1800SkyrideSkydive video scam


Last Christmas (2010) I purchased two skydiving vouchers through LivingSocial. Wanting to add to the fun, I called the skydiving company and stated I wanted to purchase two videos as well. They referred me to 1800SkyRide. Fast forward a year and a half and 4 skydive cancellations later (due to weather, legit horrible weather, but very few dates to reschedule due to over booking) we finally were able to dive this past weekend. We arrived with our skydive and video vouchers only to be informed that Skydive Philadelphia no longer is affiliated with 1800SkyRide and our video vouchers were worthless. Since that point, I have tried numerous occasions (at least 10) to contact 1800SkyRide to try to figure out what I can possibly do with these useless $200 video vouchers. Every time I call, I am on hold for 20 minutes (extreme patience on my part) and then an answering machine picks up and I leave a message. Not even an angry message demanding money back, for all they know I could simply just want to redeem a voucher! The only time I have managed to get someone on the phone is when I press "1" for new customer. Seems like they only have enough staff to cover new customers, those that have not had their money swindled away. The customers who have paid don't seem to be worth their time. I feel extremely slightly and ripped off by this company. They sold me a service that does not exist and they have made it impossible for me to contact them. I've attempted to contact my credit card company but a charge reversal doesn't seem likely as the charge was made 18 months ago (voucher still valid!) and usually disputes must be placed within 60 days. If only I had bothered to research this company at all... I would have seen the plethora of complaints against them and would have stayed away!

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