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So I received an email from lawyers recently. I was handed over to lawyers from zone fitness. The problem I have is that it's been a year almost and I only find out now that my account is in arrears. If the lawyers didn't email me I would've never known. PLEASE NOTE: that the same information Zone fitness had of getting in contact with me (phone number and email), was sent over to the lawyers. I only found out about the account when the lawyers emailed me. If you have my phone number and email and still couldn't get a hold of me I would've completely understood. The amount is not a lot but the principle and the way you do business is shameful. If I knew about this it would've been paid long ago and cancelled long ago. So my contract was done already and I went on a month to month, covid happened and I heard nothing, I assumed that my account is closed (it take full responsibility for that). The problem I have is that Mitchell's Plain Promenade branch didn't notify me about anything, according to the accounts department they sent me messages. Now my problem is, if you message a client via SMS and they don't respond, you have a phone number and an email address. A good service provider would send an email to the customer should the customer not respond via the messages. The client (me) have another phone number, so your accounts department which could obviously see there's no response on the phone number could've sent an email, where the lawyer sent me an email and that's how I found out. So your response is you couldn't get hold of me, so how is it that a lawyer could get hold of me with the same information of the customer you obviously supplied them with (meaning phone number and email). So what is shocking is when I spoke to the accounts department, I asked the accounts lady why they didn't email me or send a letter when they saw that there's no response with the phone number, I was told we are not a retail store. To my understanding, that is what any normal business providing a good service or product will do. My contract is done, I do take responsibility for assuming that at the time when covid started that my account is cancelled. But I'm utterly disgusted at the very poor service that you've provided me within this matter. Regards Cheslyn Hartogh ([protected]

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Sep 20, 2021 8:31 am
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I am so unhappy with zone fitness, as they now have put me further into debt. I opened a contract in Nov/Dec 2020 for myself and my son at the Capricorn Square branch in Muizenberg Cape Town..

I ran into unforeseen financial difficulties and was in arrears for a few months. I received this month, stating it has been handed over and I am liable for the full amount of the months which accumulates to R12000. How can it be that I am a few months in arrears and now I have to pay the full amount of the contract. This is really unfair, I am a single mom and and something I can't understand. I can't afford to pay this amount.


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