Zone Fitnesshave to pay more than my membership fee monthly on parking

S Jul 15, 2019

I have been moved from the Palm Grove zone fitness as they closed down. The nearest zonefitness to me is then Willowbridge. I apparently have to pay parking and only get a R3. 00 discount from the gym. I like to gym everyday and for atleast an hour. Working that out in the amount I must pay in parking alone is more than my monthly membership fee even with your dumb R3. 00 discount. Why can't we gym for free like all the other gyms. Many years of happy membership with zonefitness and now it makes no sense to stay with you when I can officially now pay less to gym elsewhere. Tried sorting this out with s senior at the gym because a manager was unavailable and they say this is just how it is yet pick n pay gives full validation at most malls if you buy something. I bought something, my monthly fee is my something. I hope someone can get in touch and help me resolve this or I will be forced to take my over atleast 8years of loyal membership and the new members I brought in and leave which will be a pity.

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