1800petmedscredit card fraud

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After placing an order with 1800 pet meds, they emailed me a $10 coupon toward my next order. But when I used it, they said it authorized them to take $40 a month from my checking/debit for some stupid service that not only would I not use, but was unaware of! It took several calls to get the 4 months of charges taken off, but they did do it.

I will not buy from them again. Some bargain. Incidentally, classmates.com did the same thing! They said I clicked on a window that told me they were authorized to do the same thing. I don't even know what it was supposed to be about!!



  • Is
    Isabella Mar 31, 2009

    My advice, read the fine print before you sign things electronically or otherwise. How can you complain when you received your refund?

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  • Ma
    mathguy13 Jan 22, 2010

    I will add that 1800petmeds still has 3rd parties accessing credit card numbers. I recently was a victim of fraudulent credit card use after buying something with 1800petmeds. Funny thing is they denied it and I tracked an item bought that was shipped to less than 1 hour from where 1800petmeds is located in Fl. Funny coincidence. 1800petmeds credit card fraud is real.

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  • Lu
    lunadog Apr 30, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Similar thing happened to me for which i will be posting a complaint.

    On April 24 '10, I placed an online order for $60.99 from 1800petmeds. On April 27 '10, I called to confirm that the prescription was authorized and ready to ship, and to upgrade my shipping to Priority for an additional $3.99. Instead of charging me the $3.99 shipping charge, they charged me $64.99 which is the $60.99 I originally paid PLUS the $3.99. Meaning, my account then had two back to back charges, one for original $60.99 and then another for $64.98! If they had done their jobs correctly, it should have been one charge for $60.99 and then the one for $3.99 shipping.

    When I noticed this within hours I called 1800petmeds and spoke with Ed. I told him that this DOUBLE CHARGE was endangering my count of being overdrawn and that they needed to fix it immediately. He AGREED with me that a MISTAKE was made (after some teeth pulling because this guy did NOT want to admit that they messed up), took my bank's phone number, my bank card number, and told me he would call my bank, take care of it, and call me right back. He called me back in a 1/2 hour to report that it was fixed. So I breathed a sigh of relief. Until two days later when my bank account was hit with TWO OVERDRAFT CHARGES TOTALING $72 as a DIRECT result of their mistake. After nearly 40 minutes on the phone with my bank I was able to explain to them, and they were able to clearly see, that this was all caused by 1800petmeds UNAUTHORIZED charge of $64.98. So now I had to have my credit card cancelled and wait for a reissue, have to file a claim with my bank in order for them to investigate and for me to be compensated for the overdraft fees. Not to mention, this whole fiasco has eaten up 50 minutes of my cell phone time (i do not use a land line) putting me in jeopardy of accruing MORE CHARGES for going over my minutes. All thanks to the ineptitude of 1800petmeds. Would rather pay more through my vet than ever use them again. The pits!

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  • Ja
    Jacksback54 Nov 04, 2012

    Company sends a 30 Lb. boxed bag of dog food requiring a signature. FEDEX tried three times to deliver but because I work I could not sign for it. The release box was crossed out requiring me to go to FEDEX on Saturday and stand in line for quite a while since there was only one employee working in the Rancho Bernardo office. What an incredible waste of time. I will shop on Amazon in the future since they leave it on the porch and do not require a signature for dog food.

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