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D Oct 29, 2019

I subscribed to a $2 for 2 days membership with on 10/27/2019. I canceled the membership on 10/28/2019 through its webpage. The webpage stated that there are ‘multiple screens' of selections to cancel membership. I selected to cancel membership on all 4 or 5 screens before I finally got the message that the membership was canceled.

I get a call from the bank at 7p.m. on 10/29/2019 that attempted to deduct $29.95 from my checking account. I refuted the amount, but the transaction still requires the bank to put a hold on my debit card. The attempt to deduct funds after the membership/subscription is canceled is fraudulent. I actually canceled 1 day early.

I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on 10/30/2019. It is one thing to charge if the subscription is not canceled, but to charge after a customer goes through the lengthly process to end subscription/membership is definitely fraudulent business.

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