Zyngahit it rich-app-

R Oct 02, 2019

Hit it Rich a Zynga app is extorting it's player in a feature called the Weekly Race. The set-up is finish in the top 80 and keep your current division spot. End up in the lower 80 and be demoted a level at the end of the weekly race losing FREE bonus coins. This feature is forced upon the players and those that can't obtain enough or buy enough coins to constantly spin lose. Furthermore, another feature called "challenges" allows a player to complete certain tasks and win coins or other prizes. The problem once again is that those players who can't obtain enough or buy enough coins are unable to partake because the goals are set to high. I'm realist and I understand that because the game is free revenue to pay employees and such is generated by coin package purchases and that is a given. The games are fun and free coins are offered but that doesn't help the situation because once again it is not enough for most to compete. What is Hit it Rich going to do to help it's players?


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