and last month's membership. $65.00.

    She stuck me with a testosterone-happy personal trainer with the last name of Wood. He kept trying to put me through his circuit, and I kept telling him I didn't want to work out. I just wanted an overview of the equipment. He didn't listen, no matter how many times I told him this. In fact, he made me feel small, telling me that I would NEVER get any sort of fitness if I didn't commit to his personal training program. The guy was a scmuck, and I left the gym feeling very uncomfortable. I never went back. $65.00 down the drain.

    I complained via the 24-hour fitness website. No one bothered to respond to my email. I called the 1-800 number to cancel my membership, next. The customer service representative told me I would be contacted by a concerned agent. I was never contacted.

    The 24-hour Fitness motto goes something like "Fitness on your terms." It's a lie. If you want to belong to this gym, you have to do things THEIR way.

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