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Hello, I am a former employee of Hansons. I left a decent secure job, to come work for Hansons because I was promised the world. The amount of times I was lied to, is unreal!
I'll start at the beginning. I went in and spoke with the recruiter (David R) and he blew smoke up my a$$ saying even if I were a terrible salesman, I'll easily make 50k a year, more likely make over 100k no problem. (hA!) Then I spoke to one of the team leaders (jasen k) now Jasen was a good guy, and seemed as if he cared, however more lies came from his mouth. Before I accepted the position, I asked him how they give us the leads, do they route us towards home, so I'm not over an hour away from home...he said yes, your last appt will be closer to home than your first appt. I said, ok, i really don't want to be hanging out in Detroit all day, I understand if I have an appt in Detroit from time to time, but for 9 long months, I was in detroit 90% of the time, which was over an hour from my house. They don't pay for gas or miles, and I spent an easy $200/week on gas not to mention wear and tear on my car. I've wrote many deals in which the customer tried to get financing to make the purchase. If the customer didn't get approved, I did not get paid?! 17% of my finance deals got approved, 83% did not get approved and I did not get paid a penny. So one can see how you can't make money working for them, since over 80% of the deals Hansons write are finance deals. They have a group of 5-7 guys that have been there a while that get all the great leads and have a decent success rate in writing deals, however even the rep with the best results did not make 100k. So if the best sales rep is making around 75k, and then you subtract the gas costs and all the mileage put on your car, even the best sales rep is struggling. In my 9 months, I've seen so much turnover, out of about 50 sales rep in the Detroit area, I recognize 9 of the guys from when I first started. I stayed way too long and actually lost money working for them. It is a 100% commission job, and the company looks for any reason to lower your commission. If you measure wrong, they slash your commission even though they send a professional measure guy out to every job to get exact measurements. You get 1099 'd from them, yet you are required to show up at the office Monday thru Thursday at 930am for a half hour meeting, where you listen to a guy named Scott T, who owned his own company one-stop home improvement, but went out of business and left a lot of customers out to dry. this guy literally says the same thing over and over everyday, a complete waste of time. If you dont show up for the meeting, they will notmgive you leads that day. If you have questions, it's nearly impossible to get them answered. If you don't fall in line with the company and you have complaints about something, they outcast you. Rather then talk it out and explain where they are coming from, they just shun you and call you names and give you dirty looks. I could go on forever on why no one should ever accept a sales rep position w/ Hansons. everything written above is why no one should work for that waste of a company...everything written below this, is why potential customers should NEVER buy from Hansons. lets see first of all, the owner Brian Elias, I've heard on multiple occasions in the meeting room, him say, that customers are stupid, and always will be stupid...if they weren't stupid, they'd be rich like what nerve. Then he would say, if you can't sell the customer on our product, then your even dumber than them. The prices start out insanely high, and then they have the reps call the office for discounts..the office have never said no to a discounting my 9 months of working there. It is made to look as if the rep is doing his best to drive the price down, when in reality the rep knows what the bottom price he can go to is, yet the rep has to call to keep the mirage if you have ever had Hansons out to do an estimate, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven't and are planning to, when the rep says let me call the office, tell him no, if you call anyone while your here, then leave. Watch as the price drops magically w/o the rep calling in...that being said, even when the price is dropped, it is still very much higher then competitors. They pride themselves on customer service, yet when customers call for a service job, they do their best to not come out..they call the customer names and liars...their main response...tell it to a judge! From top (Brian Elias) to the bottom, it is by far the worst company to work for, and I imagine one of the worst to make purchases from. They claim there installers work for Hansons...NOT TRUE! They claim you get a lifetime guarantee on the products, NOT TRUE! They claim you have a money back guarantee, meaning they guarantee you got the best price possible, and if any other company beats it, they will refund the difference...NOT TRUE! They change the packages around just enough to where no other company has the exact package, therefore it isn't the same as the other company's quote...hence, no $ back. They claim their vinyl windows will last forever, NOT TRUE, vinyl is vinyl, and we all know over time vinyl will bow. They claim their promotion will end soon, NOT TRUE! They claim that if you don't buy today, you will not get that same price a week later...NOT TRUE! Again, I can go on and on. This is the first time in my life I have ever written a complaint about a company. Not that this is the first company I ran across that I could complain about...but this is the first company that I felt necessary I speak up about. Windows/ roofs/siding is not cheap, so I don't want to see even more people get screwed over by them. From the bottom of my heart, I STRONGLY URGE you not to buy any products from Hansons. Whether its wallsidewindows, majic windows, Anderson, paella, mr roof, etc etc...they are All better options than Hansons. Don't make a mistake and waste thousands of dollars on Hansons, I promise you, you will regret it. The people that work at Hansons are miserable, even current reps hate their jobs and hate their boss (Brian) . Don't say you weren't warned. Good luck and stay away from Hansons!

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Apr 12, 2016 3:32 pm EDT

My next door neighbor had a Hanson roof installed. I noticed the workers starting the job by climbing up on the roof to smoke multiple joints before getting started. No thank you...buyer beware.


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