Zyngawords with friends

B May 14, 2019

I get more I 's and U's then is statistically possible. Some games I have 4 Is get rid on one get one back. I would say in more than 50 per cent of my games I get 4 or 5 I's in the game and I usually have two or three in each game. In about 30 per cent of the games I get two and three I's in a row. ALL THE TIME. I can guess when the stupid game is going to inundate me with I's an U's Mostly I's
I am getting sick of it and will quit playing soon
It has been going on too long The NOT so RANDOM Letters the game is supposed to give out. I notice that the game gives certain players better letter all the time also. There are some people who you can't beat because the game just continuously gives out terrible letters.
Your game is not Random at all and it is very disgusting

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